REAL or FAKE? - Don't Destroy the Wrong Item - Morgz Challenge

REAL or FAKE? - Don't Destroy the Wrong Item - Morgz Challenge

Ultimate REAL or FAKE Item Challenge. Guess which item is fake and destroy it by spinning the mystery spin the wheel! This was a crazy challenge including items like AirPods, Apple iPhone, Gucci, Jewellery, Nintendo Switch and more! Morgz vs Morgz Mum vs Bald Martin vs Tamzin! Make sure you watch all of the video and comment with which ones you guessed right!

Morgz: I have all loads of expensive items like Nintendo switch and even iPhone and also loads of fake versions of the items from sites like wish and ebay. Today we're doing the real versus fake challenge and I give somebody both items and they have to destroy one of them!
Hopefully for them they pick the right one and destroy the fake!

Okay guys, the first item today is airpods. Who wants them?

Bald Martin: Me, me..I want some hairpods! Will it make my hair grow?

Morgz: Martin, airpods not hair pods!

Tamzin: Me, me, me I want some. I'm ready, give me them!

Morgz: Okay Tamzin your first up.

Morgz: Instead of me telling you guys which are the real ones and which of the fake ones, I want you to play along from home and see if you can guess in the comment section below.

Here is airpods number one and now here is airpods number two. Here's the side by side of both airpods. Make sure you comment down below which one you think is real.

Okay guys, here she is. She's got both airpods in front of her. Tamzin, what's your strategy?

Tamzin: I'm just going to expect.. inspect really well…

Morgz: Maybe we should work on speaking really well!

Oh and Tamzin? One more thing you only have one minute to decide!

Tamzin:Okay guys, I have both sets here. I'm going to start by inspecting this one first.

Jill: Tell me… they just look the same to me.

Tamzin: They literally look like they do.

Jill: Exactly. I'm so glad I didn't get this one.

Morgz: Look at that guys, that is actually insane. They literally do look the same, what do you guys think?

Tamzin: Guys, one of them has a green light on and the other doesn't and I really don't know because I'm sure Apple would have put a green light on it.

Morgz: Tamzin, there is only 10 seconds left we need a decision: are you going with airpods 1 or airpods 2?

Tamzin: And I think I'm going to have to go with airpods one!

Jill: I think you've got the right ones I think you've done it!

Morgz: Wow guys, Tamzin chose airpods number one!

Tamzin: Why are you doing that face to the camera?

Morgz: No reason, no reason at all!

Now it's time for Tamzin to destroy airpods number two and as you can see, I have made a spin the wheel with loads of different methods of destruction on it.

Tamzin: Here we go guys, let's see what we land on.
Okay guys, as you can see we've set blender up outside.

Morgz: Are you nervous?

Tamzin: Yeah, I really want these to be the fake ones.

Morgz: Oh there we go, the airpods are in the blender.. Three, two, one…

Tamzin: Oh my god guys they were absolutely destroyed!

Morgz: Well now you’ve destroyed them Tamzin, it's time to reveal the news. The airpods that you destroyed were….real!

Tamzin: I couldn't tell the difference between the two!

Morgz: The next item is a Gucci headband!

Bald Martin: Oh I want to go, I want to go, I want to go…

Morgz: Okay Martin, you're up.

Bald Martin: Oh my goodness guys, I am excited for this. I know Martin is going to be buzzing if he gets his new headband. Here is headband number one and here is headband number two.

Here's a little side by side so you can see them both next to each other. Again, make sure you comment down below which one you think it is.

Morgz: But now it's that time again. Let's bring these to Martin and see if he gets it right.

Okay Martin, you've got both headbands…are you ready?

Bald Martin: I'm ready Morgz.

Morgz: Which one is real and which one's fake? Your time starts now!

Which one are you going to choose Martin?

Bald Martin: Number one.It feels a little bit better. And more comfier..definitely number one.
Here we go guys, let's spin the wheel and let's see how we're gonna destroy headband number two. Here we go!

Ohhhh Firepit?

Okay guys, the fire pit is lit and now it's time to put in the headband. Three, two, one oh the headband is in. Oh no please be fake, please be fake.

Jill: Did he burn the fake one or the real one?

Morgz: Martin the headband that you put in the fire pit was the fake one!

Bald Martin: Yes! I picked the real Gucci one! I'm never taking this off! Oh yes!

Morgz: Okay guys, now Martin's got his Gucci headband, that means Mum, it's now your turn!

Jill: Yes!

Morgz: And your item is…Morgz Merch!

Jill: Oh God Morgz, I thought these prizes were meant to be good?

Morgz: Seeing as I'm always going on about merch, I thought this round instead of
just buying one fake bit of merch, I'd buy three so I got on ebay and bought three terrible bits of fake morgz merch. And of course, one real one. Here is Morgz merch number one, here is Morgz merch number two, here is Morgz merch number three and here is Morgz merch number four.

Let's go find out if Mum knows which one is fake also don't buy merch from fake sites they are
terrible., link in description.

Three, two…

Jill: No, hang on… how come I have to pick three fake items and you only have to pick one?

Morgz: Time starts now! Oh God here we go, here we go

Jill: okay well obviously that's the fake one it's got no O. Unless you've changed your name Mgz?
And prank king, the front looks a bit basic. I remember it being a little bit more detailed than this.

I'm picking this one!

Morgz: Well it's time to spin the wheel again and see how you're gonna be destroying the three ones that you didn't pick.

Jill: Here we go.

Morgz: Which one's it gonna be? Blowtorch!

Jill: But what if i've picked the wrong one? It’s going to ruin it!
Here we go…

Morgz: Well Mum, I've got good news. The merch you burned was all fake!

Jill: Wow, really?

Morgz: So that means you get to keep the real Morgz merch.

Jill: Okay Morgz, it's your turn now. I've been out and got you a real and a fake item. I
didn't want you to feel left out.

Morgz: Thank you Mum.

Jill: Your item is a Nintendo switch!

Morgz: Yo.. let's do this. I'm excited guys, I know my gaming consoles and there's no way I'm picking the wrong one here.

Jill: Here is Nintendo switch number one and now a Nintendo switch number two. Comment down below which one you think it is but now let's go see if Morgz knows his Nintendo switches.

Morgz, this is Nintendo switch number one.

Morgz: Whoa.. you know what? That looks pretty real..

Jill: And Morgz, this is Nintendo switch number two.

Morgz: Are you being serious? Are you kidding me Mum? You definitely
did not have your glasses on when you were shopping for these..

Everybody, everybody just quiet down. I don't need a timer..this is the real one obviously,they're
not even remotely similar.

Jill: How did he know? They look so similar to me.

Tamzin: I honestly don't know Jill.

Morgz: Guys let's find out how I'm gonna destroy Nintendo switch number two, not like it really matters anyway because I'm pretty much certain it's fake.

You know what guys I'm excited for this is gonna be fun. Here we go guys.

It just went flying! That could have flown into me. It probably put a hole through me!
Guys I think we're done.

Jill: Morgz it's a good job it was the fake one because you've absolutely destroyed it!

Morgz: Tamzin your item is 1000 pounds!

Tamzin: What? Oh my God really?

Morgz: Yeah if you guess the real one you get a real stack of 1000 pounds!

Okay guys, as you can see here is the first stack of 1 000 pounds and moving on here is the second stack of one thousand pounds here you can see them both side by side and here is a shot of them in my hands yes one of these is actually real money.

Okay Tamzin time starts now… what are you thinking?

Tamzin: Straight away um, well I guess this one's a lot bigger than this one.

Morgz: You've actually only got 15 seconds left so we need an answer quick.

Tamzin: Okay guys, I think I'm gonna have to go with number two. Number two looks real because it has a metallic strip in it.

Morgz: Here we go Tammy let's see how you're gonna be destroying money number one!

Morgz: Oh my gosh Okay guys, as you can see Tamzin is all the way up there on the roof.

Wait,,, what are you two doing? What are you two doing?

What are you doing? Guys hang on a minute..hang on a minute..hang on that isn't real money she chose the right one she threw away the fake money!

Tamzin: I did it guys I chose the right 1000 pounds! The money is mine! Oh this is so nice, a nice little money fan!

Jill: should have been me!

Bald Martin: Or me!

Morgz: Martin, you're next and your item is ray ban sunglasses.

Bald Martin: Sunglasses? sunglasses go with this headband.

Morgz: Okay guys, on your screen right now is the first pair of ray-ban
sunglasses. Are they the real ones or are they the fake ones?

And now on your screen is the second pair of ray-ban sunglasses.Here's a little side by side, there we go.

Okay Martin, here is sunglasses number one and here is sunglasses number two. You've got
a big decision to make. Ready, are you ready Martin?

Martin: I'm ready.

Morgz: Well then, time starts now!

Martin: Straight away, sunglasses number one I can see have got more of a matte finish,
sunglasses number two have got a shiny finish.

Morgz: Okay, which one do you think seems more real?

Martin: I am gonna go with these beauties these fit better, I'm gonna look better so I,
I think I've got the right ones.

Morgz: Okay guys, as you can see we are out here in the car and it's time for Martin to
run over sunglasses number two.

Martin: I'm praying that these are the fake ones!

Morgz: Oh my gosh.

Bald Martin: Oh my gosh, they're completely destroyed!

Morgz: Yes they are Martin and I have bad news for you because they were the real ones!

Bald Martin: No!! At least I still got my gucci headband!

Morgz: Okay now that Martin has finished destroying the real ray-ban sunglasses it is now your turn Mum!

Jill: Oh I'm excited!

Morgz: Your item is actually one of the most expensive ones so far, a diamond chain.

Jill: I love diamond chains!

Morgz: Okay guys, on your screen right now is diamond chain number one and next up is diamond chain number two.

Here you go guys, check that bad boy out. I know mum likes the jewelry but we're about to
find out if she really can tell real diamonds from fake diamonds. The time starts

All: Let's go!

Jill: I'm gonna start with diamond chain number one. This one's really shiny and it looks
like it's really expensive yellow gold. This one feels heavy that's not as shiny. I don't know if that's a good sign or not. This one feels a bit plasticky…

All: Five, four, three, two, one…

Jill: Ok stop, stop I’m going to go with diamond chain two. This one.

Morgz: She's gone with number two guys there it is…

Jill: Here we go!

Morgz: Look at that? That there is on hammer!

All: Three,two,one…

Jill: Oh my gosh look at this? The chain is absolutely ruined.
It's in three different pieces Morgz.
Please tell me this is the fake one?
Morgz: The chain you destroyed is the fake one

Jill: That means I get to keep the real diamond one?

Morgz: Yep!

Jill: Okay Morgz, it's your turn to go again. Are you excited?

Morgz: I really am. I've already won a Nintendo switch so what's next?

Jill: It's a big one Morgz. I went a little bit crazy on this one. It's an iPhone.

Morgz: What? You mean a real iPhone? I could actually win an iPhone?

Jill: Yeah! Oh guys, this is a big one. I'm excited as you can see here is iPhone number one
and here is the iPhone number two. Will Morgz be able to do it? Let's find out!

Morgz: Guys, I'm speechless. Look at these.. that they look absolutely identical.I don't know how I'm gonna figure this out.

Jill: Well you better be quick because time starts now!

Morgz: Okay guys, I literally don't know what to do uh…firstly I'm gonna, I'm gonna check the back because I think there's probably some detail I can get by looking at the back.

What the hell? I'm freaking out guys. There is literally no difference. The only difference I can see here is the color. This one is more of a green color this one is the the normal um..gray black.. Ah, oh my God guys there the size is the same as well not even like a millimeter over it's the exact same then the only differenceI can see is the weight number one is a little bit
heavier. Does that mean it's the real one? I don't know I'm gonna go with it, it's a little bit heavier and I know the recent iPhones are a bit heavy so number one it is.

Morgz: So, I am not confident there is a good chance I'm about to destroy a 1000 pound phone
Okay guys, it's time to spin. Let's just get this over with I'm not looking forward to this.

Here we go come on…I gotta slide the iPhone!

Morgz: We've got a massive bucket of slime right here let's drop it in right now and hope it's
the fake one…three two

Oh my God, come on then Mum it's time for the moment of truth is the phone real or is it fake?

Jill: Morgz, the iPhone that you slimed is fake!
Morgz: Guys, make sure you like the video and subscribe to the channel if you want me to do part two with loads more expensive items and make sure you download Morgz challenge and reach level 10 to enter my ps5 giveaway.

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