Last To Open Their Eyes Wins $20,000 - Challenge

Last To Open Their Eyes Wins $20,000 - Challenge

Last Person To Open Their Eyes Wins $20,000! In this challenge, Morgz vs Morgz Mum vs Bald Martin see who can keep their eyes closed for the longest and if they keep them shut longer than each other, they will win the huge money prize! This was a crazy hard challenge so make sure you watch to the end to see how the blindfolded challenge goes! All scenes in this video are performed by trained professionals in a controlled environment and should not be replicated without the supervision or guidance of trained personnel - stay safe Team Morgz!

Last To Open Their Eyes Wins $20,000 - Challenge

Morgz: Ladies and Gentlemen, it's time for another last two challenge.
This time for twenty thousand dollars!

This might be the craziest one we've ever done guys, because the last one to open their eyes

That's right: eating, sleeping, cleaning, exercising the lot. We're gonna have to do it blindfolded if we want to get the dough!

Martin: So then Morgz, how long have we got to prepare? One hour, two hours?

Jill: Three hours or four maybe?

Morgz: How about zero hours because the challenge starts now!

Both: wow

Morgz: This is a battle to the death! Whoever opens their eyes is out of the ch…!
I don’t know if this was a very good idea guys!
Oh gosh, what was that? Oh my goodness!

guys,wishes look let's see if we can make it through this challenge without someone
needing to go to hospital!

Here we go, here we go okay nice and easy. Now just gonna walk over to the desk
nice and slow. I made it guys,I've been thinking about my strategy for this challenge and
I've come to the conclusion that the best thing for me to do is try and stay in one place for as long as possible. So I'm just gonna do what i usually do and play video games all day I'm gonna
play some ps5. Come on, gonna be around there somewhere controller.

There we go guys, easy as that found the ps5 controller.

Editor: are you sure about that?

Morgz: And where are you? Oh there you are! I've even gonna found the headset as well.
Yeah this challenge may not be so bad after all ladies and gentlemen it's
gonna be easy!

Yo what's going on? Yo I'm mashing buttons but I can't hear anything?
Is this stupid thing even working yo I think I know what's happened here!

This is the ps4 controller. Probably shouldn't throw things around when blindfolded
Hey, Hey there we go now we're talking we got the ps5 controller now we can play some fortnite and get a dub let's do this!

Everybody comment down below Morgz is the fortnite master!

Martin: Oh where are you? What are you guys,what is that guys, what are you? Somewhere around here..where are you where are you? Oh you're there!

I don't think i'll be able to keep my eyes closed all the time so i'll come up with a brainwave watch this look at this guys, duct tape! How can I open my eyes when it's sealed up with duct tape!

Simple, ready I'm a winner! Brilliant! I can't even open my eyes even if I wanted to!

Jill: Food, oh food.. food. I need food, food. Where are you? Where's the camera?

Food there you are guys, I didn't get any food this morning I just assumed that
The challenge would include eating which they normally do so as long as I can get some food I know I'm gonna be okay! So, I'm gonna head for my sweetie bowl and get some sweets that'll help me with the challenge!

Okay guys, we need to just get across the kitchen now. That's the oven that's good and the sweetie bowl..should be near the sink, where are you? where are you?

I need those sweets! I need them.. sink ..we're getting close. I just need to find the sweet bowl
where is it okay it's going to be round here..
I knew I could find it guys, I got the sweet bowl and now it's time to get a big handful down!

Oh god it was mine at least I kept my eyes shut!

Morgz: Okay guys, we're about an hour and a half into the challenge right now it took me a little while guys, but I did realize in the end that it wasn't actually me playing fortnite and I was spectating someone… kind of embarrassing, hopefully you guys didn't notice though.
Anyway guys, I'm getting a little bit bored and a little bit lonely but I've actually came up with what I think is a really good idea.

I am gonna call my girlfriend Tamzin. She always keeps me company. Hey siri
show me my recent calls!

Siri: I found at least 25 calls.

Morgz: Oh thank you siri. Guys, I'm pretty sure Tamzin was the last person I called last night so
all I gotta do is tap at the top of my phone screen and it should call all right?

There we go, perfect is she gonna answer? I'm so excited

Hey Tamzin, hey baby, how's it going?
I just wanted to ring and say how much I miss you and how much I love you and how much I cannot wait to see you. Love you, love you, love you.

Phone: Sir, this is the Sheffield private health clinic.

Morgz: This isn't Tamzin? My girlfriend?

Phone: No, this is Ben from the Sheffield private health clinic. Morgan Hudson, you only called yesterday regarding the severe constipation you were suffering with.

Morgz: Great, great, thank you goodbye.Editor, editor, listen editor, you're gonna
have to cut that out. That can't go in the video that can't go in?

Editor: Are you sure about that?

Martin: Oh guys, my alarms gone off again, so that means we're two hours into the challenge.
I wanted a bit of fresh air so I came out! Oh the fresh air out here is so great and outside with me I brought myself a little chocolate bar!
Oh, I can smell it…oh that's delicious.

Ah damn it I've dropped the chocolate bar, oh damn it what is it?
Oh I've got it oh lovely jubbly. Oh it's a little bit sticky. Probably melted in the sun.
Oh, that's not! no!’s poo!

Who let the dogs out and didn't clean it up? I'm gonna get somebody back for this!

Jill: Oh guys,look what I found in the fridge. Oh bon appetit guys,
it's a bit bland. I need some salt. I'm just gonna make my way over to the cupboard guys, where the salt is and then my dinner's gonna be absolutely perfect.

Okay this is the little cupboard that I want, the end one.

Now the salt is normally up here I's on this shelf guys, okay let's have a little feel.
Okay this feels like the salt to me! Let's go! Okay guys,I'm just going to put like a little bit on
we don't want to go crazy, here we go!

Oh….Oh my God? What’s that? That’s not salt…’s curry powder!

Morgz: Hey siri what time is it?

Siri: It's 14 34.

Morgz: It's half two right now guys, I've run into a bit of a problem okay.I need the toilet
wish me luck guys, this is what I call, mission toilet.. yeah, I guess that works.

Martin: I can still taste it…it’s Morgz.. he's going upstairs.

God knows what he's doing up there guys, what is he doing up there he's in the bathroom let's see what he's doing!

Whoa…Oh my God, Morgz! Morgz!

Morgz: What's going on? What are you doing in the toilet?

Martin: What am I doing? What are you doing?

Morgz: Having a wee.. What do you think?

Martin: You're having a wee yes, you're having a Wee in the bath!

Morgz: I didn't know! I thought it was the toilet, I can't see over here!

Martin: Oh Morgz, you're disgusting I'll leave you to it!

Morgz: It was an accident!

Martin: Some accident! Well guys, there's one thing for sure I am never using that bath again!

What is that sound? What is going on here? What is happening?
Oh my gosh, what the hell is Jill watching on that tv?

Jill, what on earth are you watching on that tv?

Jill: Nothing Martin, I don’t watch things like that.

Martin: It looked like you was enjoying it to me!

Jill: I wasn't enjoying it.

Martin: Oh yes you was.

Jill: I was not, I was just here. I was just here listening so what are you doing here anyway Martin?

Martin: Jill, I'm out of the challenge.

Jill: You're out of the challenge why? What happened?

Martin: Jill, you do not want to know.

Jill: Martin, can you do me a favor? Will you drive me to Mcdonald's?

Martin: Yeah Jill, no problem!

Jill: Yes, we're going to Mcdonald's! Come on Martin, let's just…Oh!

Martin: Jill, watch out!

Jill: Martin, just show me where to go!

Martin: We've arrived at the drive-through but it's not Mcdonald's…it's KFC! This is going to be

Jill: Oh martin I'm so excited I know exactly what I'm going to order!
Oh yeah, could I have six chicken nuggets please!

KFC: We don't do nuggets, we do popcorn chicken.

Jill: Oh, oh sorry.. do you do um a happy meal?

KFC: We do like a kids meal which is popcorn chicken or a burger

Jill: Oh no I.. I'm not keen on popcorn chicken. Do you do
a double cheeseburger just not a big mac?

KFC: This is a kfc not a Mcdonald's!

Jill: Martin you told me we were going to Mcdonald's! Why would you do that?
Thank you, sorry about that, thank you..bye-bye.

Martin what did you do that for? Embarrassing me!

Martin: Okay guys, I've messed with Jillnow I think it's only fair to mess with Morgz!

As you can see guys, it's dark outside and Morgz is over there by himself with his eyes shut and here as you can see I have a bluetooth speaker. This is the breaking prank. Let's see if Morgz can keep his eyes shut through this! I don't think so!

Okay guys, I'm in the kitchen. I'm gonna put this speaker right in front of the window and watch this!

Morgz: Yo, yo what's going on?? Hello, hello, hello, yo hello yo, what's up? Hello, hello,
hello.. what? what?

Martin: Now….Watch this.
He managed to keep his eyes closed but I really scared him then!

Jill: Bathroom, washing basket.. okay.. Bathroom, bathroom okay, okay, oh God.. okay
okay, now it's right, it's good, I'm good..bathroom,is this bathroom?
Bathroom.. it's a shoe! Yeah! I found it guys, I might not be able to see but that
is not gonna stop me from having my nightly beauty treatment! Look at this face. This face does not stay as beautiful as this without a little bit of help as in moisturizer.

I moisturize every night and every morning that's my secret! Okay the sink, that's the drawer we're in I believe my moisturizer is somewhere around look at that guys,,, that is the secret to
my beauty!

Editor: Are you sure about that?

Jill: Here we go guys, time to moisturize. Get a big chunk of this squishy moisturizing cream on your finger and then just rub it in and go under the eyes because that's where you can get the wrinkles. Oh that feels nice..and that guys,,, is how you keep your skin really nice and fresh and now I've done that guys, you know what I'm gonna go to bed.

Where's the camera? Bed, where are you? I know you're here somewhere. Yes, I found it just need to get in now. Yes oh God…aghhh, aghh!… Morgz, Morgz, this is my room this is my bed!

Morgz: What? What? How do you know you're not in my bedroom right now?

Jill: Get out of my bed Morgz!

Martin: Why is Morgz in our bedroom and why does Jill look like a smurf?
You know what nothing surprises me anymore in this house ? I am sleeping on the sofa tonight!

Okay guys,,, as you can see it's the next morning and I am up bright and early. I can't believe how long Jill and Morgz lasted with their eyes shut yesterday,the question is are their eyes
still shut this morning? Let's go and check on them!

Here we go guys, let's go and check on Jill. Look at that guys,looks like she's still asleep to me.
Now let's go and check on Morgz. Here we go let's check on Morgz. Oh what wait a minute.. he's left his bed. He's gone. What the heck? Where can he be?
I've got to search the house.

Guys, I've searched the whole house and I can't find him anywhere. I wonder where he could be?

Oh the door's open! The front door of the house is open! Look at this, I didn't leave this door open. Oh oh my God! Even the gates open! I think he might have left the house!

Oh oh my gosh guys, I've just checked the security cameras and I could see Morgz leaving the house earlier this morning and with his eyes still shut!
I don't know when he's gone guys, but we've got to find him!
He could be in danger! Come on let's go! come on, come on guys, you are not going to believe this, I've just used find my iphone to find Morgz's location it took me a few minutes to drive here
But I think I know where!

We are at the cliffs! Where they sometimes go walking I've gotta go and try and find him guys, quick before something happens.

Guys, according to my phone Morgz should be around here somewhere and we're literally on the edge of a cliff.

Morgz, where are you Morgz?
Morgz where are you Morgz, Morgz?
Where are you Morgz?

Is that Morgz there? Stop Morgz, stop, stop Morgz!
Stop, stop, hello don't move Morgz.. Don't move!

Morgz: Who's that?

Martin: It's me, Martin, don't move..yeah don't move Morgz, Morgz, what are you doing here? What are you doing here?

Morgz: Well what'd you think I'm doing? I'm taking pogo for a walk at the park

Martin: that is not pogo and this is not a park. we're on the edge of a cliff!

Morgz: Oh I don't believe you! I'm carrying on with my walk!

Martin: Stop there Morgz! Stop, open your eyes, open your eyes, please, open your eyes!

Morgz: Okay..fine! You better not be lying to me!
Oh oh my God!

Martin: I told you!

Morgz: Oh what's going on?

Martin: I told you you was on the edge of a cliff! You didn't believe me did you?

Morgz: How did I get here?

Martin: You tell me? I Don't know.

Morgz: You're right this isn't pogo it's a flipping teddy!

Martin: Yeah, what are you doing with the teddy?

Morgz: And I guess we don't need that anymore!
And that means I am out of the challenge!

Jill: Oh…keep your eyes closed, okay. Hello, hello
Who is it? Who is it? What? I’ve won!
Yeah….Yeah guys! I’ve won! I’ve won….haha..easy!
Hang on a minute…Why is my face blue?

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