I Replaced EVERYTHING In Mom’s House with LEGOS - Prank Morgz Mum

I Replaced EVERYTHING In Mom’s House with LEGOS - Prank - Morgz Mum

I Replaced our WHOLE House and Furniture with GIANT LEGOS and @Morgz Mum was not expecting it...

In this giant lego building challenge prank, Morgz and Bald Martin send Morgz Mum away while they build all the furniture in the house from giant legos in their biggest prank ever. Watch to the end to see the result and Morgz Mum's reaction!!

Morgz: I've replaced all of her furniture with legos!
There's mom she's coming in! She's back

Mum: Are you in the living room?

Morgz: I am gonna be using these giant lego bricks to pull off one of the greatest pranks of all time on my role.
My mom loves her home. She's always trying to make sure it looks neat and clean so what would happen if while she was out I replaced all of her furniture with lego?

I think you guys already know what she is going to freak out! This is gonna be insane guys
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Come on like the genius I am I came up with an idea, a plan to pull off the greatest
prank in history. How about we replace all of the furniture in this house with legos?

Martin: All the furniture? Why would I help you with this prank? You do realize I live in this house as well you know.

Morgz: Martin, I had a feeling you'd say that so if you help me you can have 20 pounds!

Martin: 20 pounds? 20!

Morgz: There is no way we're gonna be able to replace the legos with mum in the house she will definitely hear and then suspect something. How about if I surprise her with a fancy hotel tonight then she'll definitely have to go?

This is definitely gonna work!

Okay guys, to make this even more believable I've just gone back and found a confirmation email from when I stayed in the fancy hotel in London with Tamzin. Check it out guys!

That's better it now says mom's name on it. The dates are adjusted to be today! This is perfect guys.
Hey mom

Mum: Hey Morgz

Morgz: What are you up to?

Mum: Just sorting out the washing and the ironing

and stuff like that

Morgz: Do you remember the hotel that me and Tamzin stayed in? The crazy expensive hotel, the five-star fancy hotel with the hot tub, the massive bed, with the view, with the spinning sofa and how happy would you be if I told you that I booked you that for tonight?

Mum: What for me and Martin?

Morgz: No just you see that that says Jill Hudson booked for look at the day

Mum: That's today!

Morgz: What are you waiting for mom you've got a hotel to get to you may as well go right now!

I think it worked!

Mum: Oh my God Martin I am so excited. I Can't believe what he’s done for me. He’s just like the best son in the world! I am so lucky to have him. bye bye!

Morgz: Have a lovely time bye bye and she's gone on her way to London for no reason at all!
Okay Martin, let's start by doing the sofa.

Martin: Sounds good to me Morgz. but are you feeling strong?

Morgz: I'm not lifting it. You are!

Martin: What
Morgz: Come on Martin.. You’ve got to be quicker! Come on!

Martin: I'm shattered already

Morgz:Come on Martin, quicker, quicker!

push i don't know if you're happy

what happened it's stuck

Morgz: Okay guys, now that we've got this massive clear space it's time to begin building! Roll the timer!

Morgz: And guys just like that we have finished creating the first piece of lego furniture! The sofa!

Martin: That is so cool!

Morgz: It looks cool Martin but more importantly I wonder if it's comfy?

Martin: Oh..ooh, it's a little bit uncomfortable Morgz!

Morgz :I think you're right! Okay,moving on guys, next up we need to cover these cabinets right
here in lego also this little table here.

Are you ready Martin?

Yeah guys nothing right this is taking a lot longer to do than we thought so we do have to be really really quick or mum is gonna come home before we even get finished!

Without further ado guys, we are done!

Now all we need to do is replace the little table and then the living area is done and don't worry Martin, I'll do this one. I think you deserve a rest.
And just like that guys we have now finished transforming the entire living area.
We should watch some TV in our new lego living room!

What's this? It's mom! She's face timing me
Hey mum. How was your lovely trip to London to go stay in the hotel going so far?

Mum: Well Morgz, the hotel looked lovely from the outside. I walked in and the reception looked amazing but there's one slight problem..they don't have a room for me!

I showed the hotel the reservation and you know what they said?
It's photo shopped! Who do you think could have done that?

Morgz: Well mom, enjoy your drive home. I hope it's a really nice one. I can't wait to see you when you're back. I love you!

Mum: You are gonna pay for this!

Morgz: She's on the way home right now guys, which means we have about three hours and we have a lot more furniture to turn into legos, so we need to get started right away!

Okay guys, next up we're gonna move on to the dining table and this is actually gonna be pretty tricky we've got to make one huge table and of course some chairs and we gotta make it so that
they actually work but Martin we can't give up so get moving that table

Martin: I'm not getting paid enough for this.

Morgz: Come on Martin! You're barely moving it!

Now that we've cleared the space it's time to begin building the table!

Roll the timer!

Okay guys as you can see it's not really looking like a table. So far we've made the stand for the table but we've come into a bit of a dilemma.
We can't really build out because it would just collapse. Have you got any ideas Martin?

Martin: I do actually. Stay there. we can lay this on top of the pillar and put blocks on top of this

Morgz: Well, I have to say this is actually one of the best ideas i think you've ever had!

Time for the final block here we go!

Martin: Why does it always happen to me?

Morgz: I guess Martin you can build it again seeing as you knocked over!

We finished building the epic lego chairs and of course the table!

Martin: I’ll tell you what Morgz, you go and sit down. I'm gonna cook you a nice meal to celebrate! Are you ready?

Morgz: Of course. it's beans and burgers.

Martin: Are you ready, are you excited?

Morgz: Oh exciting yeah, no look at this. It's disgusting, it's not even warm!

Martin: Come on Morgz, in they go. Watch, open wide! There’s nothing finer!

Morgz: There's nothing fine, Martin no. There is no way I'm eating that absolute mess.
Okay guys, the next thing in the room that we need to replace is the dog bed with the dogs in!
Whoa whoa guys I promise it's gonna look amazing!
You two are gonna love it! Let's go and let the pugs free and see what they think of their new bed. Hopefully they'll like it! They don't really have a choice!

Wow look at that guys the pugs are actually loving it!

Oh my gosh, there we go guys another piece of furniture replaced

Now guys let's move on to the kitchen. I think we should try and cover this entire island block!

Martin: are you kidding me? Have you seen the size of this? It's gonna take us ages it's huge!

Morgz: Well we better get a move on!

Oh my goodness guys look at this this looks insane we actually covered it all and we've even made our own stools although I'm not sure if they're gonna be able to take big Jill's weight! We've covered this kitchen island how about next we cover this.

Let's do it guys! We are down to the last block! Are you ready Martin?

Martin: I'm ready

three two one

We've even just gone ahead and replaced some of mom's tabletop stuff with legos. Guys, I've just checked my phone. It looks like mum is about seven minutes away.
Do we wait mine or do we try and do one more thing

Martin: I think we should cover one more thing and I'm looking at it right now
Morgz: Oh my goodness the final part of the kitchen we haven't covered Martin.Let's do it!

Guys we have officially finished the entire room replacing everything with lego mom is going to be home any minute but before that there's still one thing left to do.. Roll the cinematic!

Oh my gosh guys there's mom. she's coming in. she's back. oh my gosh guys, she does not look happy. she's literally marching around the car. Oh my God! She is so angry guys!

We've set up some hidden cameras in the living room to capture her reaction.
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But now it's time for the moment you've all been waiting for! I'm nervous for this

Mum:Martin where are you? come here now! Why did you send me to London?
What's going on? Are you in the lounge? Where are you?

Morgz: Guys she sounds furious!
Mum: Where are you?

Morgz: I think we're gonna have to go down Martin, she's just gonna come and get us if not

Martin: Hey Morgz.. you first!

Mum: Martin! Morgz! NOW!

Morgz: Wish me luck. This could be bad!

Mum: I drove all the way there. I got wet through trying to find out what was happening while I was talking to you outside the hotel and then I came back and you've done this obviously you sent me there to get me out of the way. What are you? Children?

Morgz: Well mom we sent you there because we wanted to surprise you with this new makeover
i hope you like it.

Mum: Yeah Yeah. Do I look like I like it? I can't even open a cupboard door!

Morgz: Mum look seriously I know it's a change I know it's very different but I just thought the room was looking quite bland and I.I thought if we made it a bit more colorful it could help the the decor!

Mum:What is that?

Martin: A new dog basket for dogs! They do like it! Honestly they do!

Mum: oh my god cruelty they can't sleep on that! You'll sleep on it Martin if you think it's so good would you like it?

Martin: it's not big enough for me!

Mum: Oh God! I can't breathe! And what are these? Where are my cupboards? Are my cupboards behind there still?

Morgz: Well Mum, we thought, you know, why would you really need to go in those cupboards? What is important that's in there?

Mum: All my food!

Morgz: At least you've got some nice new stools to sit on!

Mum: You're joking?

Morgz: Mum! Why have you destroyed my, my hard work?

Mum: How am I supposed to sit on that? They’re not even fastened together!
You're lucky that I Don't rip your head off for this and what's that over there?

Morgz: Guys I do not think she's happy!

Mum: Well Morgz I guess the only good thing I can say about this is it's so high I won't need a knife and fork I can just stick my head in the food!

Martin: Why do you like it Jill?

Mum: Like it? I was joking! I hate it I want my table back where's my lovely comfy settee gone?

Morgz: mom, just just try it out, just try out!
Try sitting on this sofa mum you never know you might like it!

Mum: Ow! This is ridiculous! This is just not comfy!

Morgz: I think it looks stylish!

Mum: Morgz, where is my TV cupboard?

Morgz: why do you need a TV cupboard? What is really in there? That's not important surely? This is just a nice more decorative approach?

Mum: What have you done to my fridge? Martin! How do I get into my fridge?
That's it I’m done. I'm just gonna sell the house what I'm selling the house

I’m moving I'm just not going through this sort of thing anymore I've had enough
I'm getting another house enjoy your new kitchen. You like it that much, perhaps you’ll buy it off me!

Morgz: she's not serious is she? Oh my God! She is, she's there, she's actually going, she's, she's got a case. Mom no. I'm sorry. No! No!

Guys make sure you subscribe to the channel to see in the next video if she comes back or not
I'm not sure to be honest, she seems quite serious!

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