I Tested WEIRD VIRAL Food Combinations... (TikTok Edition) - Morgz

I Tested WEIRD VIRAL Food Combinations... (TikTok Edition)

We Tried & Tested the WEIRDEST Viral Food Combinations on TikTok to see what they were really like. These Viral Food Combos were some of the worst TikTok Food combos that people love we have ever seen, so we included a money prize for each one that Morgz, Morgz Mum & Bald Martin were able to finish! Let us know what Crazy Food Combinations you have seen on TikTok and if you've tried any of the ones we did!

I Tested VIRAL TikTok Gadgets

Morgz: Yo guys, if you're like me then that means you're…

Mum: Ugly!

Morgz: No, I was going to say addicted to Tik Tok and on Tik Tok I keep seeing loads of
videos of people testing crazy cool gadgets. I saw the legend themselves do a video testing
Tik Tok gadgets to see if they're real or fake and I wanted to try it for myself with
12 new Tik Tok gadgets.

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Now, let's test the first gadget. Okay it's time for gadget number one and we're kicking it off with a bang! This here is an automatic coin sorter. What that means is you can apparently dump in a load of cash and it will sort it for you into 5p, 1p, 20p,one pound… every coin possible.

It sounds epic and sounds like it would save you a lot of time but the question is does it actually work?

Let's first try a one pound coin. Here we go guys, comment what you think is gonna happen.

Now it's time to test the gadget with one of every coin at the same time we know it works with
one coin but does it work with one of every coin? Let's test it out guys, here we go, the coins are in is it gonna work?

Wow, no way it worked for the 5p!

Jill: It worked for the 1p.

Martin: It worked for the 20p.

Morgz: It worked again for the one pound!

Jill: It works again for the 10p.

Martin: It works again for the 2p.

Morgz:It worked for the 50p

Jill: And it worked again for the 2 pound!

Morgz: Guys, we're off to an amazing start. The first gadget was definitely a success!

Jill: Get out of the way Morgz, I'm gonna use it.

Morgz: I'm gonna go test some more gadgets Mum and check in on you later to see if the machine worked with all of that money.

Okay, as a man who loves toilet time when I was scrolling on Tik Tok and saw a gadget called the toy light, I knew I had to try it out. Apparently guys, you clip this onto your toilet and it lights up the entire bowl. Does it work guys? Let's test it out!

Wait… is that the flush?

Martin: Sorry about that Morgz. I had a little bit of a tummy ache!

Morgz: No problem buddy! As you can see guys, all I'm doing is clipping on the toilet onto the bowl and there we go guys! it's on now, let's turn off the lights and see if it works!

Guys, that is another successful gadget you don't even need to turn the light on in your toilet anymore! The toilet is on fire!

Martin: Oh you know what Morgz after seeing that I think I want to go again right now!

Morgz: Martin, get out this is supposed to be my toilet!

Okay, you guys are probably wondering where I am right now right now. I am in my garage and we have came here to test the next gadget. This here may look like any ordinary bag but it's not. This is a fire proof bag.

The first thing going in is 500 pounds cash. We've got my Gucci headband going in my actual phone like the actual phone I use is gonna be going in and finally all of these gift cards. And if it survives I'm gonna be giving these away to you guys so we're all gonna pray together that this
thing actually works.

As you can see guys all the stuff is now loaded inside of the briefcase now we're zipped up and we're ready to test this thing.

Time to light up this fire pit there we go guys, the fire is lit guys.

Here goes nothing! Ah, there he goes he's in the fire oh look at that? That's the bag right there.

It's definitely burning guys look at the size of this fire. It's huge that's it!

Oh my gosh what? No, no what? What bro? Oh my God, can we put it out?
Oh my God, that wasn't supposed to happen. That's the fireproof bag right there.

I just lost my phone, 500 pounds, another few hundred pounds of gift cards.. oh my God and my Gucci headband. That Tik Tok gadget was definitely a fail. I'm speechless.

Okay, as well as loving tik tok, I think there's another thing we can all agree on, bacon is amazing and this next gadget helps you cook bacon fast and easy.

It's called the bacon express as you can see guys, the machine pops open and then you've got space in the middle to lay your bacon and then of course clamp it together and heat it up.

Oh, oh yeah and another one, oh my goodness! Oh my baby, oh yeah wow! Look at that bacon?
Now oh, there we go now let's turn it on and make this bacon nice and crispy.

Oh my gosh, that smell is delicious, look at that it's literally smoking in there.

We're getting this bacon nice and smoked.Oh my gosh that looks delicious!
It's been about five minutes guys and the machine's just beeped which means
the bacon is now ready. Oh my gosh, that looks amazing! Oh yeah, I don't know about you guys but that looks like good bacon to me. Guys, this is the important part before I give it a success, let's see how it tastes..

Good… wow, the perfect amount of crisp guys, that is of course a success. Now, get
lost and give me five minutes guys I'm gonna eat the rest of this!

Okay guys, the next gadget we're gonna be testing as you know, is the world's smallest security camera. And if you don't believe me that this security camera is tiny then I'm just gonna give you guys a challenge to try and find it!

Somewhere hidden in the shot right now is the security camera. If you guys can see it make sure you comment down below let me know where it is.

I'm gonna give you guys five seconds..five, four, three, two, one… comment below.

If you commented that it's up here then you are correct. Look at that guys,that right, there is a security camera. It is literally tiny. Before I can give it a success though we need to see if it works.

Recently, someone's been stealing food from my fridge and they won't admit it so
let's hide the camera and see if we can catch them. I'm gonna hide the camera at the back of the fridge behind the butter. There is no way they're gonna notice that.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, what's going on here?

Jill: I'm just putting these in your fridge Morgz!
Morgz: No, you gotta call red-handed.I have a secret spy camera in the fridge
and guess what? It's a success it works now, give me those back!

Hey Puggo,hey Bruno, I've got a surprise for you guys! An unspillable water bowl!

So, the way this bowl works pretty much there's two parts to it underneath where
the water is stored and then this plastic top bit here.

What's supposed to happen is they push down with their flat little faces to dispense
the water when they want to drink like this.

Oh, here we go guys, let's see if it's gonna work.

Oh my gosh, how was that little guy? How was that? Did you like that?

Yo.. no way, look at this guys…Puggo is loving it and Bruno is here now this one's definitely a success guys. They probably need a little bit more time to get used to it but, it did what it said.

Hey Mum, it's been about an hour. I just wanted to check up on how the coin sorting machine's

Jill: Morgz, is absolutely amazing all my coins are separated. 130 pounds here, all from my piggy bank! I’m rich!

Martin: You haven't got a piggy bank! That's my piggy bank!

Jill: Oh sorry Martin, I haven't got time to talk.

Martin: She just stole all my money!

Morgz: This next gadget is one I know specifically Mum is gonna love. Check this out guys,
the world's smallest vacuum cleaner!

Jill: Clean? Clean? Did someone say we're cleaning?

Morgz: Guys, as you can see I've just broken some biscuit all over my desk so it's
Covered in crumbs. Now the desk is nice and messy it's time to see if the world's smallest
vacuum cleaner is actually gonna clean it and you know what Mum?
I think i'll let you do the honors.

Jill: Oh Morgz, thank you so much you're so kind,here we go.

Morgz: Well you're right it's actually working.

Jill: Almost all gone! This is incredible. I can't believe it's actually working and now for the final few bits and kabooms, it's done!

Morgz: The desk is clean well guys, I think this one's pretty obvious of course, it was a success.
There's gonna be no more biscuit crumbs on my desk!

Martin: Morgz, wake up! We've gotta test the next gadget.

Morgz: Martin, what do you think I'm doing? I am testing the next gadget.

Martin: What do you mean Morgz?

Morgz: I introduced to you the smart pillow. Now guys, just like most of you watching, I had no idea that the smart pillow actually existed but it does.

I saw it on Tik Tok and here it is in person! This pillow is actually bluetooth! Yes, you can connect your phone to the pillow and play music but not only that you can take calls on it and even set alarms or from a flipping pillow.

Unfortunately my phone was burned earlier on in the video so I'm gonna have to use Mum's phone to test it but what better song to test it with then the Morgz’s Mum diss track!

Jill: No! Morgz, the song is bad enough anyway without having to listen to
that while you sleep!

Morgz: I can't believe it guys, I'm listening to my diss track through a pillow!
Technology is just getting more and more crazy isn't it?

Jill: I'm fed up of hearing that stupid diss track!

Morgz: Guys, it's time to test the next gadget but before that i need to get the apples
Off Mum! She's going crazy! You're gonna break them Mum!

Hand them over… ah don't throw them!

This machine right here is apparently an automatic fruit peeler.
Step one: we have to push our fruit down onto here like that and now once that's on there,
All I need to do is press this button and it should peel it for me.

Let's see if it works. Three, two, one…guys, part of it's peeled but I think we
gotta keep going.
Oh, oh there we go. Oh no. It's kind of working. Let's keep
I'm figuring guys there hey you know what guys? I think that's kind of cool.
I mean if you look it did peel it it's a little bit of a funny shape but it kind of worked. I don't really know what we're supposed to do with all these apple peels but yeah, I guess that's kind of cool.

Hmmm..you guys know I don't eat much fruit but that just tastes pretty good.
You know what? I'm feeling good, I'm gonna give it a success. It did peel the apple.
Either way I'm probably not gonna use it because I don't really eat fruit.

Martin: Hey Morgz, make me a hot chocolate will ya?

Martin: Yeah, fine. You're a lazy bugger. You know what guys this is actually the perfect time to
test out the next gadget. Check this out guys, this right here is the lazy man mug.

Apparently, this is a self-stirring mug which stirs your drink for you. So when you're lazy friends
tell you to make drinks for them you can just let the mug do it for you!

Guys, I'm just adding the chocolate into the milk right now and now it's time to see if it works!

Three, two,one… oh my gosh! Oh yo..oh my goodness, look at that? It's like a flipping tornado!

Guys are you seeing this? Look at that..it is completely mixed in. That looks unbelievable guys! This is literally one of the coolest things I've ever seen. It saves you all the time of stirring it round making sure all the granules have dissolved, it just does everything for you and all I have to do is just press a button, that is insane!

There you go Martin, one cup of hot chocolate for a very lazy man!

Martin: Oy, never mind lazy…oh that tastes great Morgz.

Morgz: Okay guys the next gadget is one that you may have seen before but it is just so cool that I had to try it out for myself.

All over Tik Tok I've been seeing these gadgets here. They're called star projectors.

Essentially what this is is a light you plug it in and it projects it up all over the room and makes it look like stars are on the ceiling! They're epic! I assume if you've got Tik Tok you've
seen them. We're going to be finding out if they're actually as cool as they look on Tik Tok.

Guys, I am excited for this trust me have you ever seen these before on Tik Tok?

Jill: Morgz I haven't got Tik Tok and I've got no idea what this is.
Morgz: Well Mum just wait because if this is as cool as it looks on Tik Tok it is gonna blow your mind. Three, two, one…

Wow this is absolutely incredible…I was not expecting it to look this good

Jill: I just… oh my God, look at all the little sparkle!

Morgz: Guys, it was a success, now it's time for the next gadget.

Okay guys, it's time to test the final gadget and this is the one that I have been
so hyped for all day or actually ever since I saw the Tik Tok.

Now, I saw a Tik Tok of a guy apparently buying a tiny ps5 he plugged it in and it actually worked like it actually turned on.

The dilemma is I'm not sure if it was real or fake. So what I did was I searched the internet
and I think I have found the exact same ps5 that he used. It looked tiny, it was on ebay it was quite expensive.

So today we're going to be checking out in person and seeing if it actually works!

A tiny ps5! I don't know guys I'm thinking it might be too good to be true but we gotta try it right like imagine if it actually works? So as you can see guys, this is the box that came in here it looks like the same kind of size as the ps5 box.

Let's get it open! Oh my gosh look at this guys?
No way bro look at that. That actually is a mini ps5 it's the size of my flipping finger!

It's got the logo and everything! Everybody like the video and subscribes to the channel right now.I am praying this thing is gonna work!

Let's plug it in. There's a little port on the back where you can just about fit the cable in.
Let's see if it works. Here we go guys, it's loading up… time for the moment of truth! Oh
yo! No way! Whoa… it works, it's actually working! I can't believe it!

Now guys, I'm joking of course it didn't work! I was only playing a bit of a joke.

I think I got baited guys, it's not an actual working mini ps5. However it does
look pretty epic still!

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