Who Can Hold Their Breath The Longest? - Challenge

Who Can Hold Their Breath The Longest? - Challenge

We set 5 Epic Challenges and Whoever Wins the Most Challenges Wins $10,000! Thanks to NERF for sponsoring this video and sending us their epic new Nerf Ultra One for the #NERFUltraChallenge​. Check it out here: http://amzn.to/2LSPQDb#NERFOrNothin

Morgz: Today me and the squad are going head to head in five epic challenges, the gladiator jewel, the nerf shootout, the rodeo bull, inflator limbo and the underwater breathing challenge.
And whoever wins the most challenges wins some of the brand new city squad merch, oh, and
ten thousand dollars but I think the merch is the main prize.

Editor: Stepping onto the podium first weighing in at a whopping 165 pounds, big Jill and her opponent weighing in at 185 pounds of pure skin and bones, Morgz.

Martin: Are you ready?

Both: YEAH!

Martin: Oh, oh no.. this is a close one but after checking the VAR I can announce that the first person to hit the floor was Morgz so Jill is the winner!

Jill: Yeah! It's one nil to me!

Martin: Go! Oh, and we’re off again, come on Morgz, come on Morgz, oh,oh, whoa, whoa, oh no both of them off again. I've just checked the VAR and I can reveal the first person this time to hit the floor was Jill!

Morgz: I did it!

Martin: Right guys, whoever wins this goes through to the final. Are you ready?

Both: I'm ready.

Martin: Go, go, go, go, go, go, go swing more, swing, swing more, go on Jill swing!

Morgz: Oh yes, let's go!

Editor: Introducing the reigning champion, his bald head will make you go blind, bald Martin!

Morgz: Oh my gosh, Mum's in trouble early look at Martin go, he's swinging, he's not holding back. Oh my gosh!

Jill; he poked me…he’s not allowed to poke!

Morgz: Of course you're allowed to poke! Is everybody ready?

Martin: Ready!

Morgz: Go, go, go! Go, oh my gosh, big swings here. Mum defend him! Oh my God! oh my God! it's a low blow and Martin goes flying out the arena!

Morgz: Can Mum do it here? Can she make it to the finals? Go, oh my gosh!

Jill: As you can see for the final both contestants have got the bigger gladiator sticks! Go! Whoa,
whoa, the look of determination is on their faces!

Martin: One nil to me! This is going to be easy!

Jill: Whoa Morgz's looking like the aggressive one in this shot, Martin's taken blows to the head but he's still standing.is Morgz tyring? Oh…..oh Martin!

The gladiators are in position this is it. This is the final round, Go!
whoa, oh whoa, whoa, whoa, what's Morgz doing? Oh wow and the little man's there, laid on the

Morgz: Yeah guys, I've done it! I got the dub in the first game! Challenge number one goes to me the gladiator jewel is a victory for Morgz!

Okay guys, it's time for the next challenge and this one is the nerf shootout challenge where
we're gonna be combining nerf and football two of my favorite things!

Jill: Me too! Though I'm not very good at football!

Martin: Or Nerf!

Morgz: As you can see, in the football net we have a giant stack of red cups! We're going to be taking in turns to try and knock down as many cups using the brand new nerf ultra one blaster and every cup knocked over will be worth one point onto the score but also in the top left and right corner of the net there is two hanging cups.
This is where the football comes into it because of course we're gonna be trying to kick the ball
and hit the cups in the top left and top right and each one of those cups are worth five onto your score and whoever has the highest score at the end wins the challenge!

Jill: oh that's definitely gonna be me!

Morgz: The nerf ultra one blaster is out right now guys you can get it from amazon
from the link in the description below. It has the fastest flying darts ever that can travel up to 120 feet so I think it's gonna destroy all these red cups! Here we go guys, it's time to see how many cups I can knock down.

Jill: Good luck Morgz remember you only have three darts to use…

Morgz: Hang on a minute does that count? That was absolute demolition, they've all gone over!

Morgz: Oh, I missed the final shot but I don't care! Look at that guys, there's barely any
cups left standing. Now guys, it's time for the football. Let's see if i can get any extra points onto my score..three, two, one…

Martin: I think he's going for the volley!

Jill: No extra points for you Morgz, now it's my turn! I actually hit the cups, I don't believe it!
Oh again! You know what guys? I'm a lot better at nerf than what I am at football so I'm not surprised I didn't hit it!

Martin: Here we go guys, let's see how many cups I can knock down. Here we go, oh miss
oh miss again. I think that was a delayed reaction but it worked! Yes! Oops! This is it, guys this is my last chance to win the challenge. Here we go, oh did you see that?
Harry Kane? More like Baldy Kane! I've got a combined score of 31, I've won!

Morgz: Martin…

Martin: Morgz…

Morgz: You do realize my score was 32 right?

Martin: What?

Morgz: I scored 32 which means you're one point short!

Martin: Oh no…

Morgz: Okay guys, it is time for the next challenge. As you can see it's the rodeo bull challenge. The rules are simple me and Mum and Martin are each gonna have one go on the rodeo bull
and whoever lasts the longest wins the point and you know what guys? I'm feeling confident
I'm gonna go first!

Both: Three, two, one, go!

Morgz: That's so hard!

Jill: Look at that Morgz, you lasted 30 seconds!

Morgz: 30 seconds? You know what? That's not terrible!

Martin: Jill, I think you ought to get out of that seat because I think it's time for you to get on that bull!

Morgz: Mum, I agree with Martin! I think it's your turn… oh so much power in my hands! Are you ready Mum?

Both: Three, two, one…

Morgz: I think I know what to do though? Full power! Here we go!
My time was 30 seconds and Mum your time is 49.

Jill: I knew it! I had no doubt! I knew I was gonna do that. I just knew it!

Martin: 49 seconds will be a piece of cake!

Both: Three, two, one, go!

Morgz: Oh my gosh, I think he's struggling already! Move, keep it going, you gotta get him, the other way!

Jill: I'm going the other way I'm gonna get him off.

Morgz: Oh my God the spins going all the way! Oh my gosh oh my God, Martin's still holding on!
The other way, should we go the other way? Go the other way. Oh my gosh guys, look at him? He won't let go, he will not let go!
Oh no, Mum. oh my gosh! Oh my gosh, he almost launched out the flipping arena!
Martin are you okay?

Martin: There's two of you.. and two cameras…

Jill: I need to check oh my God, oh my God, have I won it?

Morgz: Oh Martin! With one minute fourteen!

Jill; Noooooo!

Martin: Oh, that's a big point for me, yeah!

Morgz: Okay guys, the next challenge is the inflator limbo. As you can see guys, this bar here is
gonna get lower and lower and the way you win is by not touching the bar. We're gonna start with the bar at 150.

Morgz: Can she do it?

Jill: uh oh hey here we go gotta do it gotta get through oh oh yeah hey cheers come on Morgz, Let's spice this up. Let's get it down to 130.

Martin: 130? 130? Oh, oh easy!

Morgz: Here he comes, here he comes, oh oh my Gosh what's just happened?
Oh yeah you're lucky Martin, you.. you're lucky not to be out!

Morgz: No guys, this challenge is definitely not made for me. I'm really struggling are we only that one guys look at this this actually looks really hard now.
Mum's the smallest one here and it still looks low on her. Oh, oh come on big Jill.

Jill; I hope these two go out quick because I don't know if i can get any lower!

Morgz: Oh my goodness ladies and gentlemen the bar is now set to 100 and look at that
it is so low oh,oh, oh, oh, oh, did you almost fall over then?
Does that count?

Jill: Yes!

Morgz: You know what? I know, I think that counts.

Martin: What? That's not fair, that's cheating!

Morgz: Now it's your turn. Here he goes, here he goes,

Martin: Did you see that?

Jill: Oh my God, that means we've got to do it again Martin!

Morgz: Remember Mum, if you touch it Martin wins! Go on Jill
you can do this Mum you can do this you can do it!

Jill: I don't think I can!

Morgz: Oh come on, oh my god Mum, you're not over so that means…

Martin: I'm the winner!…well, I’ve won!

Morgz: This is the big one that you have all been waiting for guys. And see this? Me and Martin both have two points each this is also the tiebreaker!

Jill: Hey unless I win?

Morgz: Yeah but that's probably not gonna happen. You're not very good!

Jill: You know what guys? I believe in myself and I think I can finally get a win.
I'm going first.

Both: Three, two,one, go!

Morgz: Okay, time has started guys, there she is underwater she is floating up already!

Martin: oh Morgz, I knew she'd float! Hahaha

Morgz: Is that a fat joke?

Martin: No.

Morgz: Oh my God guys, she's still under there bubbles are coming up though guys, that's
a bad sign, that's a bad sign….

Jill: 50 seconds!

Morgz: erm 50 seconds?

Jill: Maybe it was 60 or 70? Nobody's beating that, I'm a winner!

Morgz: Mum it was actually 22 seconds!

Jill: Wait… you must mean one minute 22 right?

Morgz: No Mum just 22 seconds.

Martin: Jill out you get,it's my turn! Let's do this…

Both: Three, two, one, go!

Morgz: Okay there he is guys, Martin’s underwater, the timer has officially begun. Oh what do you think Mum?

Jill: It looks good. He looks like a good solid underwater person.

Morgz: What’s that supposed to mean?

Jill: I don't know, he just seems to be floating!

Morgz: He's doing a thumbs up oh my God, he just did a thumbs up to the camera! He
seems confident guys, he's already beat your time!

Jill: No you're joking?

Morgz: 26 seconds already. Look him down there guys, he looks calm,he looks composed
oh no, oh no, he doesn't, he's grabbing his neck! he's grabbing his neck!

Martin: Oh, two minutes at least!

Morgz: Martin I'm not sure where you're getting two minutes from because your time was
48 seconds!

Martin: What? 48 seconds? No way! I know for a fact that was going up for two minutes! Where did you get 48 seconds from? Cheat!

Morgz: Everybody make sure you subscribe to the channel and comment down below!

Morgz: Team Morgz, I'm gonna do this for you guys!

Both: Three, two, one…. go!

Martin: Time starts and we're off! Oh, ho this is tense, really tense, ten seconds he’s gone now
Oh he's got, he's not gonna do it Jill…

Jill: Go on Morgz you can do this!

Martin: oh he's struggling!

Jill: I can see it Martin I told you about when he was younger he used to be able to underwater for ages!

Martin: Come on Morgz, come on you need air you need that…

Jill: Bubbles are coming out, see them bubbles!

Morgz: My life just flashed before my eyes!

Martin: Morgz, your time was one minute three.. you win!

Morgz: Whoa that means I win the ten thousand dollars and the brand new city squad merch! Go to morgues.com right now guys if you want to cop some! You can customize it and put your own city on the merch!

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