Wireless Keyboard Prank HACK on Morgz Playing Among Us...

Wireless Keyboard Prank HACK on Morgz Playing Among Us...

nstall Small Town Murders for Free ✅ https://rovio.sng.link/Den99/wgvf​ and start solving the mysteries with your puzzle skills. We pranked Morgz with a Wireless Mouse and Keyboard hack prank whilst he was playing Among Us! He thought his computer had been hacked in this epic prank by Morgz Mum and Bald Martin. We also pranked Morgz Girlfriend Tamzin. Watch to the end to see Morgz's crazy reaction!

Wireless Keyboard Prank HACK on Morgz Playing Among Us…

Jill: If I plug these two little babies into his computer I can control it from another room.

Morgz: Yo what? I didn't do that. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, guys my computer's been hacked!

I'll just buy another one!

Jill: Team mom, I've just had the best idea for a prank!In this house we don't do christmas we do prankmas and Morgz is not gonna like this prank.

Jill: As you know Morgz is addicted to Among Us. He's been playing on it all the time even making videos on it. I've even been in the videos and I am getting sick of it and you know what today I'm gonna be messing with him!

Morgz's upstairs at the moment he's getting ready preparing himself for a video he's making on guess what? Among Us, but what Morgz does not know is that I have got these two little babies: a wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse!

Now as you guys know I'm not very technology…my technique technological but I
know enough that if I plug these two little babies into his computer,I can control it from another room so if this all goes to plan I'll be able to ruin his game of Among Us and make him think that he's been hacked!

And his Among Us game isn't the only thing we're going to be messing with from his computer. I can control his social media and his messages! I can even delete his channel. Wouldn't you like that? This video is gonna be crazy!
Now all I've got to do is get these things hooked up to his computer easy peasy even for a boomer like me!

I don't know what a boomer is!

Now guys as you can see we're in Morgz's office where the computer is that we're going to be connecting to but before that I've got something really exciting to tell you.

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Guys as you can see guys here's Morgz's computer and his keyboard and his mouse so basically guys I'm gonna be battling with Morgz’s who gets control of his computer. Now,I've read the instructions guys and the way this works is through these tiny little usbs.

All we do is plug them in and because they're so small I don't think Morgz will even find them.

Here we go Martin, we just need to pop it in here.

Martin: come on Jill come on, come on, come on

Jill: It won't go in Martin!

Martin: Come on Jill!

Jill: No it won't go in..just flip it there we go! Oh God Martin

you're so clever all we've got to do is pop the other one in guys
and oh there we go now… let's just twist it back and see if
it works.. three two one…
I'm moving it! I've got control! I'm moving it! Brilliant!

Martin: Jill, try the keyboard now!

Jill: okay it works! it works guys! This is amazing I'm in control over Morgz's
most prized possession!

Morgz's coming!

Hey Morgz. That's it Martin i think the inspection's over. um 10 out of 10 for cleanliness keep it
Up and um we'll see you for the next inspection in the morning.

Come on Martin well done clean and tidy come on.

Morgz: What's going on Martin?

Jill: Come on Martin.

Martin: Hold on I'm coming just gonna get me duster yeah it's all fantastic see you later.
Morgz: what is happening?

Jill: see you later

Morgz: what are you doing ?

Jill: That was a close shave but I think we got away with it. Now all we need to do is wait for Morgz to start his video and then we can start messing with him.

Morgz: okay camera rolling okay we're good to start.

Jill: Okay it sounds like he's starting the video now.

Morgz: yo guys yo guys it's mo.. no, no, no,

Jill: He's not getting the notes today guys we have to put up with this all the time, it's weird!

Morgz: Yo guys it's Morgz and today we're playing Among Us. Yes oh guys I am the impostor.Let's go I'm looking forward to this!

Okay guys.I need to try and find somebody to kill white is here… maybe I could kill white
but then pink's there too. I don't know. What should I do guys?

Jill: I know what to do, let's have a little bit of fun.

Morgz: Yo what the hell? Yo what? what's my character doing? what the hell? Yo I swear
something just happened then I feel like yo what the hell? yo guys like my guy's moving without me even touching him…that's so weird.

Jill: He thinks it's a glitch!

Morgz: All right…purple's gonna get it. yo,what the hell? I didn't move there…where's he gone?
what? yo I'm not even moving guys… you just see that?
I swear my hands… oh you saw my hands.Right. My flipping guy was just moving! Yo pink's here guys I'm gonna have to take pink out!
Yo what yo what the hell? What the hell is going on? what the hell is going on?

My hands are here! My hands are here! what?
I'm not even clicking anything!
I'm not moving there man… stop! Stop this… Oh my God! Oh my God! I can't do anything!

Jill: Now guys, let's take control of the mouse and see if we can kill somebody while he's with all these people. Here we go!

Morgz: oh yo what? what? I didn't do that, it was just on the mouse! I was in admin with
loads of… Oh my God! there's so many people there!No everybody in the lobby… saying cyan.
Oh my God! man! Are you kidding me?
Are you kidding me man? It's not me guys….

Jill: He's just typed something…i say we type something of our own!

Morgz: it was me… what? you what? what? what? I didn't put that. Oh my God! Oh my God! i just lost the game I didn't even write anything! The game wrote it was me.What is going on?
what is going on man? what the hell is this, what is this man, what is this?

Jill: Guys, Morgz's fully lost the plot in there… it's going crazy. I think we should go in and have a look.

Morgz are you okay? What's happened to you? What are you doing?

Morgz: What are you doing here?

Jill: What..what's happening? Is it a smashing video?

Morgz: Well no, mom. It wasn't a smashing video. I'll tell you what happened.
What happened was I was playing Among Us and the game has glitched. My character was moving all over the place. My mouse was clicking and it wasn't me and I got angry and I don't know what to do because I don't… I've got no video now and youtube won't leave me alone.
You think it's funny?

Jill: Morgz, I don't think it's funny. I'm not laughing. The other me says do you think you're making a mistake and it's you that's been doing something wrong?

Morgz: How was it me? My hands were literally up here. it's on camera!

Jill: Morgz, why don't you just have a little break for 10 minutes and then maybe it'll just kind of sort yourself out?

Morgz: I don't know what to say to us I mean if it is a glitch then I guess if i just wait
hopefully it'll get sorted?

Jill: Yeah Morgz. I'm sure it'll be fine just have a little rest for a bit all right okay?

Morgz thinks that the glitch is gonna sort itself out little does he know that it's just the
start of the prank! There’s better to come!

Morgz: Okay camera rolling again, editor just cut out all of those two games on Among Us.
Just get rid of them from the video. I think I've sorted it now so we should be okay to actually do the video finally.

Here we are guys, as you can see we're on steam. We're about to load up Among Us and get

Martin: Jill, get ready to close it!

Jill: I'm ready!

Morgz: Here we go let's load up Among Us. What? What’s just happened? Did my steam
just crash?

Jill: No it didn't crash Morgz. It's us again!

Martin: Yep!

Morgz: Okay here we go let's get it going. What guys? I swear I swear I'm not going crazy. I didn't..I didn't do that. I'm speechless. What is going on? What is going on?
What is going on man? I thought it was Among Us’s glitch, now it's steam as well. Are you kidding me? What is going on? What is going…what? Wait… what? What? Why am I on twitter I didn't even buy anything. I didn't write that I didn't write that…I didn't. I must be losing my mind right now guys!

Jill: Watch this

Morgz: What? What… what's going on? What's going on… I love click no…oh my computer just tweeted “I love clickbait”
No, no, no, what is going on? That can't be right… that can't be real. This can't be happening. I didn't write that… I didn't write that! I don't even clickbait what? How does a computer know a clickbait? You know what? I'm not having this, I'm not having this, I'm not having this stupid computer ruining my video!


Jill: He’s going to ring Apple and complain! Oh my God!

Morgz: Come on! Pick up the phone. Hello? Yeah yeah I would like to report an issue please I have a problem with my imac. What's the problem? What's the problem?
Where do I bloody start? I'll start right now with saying this there is something wrong with it and
it's clicking buttons by itself. It's tweeted from my account abusing me and is stopping me playing games.

This computer has got something against me. Your computer hates me.
What do you mean? no this isn't a joke why would this be a joke do i sound like
I'm joking no I won't calm down oh you're useless I'm fed up with you. Get lost idiot!

Martin: Jill, I've got a great idea watch this!

Morgz: What the? What's going on? Yo what the hell? Guys, look look my
computer just searched youtube and took me there.
Seriously what the hell is going on here?
My computer is now off twitter and it’s taking me to youtube now.
What the flip is going on? Oh my God!! It's moving again guys.. It's moving again. What is going on?
Why is the why because the computer just took me on to my youtube settings
man… what is this?

Martin: Watch this Jill… now this is gonna be great!

Morgz: Oh my God!! it's moving again it's moving again. It's just going to advance settings. What's going on?

What are you doing no wait what?….no, no, no, no, no, exit, exit! Oh my God! Holy crap
this is not happening right now this can't be happening
what is going on Oh my God!

Yo it just opened messages my computer has just opened messages again by itself i didn't touch it

Jill: Look at this Martin, it's Tamzin. What should I say?

Martin: I have an idea.

Morgz: what's going on what is going on what's going on what the hell is going on there's a ghost that's a ghost Oh my God!! Oh my God!! Oh my God!! Oh my God!! Oh my God!!
Are you kidding me what is going on?

Morgz: Hi tamzin, I've had a.. a big poo! What is going on? What is going on?

What? Hi tamzin, I've had a.. a big poo and some of it has gone on the floor?

I didn't type that. What? No I gotta delete that quick

no no it's send.. it's send it's..how does the computer know that when I was upstairs I had a poo and something went on the floor? What the hell?

What? it's typing again..”I want to lick your toes?” oh God she's typing…she's typing.. oh no Oh my God!
Jill:Oh..”why do you want to lick my toes? They are crusty!

Morgz: Oh my God!! The computer typed something else… no, no, no, no, no, no, no how does the computer even know what? Beans and burgers are…yeah well I like lasagna more than you!

Hey i didn't even say it…

Jill: Martin, wait for this grand finale!

Morgz: Is someone in here? Is someone in my room messing with my computer? What is going
On? Hello who's in here? Someone's gotta be in it.

Oh my God!! No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!

Oh my God! I want to break up with you! I prefer my teddy bear. No, no, no, no, it wasn't me it wasn't me! No it wasn't me!
Oh my God! I think she's blocked me I think she's blocked me the message isn't

Jill:She’s blocked him! I think it's time we end this Martin. Watch this.
Morgz: Hello Morgz, Oh my God! It's time to reveal who is doing this.
Who is doing this? Oh my God! I have hacked your computer and I will never let you have it back. dash,the hacker!
Guys my computer's been hacked! It's been hacked! I'm gonna cut the camera I'm gonna destroy my computer!

Jill: Where is he? He's not in his office.

Martin: I don't know.. what's he doing?

Jill: don't know…oh no what's he doing with it? He's going crazy destroying it quick… Morgz!

Martin:What are you doing man, what are you doing?

Morgz: I'm destroying him, stop stay there don't come closer no this is for the greater good… no I'll just buy another one!

Jill: Wait, wait, wait…the hacker was me and Martin!
Morgz: Are you kidding me?

Jill: it was just a bit of fun and it's got out of hand

Morgz: Wait so my computer isn't even hacked?

Jill: No, it was a wireless keyboard prank!

Morgz: What? You two are ridiculous! You scared the life out of me!

Jill: I think you need to quickly go and call Tamzin Morgz,sorry!

Jill: Guys thank you for watching my video and don't forget to check out small town murders.it's the perfect game for christmas because you can get the whole family involved.

You can investigate crime scenes solve puzzles to collect clues all from the comfort of your own
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