Who can GAIN the MOST WEIGHT in 1 Hour - Morgz Challenge

Who can GAIN the MOST WEIGHT in 1 Hour - Morgz Challenge

EATING AS MUCH FOOD AS POSSIBLE IN 1 HOUR!! 100,000 CALORIES CHALLENGE!! (Ultimate Calories Weight Gain FOOD CHALLENGE w/McDonalds, KFC, Donuts, Cake, Sweets & More!! Morgz vs Morgz Mum vs Bald Martin vs Girlfriend Tamzin)

Morgz: How is that humanly possible?

Two years ago we did the who can gain the most weight in 24 hours challenge.
We ate cakes burgers and loads of the food and we gained a ridiculous amount
of weight.

And now we're back two years later to do this challenge again but this time instead of 24 hours we're only gonna have one hour!

Yo guys my name is Morgz if you're new be sure to subscribe to the channel.

But now let me introduce you to the squad that's going head to head in this challenge.

First up is my beautiful girlfriend Tamzin currently weighing in at 121.4 pounds!

We know she's got the cake but can she eat the cake?

Here she is the queen of YouTube it's big Jill weighing in at a whopping 165.35 pounds!

Oops she does not look happy about that!

Next up is everybody's favorite bean loving bald man weighing 164.1 pounds Bald Martin and finally the star of the show some say he is the most handsome man alive weighing 185.4 of pure muscle…Morgz!

As you can see right here I've made a spin wheel with four options: takeaway, drive-through, food from home or from the supermarket.

Whatever it lands on is the only place you're allowed to get your food from in this challenge!

All: What?

Jill: I'm spinning first! Come on, come on, get me a good one, whoa Supermarket? There's loads of food in the Supermarket! I'll take it!

Tamzin: Come on please give me a good one. Oh I don't want to eat Jills cooking! I
don't want to do this anymore!

Jill: what? I am here you know!

Bald Martin: Here we go. What have we got? Oh drive through! Mcdonald's, KFC oh

Morgz: Well then I guess that means that I am having takeaway. I'm kind of happy with that. It means I don't have to move!

Bald Martin: As you can see guys we've just arrived at Mcdonald's. What shall I get guys?
chicken, burgers, fries? I don't know… screw this I've got an idea come with me.

could I order one of everything on your menu please?

Drive Thru Guy: One of everything?

Bald Martin: Please. Three legends please? How much will that be?

Drive Thru: 86 Pounds.

Bald Martin: Okay that's fine thank you! thank you very much!

thank you at all this food this should be definitely enough food for me to put on loads of weight but before i go there's one more thing i need to do

Hi could I order one portion of beans please? Yes please.. that's it thank you,
thank you. I couldn't go without getting my beans..beans!

Morgz: Okay guys, we're gonna kick this off with KFC. You know what KFC stands for Kentucky
Fried calories!

Let's go. I've just scrolled through the entire menu and I have found this,the party bucket the most expensive thing on the entire menu. 14 pieces of chicken eight mini fillets, eight hot wings, large popcorn chicken, chips and loads of sides what more could you possibly want that's like a million calories right there. I'm gonna add one of them to my basket and I'm gonna load the sides as well. Because why the hell not?

As well as kfc guys check this out I could actually get krispy kreme donuts delivered to my house. How cool is that? I'm gonna get it that's right 50 donuts there we go.

Boys and girls all the food is ordered I got a ton of kfc and a ton of donuts you know what that
means? A ton of calories. I love this challenge!

Jill: Okay guys, we're here at the supermarket I need to make sure I get enough food to
keep me going for one full hour and of course for me to win the challenge.

Wow look at the size of this giant box of jaffa cakes? This must be full of calories.
I'm having it guys look at all of this..Nutella. I'm having all these.
Look at all these crisps.. this should help me put on weight.

What do you think guys? Will this be enough chocolate to keep me going for
the hour I think so I'm just gonna get in the troll….oh, oh dear. Okay check this out guys
I found the protein bars high protein equals high calories.I'm getting all of these guys.
I'm also gonna get some salad… only joking!

Show me the unhealthy aisle. Wow… just look at all of these cakes?

I'm gonna get a few of these if these don't put my weight on I don't know what will.

Oh look at all these advent calendars. Which one should I pick? You know what? Why pick one when I can have one of them all.

Tamzin: Okay guys, as you know I landed on home which means I literally can only eat foods that are around this house. Let's see what we can find oh my gosh look at all the bad food in this drawer?

Morgz said to me that he's been dieting. Doesn't look like it. I'll take this off your hands Morgz. Let's keep looking. Full fat fanta, full fat dr pepper.I'm gonna be fat. This must be where Martin keeps his beans.
I wonder if he would mind if I had some? One, two three oh and four cans of beans. I'm definitely gonna win!

Morgz: It's time for the challenge to officially start right. Now guys, is everyone excited?

All: Yeah!

Tamzin: no, everyone's got better food than me!

Morgz: Everybody make sure you subscribe to the channel and like the video can you do it in five seconds? I don't know, go try simple as that!

Morgz: Oh my goodness guys, I just finished emptying out all my food onto the table.
Check this out.

This food looks amazing guys but there is no time for cinematics, I've got to start.

It just took me like an entire minute to eat one crispy chicken strip. I think
I need to get the pace up if I want to win this challenge.

Jill: Now it's time to get this party started!
I need a drink to wash it down!

Bald Martin: Okay guys, it's time to begin so let's get started.
Three, two, one go! Here we go, here we go, oh they smell lovely, cheers!
Hmm oh… forget the Mcdonald's, I should have got a hundred tubs of these!

Tamzin: We haven't got time to waste guys. Let's go. My belly's gonna be terrible after this.
I'm gonna be on that toilet all night!

Morgz: Check that out guys over there. I've finished eating both boxes of chips and all the boneless chicken fillets.
And the popcorn chicken. Now I've just got these two boneless boxes and the hot wings.
Usually guys, I love KFC but when you eat that much of it in like only 15 minutes, my entire mouth just tastes like grease right now.

And I feel sick and those donuts have been giving me the eyes for a long time now.
And I don't think I can resist anymore I think it's time to move on to the donuts

Oh baby, check these out. They look so flipping delicious. I just want to eat them all at once!

Wooden spoon and get the donuts on there one by one stack them up now can eat them all at once!

This was the best idea I ever had!

Jill: Gys I'm enjoying myself today. This cake has got 3500 calories and I'm getting through it like it's nothing, however guys this cake could be improved.
Everybody knows chocolate cake is the best.
Where's my nutella? Let's turn this cake into chocolate cake!
Oh my gosh just look at that? imagine the calories in this?

Five, four… I can't be bothered to wait!

There's chocolate up my nose!

Blad Martin: It's been a little while guys but as you can see I've eaten all the chips, two wraps and the cheese dippers it's time to do the burgers now!

And of course I'm gonna do it in style three, two, one… here we go!

Tamzin: Guys, this challenge is going pretty well so far I've eaten a lot of the sweets,
I've drank both bottles and I've eaten the cream.

Morgz, Jill and Bald Martin have all really easy food to chew and eat whereas I have really hard food you know what guys? I don't think I really have a choice. I've got to go steal some of their food!

Let's go guys, we gotta be quick and time's running out! Oh,oh my God

I think he's in this room.

Morgz: here I am so glad that those donuts are finished. We are getting close to the end of the challenge right now guys I feel like my insides are gonna explode. Guys, I'm gonna go for a walk around and just try and maybe get the body functioning again because I feel like I'm gonna pass out or something.

Tamzin: This is the perfect time he's about to go I need to hide!

Morgz: Okay I'm back in a minute.

Tamzin: Guys, quickly just in case he comes back jeez! Look how much food he's eating guys
and he's only got this much chicken left. I think I'm just gonna have to take the two big buckets You know I need as much as I can get.

Morgz: Oh my God, oh I'm not gonna lie, I don't feel any better my stomach still feels
like it's gonna explode….ah time to carry on with all of my KFC guys.

Hang on a minute. Could have swore I had more than just the hot wings left?

Jill: Guys, there's about 20 minutes left and I have eaten so much food.

Tamzin: If i ring the doorbell surely that will get her away from the food?

Jill: Yum, yum, yum! hold on!

Tamzin: Right, let's quickly get some food before she comes back oh I don't
know what to take some chocolate oh crisps! I'm gonna take some crisps!

I don't know? More carb stuff you know and Jill's food is secured!

Jill: There's no one there! It must have been some pesky kids!

Tamzin: And now I'm just gonna sneak into the kitchen to see if Martin's there.
Sounds like he's not very well! If he's in there then that means he's not in here! What to get? what to get? I'm gonna get the chicken nuggets and I'm also gonna get the select and
whatever, that burger and and his camera's even there guys. Let's hide these nuggets in my belly and nowhere else!

Bald Martin: It's time for me to eat my nuggets, here we go!
What’s the nuggets gone? I'm looking forward to them. The only thing left is
The Veggie dippers and the salad look at this?
I was saving these two last I've got no choice. I've got to eat these here we go.

Oh I've never tasted anything like before in my life!

Tamzin: Guys my plan worked! I successfully stole their food but I've only got about 15 more minutes left to eat it!

So I need to get on with it now!

Morgz: According to my timer there is literally about five minutes left and I've still got a fat pile of hot wings to get through so let's do this!

Oh my god they really weren't joking when they call them hot wings they'd
burn in my mouth!

Jill: Oh guys I feel terrible but we're down to the final few minutes I've got a
battle on. I've got loads of chocolate bars left and I've got some nutella!

Why don't I just cover the chocolate bars in nutella? Chocolate and more chocolate! Let's do it yummy!

Tamzin: We're literally on the last few minutes now. I bet you everyone's finished everything.
I need to make this count. I may finish guys I've nearly finished everything I've stolen!

Bald Martin: Somebody's taking me beans and beans how can anybody take me beans? They've even took me burgers. If it wasn't for that i could have won this competition.
People are always picking on me in this house.
I don't know why. I try my hardest, it's not fair.
Two years ago, Jill won the challenge. She won the challenge by putting weights in her trousers in the gym. not fair, she cheated. I'm gonna cheat as well. Yes.

Okay guys, let's hide this way round the back nobody will look there

Morgz: Okay ladies and gentlemen, it is time for the moment you have all been waiting for.
After 60 minutes of constant eating from everybody we're all here and I imagine we're all feeling a lot more fat.

I know I am.

Jill: I am. I definitely need the toilet.
Morgz: But without further ado guys I guess I'll go first!

All: (Applause)

Morgz: Oh thank you, thank you, thank you.
One hour ago I weighed 185.4lbs, what will I weigh now? Let's do this
here we go guys it is time for the moment of truth.
oh my God oh my God! You're not gonna believe it 187.6 lbs.. Oh that is a 2.2 pound difference 185.4 to 187.6..I don't think anybody's beating that guys I'm confident I'm happy!

Jill: An hour ago I was 165.3 let's see I was way up on here we go let's have a big number for a big winner! 166.2!

Morgz: You sure this wasn't actually less than you usually eat?

Jill: I've eaten loads more than normal which means I've put on 0.9!
Very disappointed, I'm going to the toilet now.

Tamzin: Okay guys, I need to gain 2.2 pounds just to get in front of Morgz. If it's
less than that I lose. Before I was 121.4 so I need 123.6 or higher, here we go
guys moment of truth…one two one… NO! I just lost… I'm literally just under you.
I'm 123.2

Morgz: There it is guys one two three point two. That means you're getting one point
Eight, not enough loser!

Well Martin I guess that just leaves you. I'm confident Martin you are not gonna have gained more than me!

Blad Martin: Let’s find out! An hour ago I was 164.1 that means I want 166.3 or higher, I think? The moment of truth.. here we go.

Oh look at that! Look, Look at that!!

Morgz: What? What? 169.8 what?? No!!! I don't believe it how is that possible?
How is that humanly possible? I can't believe it guys that's insane!

Bald Martin: 5.7 pounds? Yes!!! I’ve won the challenge!

Morgz: How? How??

Bald Martin Feeling fat today! I'm the winner!

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