Last To Leave HOT vs COLD Pool - Morgz Challenge

Last To Leave HOT vs COLD Pool - Challenge

Last To Leave HOT vs COLD Pool Challenge (Hot Tub vs Cold Pool)! All scenes in this video are performed by trained professionals in a controlled environment and should not be replicated without the supervision or guidance of trained personnel - stay safe Team Morgz! Morgz vs Morgz Mum in the challenge to last the longest in the pool or hot tub, with some surprise items from our Mystery Spin the Wheel. After our previous Last to leave challenge, we're back in the pools with a Hot vs Cold Last To challenge featuring Morgz vs Mum with Bald Martin as the referee. Watch to see who wins this ultimate last to leave challenge with @Morgz Mum

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the hot versus cold pool challenge with your host, bald Martin!

This is a hot tub that can go to 40 degrees heat and this is a freezing cold pool with water straight from the tap.

One of you will be going in the hot pool and the other will be going in the cold pool, and the last one to leave wins all this
money in this briefcase!

So, without further ado it's time for the all-important question:
Do you want the hot pool or the cold pool?

Jill: This is difficult I've been in the hot tub before but really you're not meant to go in the hot tub for more than 40 minutes because you can go dizzy you can pass out you can actually go bright red and look like a lobster!

Guys this is such a tough decision because we've done challenges before in the cold pool and it is freezing ask for the cold pool
that could be bad for you as well!
You can get hypothermia if you're staying there for too long, but fortunately, guys I've been bulking up!

I've got lots of body fat on me so I think I'm gonna go for the cold pool!

Morgz: The hot tub will definitely be tough guys especially with that 40 degree heat, but I definitely feel more confident going into that,
so I'm going with the hot pool!

And to make this challenge more intense we have a spin the wheel.
Some things on here will warm you up like the hot chili but other things on here will cool you down like the ice lolly.
The question is will you get lucky or not?

Morgz: OK, here we go guys! Oh my gosh! I haven't been in this hot tub for ages and I forgot how hot it is!
Oh, oh, my gosh ah! I'm not gonna lie guys, it doesn't feel terrible right now but the longer i stay in here the tougher it's gonna get!

Jill:Right guys now that Morgz in then it's my turn!

Here we go I'm not gonna lie it's a freezing day I don't know why I wanted the freezing pool!

Oh my god! This is so cold! That's it I'm in ! The challenge starts now!
Martin, can have a blanket please?

Morgz: Well guys now we're both in the pools and early on it looks like Mum seems to be struggling a little bit more than I am.

What I want all of you guys watching to do is comment down below on the video and let me know what would you have
picked, the cold pool or the hot pool?
And also subscribe to the channel and like the video if you want us to do the hot versus cold challenge with food!

Jill: No not another one! Not if you like or subscribe! I'm watching you!

Morgz: OK guys, we're 30 minutes into the challenge right now. It doesn't sound like a lot but that's the recommended amount of time you're supposed to spend in this hot tub on this temperature.

Anyway guys I'm pretty intrigued about the spin the wheel. I saw some nice stuff on there like ice water that would really help right now.
It's a risk because there's also loads of warm stuff on there but you know what?
Let's do it!
I want to spin the wheel Martin!

Martin: First spin of the wheel! Three, two, one spin oh my gosh what's it going to be?

Morgz: Oh my gosh here we go guys! Come on, come on, come on, come on, oh! chilly! hot chili!

No way! This is a joke you've got to be kidding me! I want it to be cooled down not heated up more!

Jill: If you don't want the hot chili, I'll happily have it!

Martin: No cheating, who-ah Morgz!

Morgz:Look at that!
Here we go, ah thank you very much Martin, it looks delicious here goes nothing!

Jill: Get ready Morgz, that's just the start! I it'll will start kicking in soon!

Morgz: Oh, oh my God guys, I thought this challenge was hard as it is!
It just got 10 times hotter!

Jill:Hey Morgz, are you gonna have the rest of that chili? Because if not I'll have it!
Guys we're about one hour in now and this is starting to get really bad.

I can't even feel my legs anymore in fact, it's okay, they're still there!
I know it didn't really work for Morgz when he spun the wheel but I've got to do something.

Martin: Are you sure Jill?
Jill:Yes, I'm sure.

Martin: Here we go it's time to spin the wheel!

Three, two, one here we go!
Jill: Come on, come on I need something hot! Come on please what's it going to be? Something hot to warm me up!

I wanted anything but that this is gonna be awful

Morgz: Hey mom, this is probably the first time you've ever not wanted to eat something!

Jill: How is not the time for fat jokes!

Jill:Here we go guys let's just get through this quickly! Oh

Martin: Here you go, that was only the first lolly you can have this one now it's all yours!

Jill:Just go away Martin! I'm freezing and you're not helping!

Martin: Okay guys, we are now almost two hours into the challenge as you can see the contestants aren't looking so good.
However guys, I am going to grant one of you to leave your pool for 10 minutes to either warm up or cool down!

You're about to go head-to-head in a trivia challenge and whoever wins will be able to leave their pool!

Morgz: Well Martin, what's the questions about?

Martin: Me! All about me!

Feel free to play along at home and leave your answers in the comments section below

The Bald Martin Quiz!

Question one:

What is my last name?
Morgz: Oh I've got it, I've got it, it's Martin! Your first name's bald your last name's Martin!

Jill: Morgz, he is not actually called Bald Martin, he's called Martin Green!
Martin: Martin Green, yeah! Jill gets the first point!

The Bald Martin Quiz!

Question Two: How old is bald Martin?

Morgz: Oh yeah, I know this one too. Judging by that head Martin has got to be at least 84 years old!

Martin: That is disgraceful! Jill you know how old I am.

Jill: I do know it, I do…Martin is 83!

Martin: That's it. No points this round. Both of you are idiots!
Jill: Why?

Martin: I'm only 57!

The Bald Martin Quiz!

Question Three: What Car Do I Drive?

Morgz: Oh i've got it! The Porsche of course!

Martin: Well done Morgz, you'll get a point for that!

The Bald Martin Quiz! And now for the final question the biggest one of all!

What is my favorite food?

Morgz: Oh burgers?
Martin: No
Jill: Beans!

Martin: it's beans Jill! That means you win!
Jill: Yes!

That means I can get out of this pool for 10 minutes and warm up! Oh finally, I am out of that pool.
It is so cold in there.
Hold on a sec guys i have an idea hot tub!

Morgz: OK guys, we're about three hours into the challenge right now believe me when I say this, it is starting to get unbearable

I actually don't know how much longer I could last in this guys. My head is killing me!

Martin: Are you sure it's not the Gucci headband?

Morgz: Maybe! Anyway Martin, get me the wheel I'm ready for another spin! Let's hope this one goes better than the first one

Martin: This could get interesting! Here we go guys!

Let's do oh…Wet Suit! That's not good for you Morgz! These suits are designed to keep heat in!

Morgz:I know Martin.

Martin: I can tell You wearing this in there you're gonna be like sizzling lobster

Morgz:You know what this challenge just keeps getting worse and worse for me. Oh my gosh, oh the heat in this thing is just ridiculous. The wet suit is literally stuck to my body and trapping in all the heat!

Jill: Can you stop moaning about the wet suit? I'd do anything to have that right now! Screw this.I'm gonna spin and try and win my own.

Martin: I don't think the chances of you getting a wet suit are very good but, good luck!

Here you go Jill your flamingo is here!

Jill: Wow!

Martin: You don't have to worry about that cold water anymore!

Jill: Here we go! Let's try that again! This is what I call the flop technique.At least I'm out of the water!
I managed to make it onto the flamingo and now I feel less cold guys.

Morgz: We are now five hours into this challenge and i honestly can't take any more of this.

I am absolutely boiling my face looks like a flipping tomato

I am literally dripping with sweat it feels like the hot tub's getting hotter and hotter even though it, isn't just because I've been in it so long.
And as for mum, actually I think she's asleep!

Oh my gosh guys she is! And guys I don't see Martin anywhere either!
It's just me and mum. I wonder guys if while no one's looking and while she's asleep i could go over there and pop the flamingo?

I can't last much longer guys and if she's on that flamingo there's no way I'm going to be able to last longer than her.
I don't want to cheat guys but I've got no other choice.

Okay guys here we go. I've got to be really, really quiet not to wake her up.

I'm out of the hot tub! There she is guys. She's definitely asleep. Yes this this will do the trick.
this is it guys!
Oh my god okay back in the hot tub back in the hot tub okay okay I'm back.
Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Mom Mom what happened?

Martin: I was just having a phone call right and she was screaming!

Morgz: I think Mum's weight popped the flamingo!

Jill: It's me! I'm too fat! I never went to Weight Watchers and I should have done and now I've burst it and I've got to go
back in the water
I've been in here for so long and it's so cold it's even starting to rain now which is making it even colder!

Morgz: The things I would do to be out of this hot tub and in that rain. I am so flipping hot my body feels like it's on fire, literally

I need something to cool me down guys. I'm, I'm going light-headed. I feel like I'm gonna pass out.
I'm gonna have to spin the wheel again guys it's literally my only option.

Martin: Morgz, this is a big risk. You look like you're in trouble.Good luck!

Morgz: Come on, please, please, please, please!

Martin: What we've got? Spicy noodles Morgz, that's not the best of things to have in a hot tub!

Check these out. These are the spiciest noodles I could find. I've had these before and trust me these are hot and just to make it even hotter for Morgz, I am going to put some of this in, Carolina Reaper, the world's hottest chili!

Here we go! Oh, he's gonna love this!

Morgz: Oh look at that. Oh wow this looks really, really hot guys. i'm just gonna get this over with.
It can't be that hot it's just noodles.

Oh who am I kidding this is gonna be awful.

Oh my God!

Martin: Morgz are you sure you don't want to leave? There's loads of ice cold water inside?

Morgz:No I've done it now oh it's gonna try and survive!

Jill: Well done for eating those noodles but you owe me a new bowl! You smashed it everywhere!
I don't know how long I've been in here my whole body is freezing feel like a giant ice cube.Last time i spun the wheel i got the
flamingo so I've just got to hope I get lucky!

Martin: Good luck Jill. I think you're going to need it

Jill: What's going on today? Everything's against me! Ice, Ice! Guys I don't know if I can do this I just don't know I've got to try though

Martin: Here we go Jill, your bucket full of ice!

Jill: Oh I don't believe it!

Martin: Three, two, one!

Jill: I can't take this anymore..I quit! Morgz, you are the winner!

Martin: And now Morgz, it's time to reveal how much money in the briefcase that you've won! Here we go it's time to reveal 10 pounds! congratulations!

Morgz: NO!!!! I'm never been in one of these stupid challenges again, Martin.You're a cheapskate!

Thank you all for playing Morgz ultimate challenge!
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