Last To Stop Playing AMONG US Wins $10,000 - Morgz Challenge

Last To Stop Playing AMONG US Wins $10,000 - Morgz Challenge

Download Houseparty for free here: The Last Person to Stop Playing AMONG US Wins $10,000! In this last to stop gaming challenge, it's Morgz vs Morgz Mum vs Bald Martin vs Morgz Girlfriend Tamzin! Make sure you watch to the end to see who lasts the longest and wins the challenge!

Morgz: Yo guys its Morgz and today we're back for another gaming challenge. We’re playing Among Us using Houseparty who’ve sponsored this challenge,check the link out in the description to download the free app.
The last one to stop playing Among Us wins all of this money.
Of course, your boy is in the challenge but now let me introduce you to my opponents.

Your name?

Martin: My name is Bald Martin

Jill: Everybody already knows me, I’m Big Jill.

Tamzin: My name is Tamzin.

Morgz: Why are you going to win this challenge?

Martin: I want all that money and I’m not going to stop until I get all of it.

Jill: Because, I’m a winner! Morgz Mum is a winner!

Tamzin: Because I’m the best, I’m the coolest, I’m the funniest…I’m gonna win.

Morgz: As you can see, we’ve set up four different gaming stations all with Among Us installed.
Is everybody ready?

All: YES!!

Morgz: Three, Two, One…GO!

Okay guys, as you can see we are all at our gaming setups. We’ve got the house party app and we are about to start playing!

House Part supports up to 10 people at once which is perfect for Among Us and means it's like playing Among Us in real life.

For everybody's first game if you win I'll give you each $1,000! Let's do this!

Here we go. how's it gonna be guys?

Oh crew mate! It's my first time playing crewmate on camera!
Okay guys, I've got a bit of a strategy right now. Whenever I play crewmateI look to sit on the cam and wait to see if I find anything suspicious. Let's see if we can make some magic happen again today and do the same.
Here’s White and yellow. White and Yellow went into the cafeteria together. Let's see who comes out.
White has come out..where’s Yellow?
Oh my gosh if yellow is there then I know it’s white!

Martin: We loaded into the game so let’s go! I’m a crewmate and I know what I’m gonna do.
Let’s call an emergency meeting. All I’ve got to do is convince them that I’m the imposter and I’ll get all of the votes!
It’s Me I’m The Imposter! Whoo hoo, I’m gonna do it guys. I’m gonna get the votes, I’m gonna win!
Yeah..It's me..I got the most votes! What’s this? Bald Martin has been ejected?
I thought you had to get the most votes to win? Not to lose? Darn it, no thousand dollars for me!

Tamzin: Ok guys, one thousand dollars on the line if I win. This should be easy.

Oh I got Imposter guys, on the first time. That was really lucky. Oh my God, I'm hardly ever an imposter as well. I'm gonna sabotage the reactor and I'm gonna try go into electricity now because I know I saw yellow just go in there. I'm going to maybe kill yellow Yeah, I'm gonna kill yellow, oh just killed him and now I need to vent before anyone sees.

Red was in the room with me but Red is also an imposter so it’s fine.
Okay no ones in here so I can possibly come out Yeah.
Oh God I hope Blue didn't see me? Oh my God. Don’t tell me Blue saw me?

So blue didn't see me kill however he did see me leaving medbay. So I really hope that he didn't realize that I just vented to med Bay.

Orange? How are you even on about? Oh my God! No Way! You Lie! iHe's definitely a hacker. He's such a hacker. Oh my God. You're deluded. He's definitely cheating guys, he is so cheating. Oh, Purple wants to kick me now. Do you? Kick me then purple!

Oh my God, I'm so lucky. Two people vote for me. That means I'm not ejected just yet.

Okay, I'm back in the cafeteria, I guess. Do you know what? I'm gonna kill blue! I’ve had it with you blue, you’re annoying me!

And I’ve got a victory, that thousand pounds is mine!

Jill: Okay guys, a thousand dollars if I win. I’m feeling really confident. Whoo!
I’m the imposter! I’ve never played the imposter before but, I’m just gonna kill people that’s what you do. I’ve never been a crewmate either. I’m just gonna kill.

Shall I kill him? Is it too soon? Let’s just follow him. Oh! I killed him. Runaway…oh ho! There’s a it body reported? Oh no, I think they saw me, I think they saw me!
It’s not me I swear. I’m innocent!
Guys maybe they won’t all vote for me…maybe I’m safe?
Ohhh! They’ve all voted for me….that’s not fair! I was sure I was going to win that one! Look at that, Morgz mum was an imposter! I’ve been ejected from the game. This game is harder than I thought!

Morgz: Okay guys, we are now two hours into this challenge of course I'm still playing Among Us.

Just in the hallway as you can see waiting to load into a game. I think it's time we spice this challenge up a bit and I have the perfect way to do so.
Let me introduce you to my little friend this spin wheel!

As you can see I’ve got some good things on there like food break and also some bad ones like play the next game with boxing gloves on!

Hey everybody. How's everybody going two hours in?

Jill: My fingers are starting to ache a bit, I’m not gonna lie.

Tamzin: I need a wee.

Jill: Actually Tammy, I need a poo!

Martin: Hang on a minute Morgz..what’s that behind you?

Morgz: Oh, you mean this? This is the spin the wheel. I've done some good things on here and some bad things. It’s a risk.

Jill: Oh, interesting

Morgz: Guys. I'm feeling lucky. Let's just kick this off with a spin right now. Here we go guys let’s see what I’m gonna get?
Oh no way! A two hour break! I knew getting this wheel involved was a good Idea. I’ve done it, a two hour break…let’s go! And what better way to spend it than to go and flex on the others!

Morgz: Hey Martin, how’s it going bro?

Martin: Ah who, what are you doing here? You should be playing Among Us.

Morgz: Well, you see Martin, Remember that old wheel I just told you about?


Morgz: I decided to spin it and guess what it landed on? A two hour break!

Martin: Two hour break? Give me that wheel, I want a go. Two hour break for me as well!
Come on, here we go. Arm workout? How can I do an arm workout? I dislocated my fingers.

Morgz: Oh hahahaha. Oh, no. Too bad. You're gonna have to.

Martin: It's just gonna be painful.

Morgz: How does that feel Martin?

Martin: Morgz, my arms are already aching from playing this game…how much longer?

Morgz: Erm, shall we say…two minutes?

Martin: What? Two minutes?

Morgz: I’ll be back in two minutes to check on you.

Tamzin: Ok guys, Morgz has just come and told me that he got the two hour break from spinning the wheel which makes me think that hopefully I would get one if I spun the wheel.

Oh, a drink break! This should give me some extra energy!

Morgz: Hey, watch my carpet!

Tamzin: Sorry.

Jill: What are we gonna get? what we're gonna get? Oh, Morgz mum is the imposter. Right, down to business. Come on. Let's find someone to kill, come on down there. If someone
was red, red, you're dead.
Right? I'm going to sabotage O2.There we go, oxygens gone. Come on there must be someone somewhere and gone. That's White. White? You’re dead!
Haha, Victory! I did it. That was so easy! I’m definitely one of the cool kids.
This challenge is going amazing so far guys. But there is one little problem. Before the challenge started, I ate a load of food so I wouldn’t get hungry, but I forgot that when I eat a load of food I always have to go to the toilet. And I need to go!

I know there's a toilet break on the wheel that Morgz told us about, so I need to spin it.
Come on!

Only use nose in the next game?

Morgz: Here we go mum, we’re in the next game..let’s see what that nose can do

Jill: This is ridiculous. Oh well. Here we go!

Morgz: Hahaha. I don't think your team is gonna be very happy with you.

Jill: I’ll have a nosebleed after this.

Morgz: Okay guys, we are about four hours into the challenge right now and check this out!
Me, Mum,Martin and Tamzin are on houseparty right now with the entire gang!

We're about to go into another game of Among Us right now. Is everybody ready?

All: Yeah!

Morgz: Here we go. Oh, I am the crewmate. I'm just gonna try and keep away from everybody and do my tasks because I'm scared!

Oh, did anybody see anything? It was Orange that died?

Jill: No, I didn’t see anything. I was just doing tasks.

Martin: Me too.

Darren: And me I was doing tasks as well.

Morgz: Everybody let's skip and keep our eye out!

There we go guys. No was ejected. Let's get back to this.

Okay, I'm just gonna insert the card. Swipe that.Try again? Too slow? Too fast? I'm gonna keep trying.
Oh my gosh,Tamzin killed me, but I think Jensen saw it?
He’s reported it. Let’s go to the meeting.

Jensen: Guys, guess what I just seen? I saw Morgz die and all I know is that I’m right because, guess who killed him? Tamzin.

Tamzin: No, it wasn’t me Jensen, it was you. I literally watched you kill him.

Jensen: Ok everyone, just stop the lying and vote Tamzin.

Jill: Don’t bother lying Tamzin, we know it’s you.

Morgz: Thank you guys for playing! We managed to find the imposter,

Darren: Hey Morgz, where’s Jill gone. I thought you were playing a doing a last to leave challenge?

Morgz: Oh my God guys, he’s right! She’s not even there, she’s gone!
Let me go and check this out guys. I bet she is up to something. I bet she thought we wouldn't notice she left.

Come on the Tamzin, let’s find out the truth. What?

Jill: What are you doing?

Morgz: We were literally just in houseparty and we saw you leave.

Jill: I don’t know what you are talking about. I think there is something wrong with your eyes.

Morgz: So you have been here the whole time, you didn’t stop playing?

Jill: No. Of course I’ve been here.

Martin: hang on a minute Morgz. There is something wrong here. What’s that smell?

Morgz: Do you smell that?

Tamzin: Hm, yeah..I smell it as well.

Jill: I’ve no idea what you are talking about.

Morgz: Mum, you haven’t used that toilet have you?

Jill: No….what are you doing.

Morgz: Martin, check that toilet now!

Jill: It’s nothing to do with me, you’re just trying to embarrass me.

Morgz: Mum, you’re the only one here in this house.

Jill: Ahh, I don’t want to go back in there!

Tamzin: I think it’s clear what's gone on here. Jill’s gone in that toilet and she has had explosive diarrhea!

Morgz: Yeah, more importantly, you're still playing? You're eliminated from the challenge.

Jill: But you know what? I'm going to finish what I started!

Tamzin: Okay, guys, as you can see, I've just got crewmate again. God, I really don't know what to do. I'm just so bored with this game.

Morgz: Okay guys, we're back again. I'm the crewmate. I'm getting really tired. My eyes are starting to kind of sting from staring at the screen for so long. I don't even know what to do.

Martin: Let's go and look at some tasks. Here we go.

Tamzin: Why don't I go to security and I can, you know, look at the cameras while I'm playing and ready to go on my phone while I'm at it? Sounds like a good idea to me.

Morgz: I'm just going to insert the card.I'm doing my tasks nothing to see over her.

Martin: Try this one here, bad I'm gonna try this one here, why hasn’t it worked? Why?

Morgz: Okay guys, I’m kinda suss of purple so I’m going to vote purple and see if it’s him. I really hope it is or I’m going to look stupid. Oh…a tie between black and purple, oh my God!

Gotta go fix the lights, gotta go fix the lights.
Oh my God! Brown just killed me right in front of them! I think they saw it! If they saw that I'm gonna get the dub!

Tamzin: Oh, I’m playing among us at the moment, well I am supposed to be playing among us but I'm not really playing it.

Morgz: Can we get a drum roll please, let’s see who they are gonna vote…wait, what’s going on? What the hell?

Did my laptop just die? Oh my God, my laptop just died!

Oh no, does that mean if my laptop is dead then I’m still playing among us?

Well, I guess I better break to news to them that I am the second one eliminated in my own flippin video!

Guys, guys, guys…I have a confession to make.

Tamzin: What Morgz?

Martin: Yeah what, I’m trying to play Among Us here.

Morgz: Well let’s just say this. When I had my two hour break earlier, I may have left the room with my laptop charger in…meaning that I have stopped playing Among Us! And..I am eliminated!

Both: Hahaha

Morgz: May the best man win. I’m outta here.

Morgz: Guys, I can’t believe this. The time is almost midnight. I’ve just been playing Morgz Ultimate challenge. There’s a brand new mini game out right now called Shark Attack on the game and also guys, I’m giving away a PS5 if you reach level 10 on Morgz Ultimate Challenge, so make sure you download it if you haven’t already, the link is in the description below.

But guys, more importantly, I can still hear clicking coming from upstairs where Tamzin is and in the kitchen where Martin is.
So that must mean that they’re still going and to be honest, I’m getting tired guys, I wanna go to sleep. So I think I'm gonna have to take this into my own hands and try and end this once and for all!

Morgz: Hey Martin.

Martin: Go away. I'm concentrating. I haven’t won a game all day. But I think this one could be it!

Morgz: You're telling me seriously you haven’t won all day?

Martin: All day! Morgz, but I can feel this. I can feel this is the one!

Morgz: Is this the one?

Martin: This is the one!

Morgz: Come on Martin…
Martin: You know what? Get that Spin Wheel, we are gonna celebrate!
What’s it gonna be? A thirty minute break, I can chow!

Morgz: Hey, hey well done Martin!

Martin: I'm never gonna quit this challenge. I'm just gonna keep on going. Keep on going.

Both: Oh.. Oh..ho.ho!

Morgz: There she is…Jesus! Look at her? She looks really tired guys. Has she..has she just fallen asleep? Yo, Yo, Yo,Tamzin, Tamzin..

Tamzin: Oh what Morgz?

Morgz: Are you OK?

Tamzin: Yeah, I’m just trying to play the game..why are you trying to sneak up on me?

Morgz: Well, to me it looked like you were about to fall asleep. Tamzin, you know what you need? A one hour break!

Tamzin: Oh my God, yes.

Morgz: Maybe even a three hour break?

Tamzin: YES!

Morgz: Good job I have brought my spin the wheel with me!

Tamzin: Go on then, give me the wheel. Good luck to me guys!

Morgz: Oh my God, Tamzin..did you just get eliminate an opponent?

Tamzin: YES! And the only opponent left is Martin! Hey Martin, I’ve got some bad news for you.

Martin: Bad news Tamzin? What, what have you got, what bad news?

Tamzin: Well, Martin I’ve just spun the wheel and guess what?

Martin: What?

Tamzin: I landed on eliminate a player and the player I am eliminating is..YOU! Which means I win.

Martin: No!!! You can do that to me, I’ve been playing this forever, you can’t do that!
Tamzin: Sorry Martin, you lose! Way! The money is mine!

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