“I DARE YOU” Challenge With GIRLFRIEND For 24 HOURS! *Gone Too Far* - Morgz Challenge

“I DARE YOU” Challenge With GIRLFRIEND For 24 HOURS! *Gone Too Far*

EXTREME "I Dare You" CHALLENGE with MORGZ, TAMZIN, MORGZ MUM & BALD MARTIN. We Teamed up as COUPLES to CHALLENGE each other to a Crazy "I Dare You To" Challenge and the winning team wins a mystery prize! Similar and inspired by our other Challenges like "You Won't Do It" Challenge and more, including some Pranks, Dares and Challenges you won't be expecting!

Morgz: Today we've grabbed the pensioners out of the retirement home because we're going to
be doing a couple's challenge!

Mum: Pensioners? What are you talking about?

Tamzin: We are going to be going head to head in a dare battle couples challenge and if you can't complete the dare then you're out!

Morgz: And the winning couple gets a prize from the other couple!

Tamzin:I think I've got an idea for Jill and Martin's first dare.

Morgz: Oh what is it?

Tamzin: Have you heard of hot potato?

Morgz: Yeah of course, but that's not very extreme.

Tamzin: Well how about hot potato with a cactus?

Morgz: Oh my gosh, hey Guys,!

Martin: That was way too far you could have taken that our eyes out

Mum: Yeah Martin, but don't forget it's their turn to do a dare next.

Martin: I wonder what dare we could give Morgz and Tamzin? What would be really really embarrassing?

Mum: I don't know Martin I'm just trying to think of something that's really, really.. Oh my God, I've got the most amazing dare! Martin go and get Puggo's collar and lead and then come with me.

Martin: Why?

Mum: Just go and get it Martin you're gonna love this one

Mum: Hey Guys, look what I've got?

Morgz: Why are you taking the dogs for a walk and finally getting some exercise?

Mum:Well Morgz, I find that very disrespectful and no I'm not taking the dogs for a walk, you're going for a walk and you're taking your new dog for a walk, Tamzin!

Tamzin: What? No no.. I'm not going out in public pretending to be a dog!

Morgz: No, and I'm not gonna be the one walking it!

Tamzin: I'm not an it, thank you!

Martin: Well looks like you forfeit the challenge already and we win

Morgz: Okay fine we'll do it! Kind of suits you! Not gonna lie!

Morgz: Okay Guys,, we've arrived at the park and it looks pretty busy. I see a lot of people around here and as you can see I've got my dog well

Mum: Are you excited to take your dog Tammy for a walk?

Morgz: Not really.

Mum: Well Morgz, she needs some exercise so I suggest you start your walk.

Morgz: Come on then… oh my gosh is that enough walking?

Mum: No!

Morgz:Look at these people over here Martin? Look at all these people, they do not want to see my girlfriend pretending to be a dog.

Mum: Morgz, I think your dog's having such a good time she probably wants to bark now. That's not a very loud bulk is it perhaps you should have a louder bark Tammy?

I think that your dog needs a wee now Morgz, perhaps you should take it to the bench?

Mum: No I don't think she does, I'm pretty sure she went to the toilet.

Mum: No, no, no I haven't seen her go to the toilet she needs to go to the bench

Morgz: Oh for God,'s sake come on then come on come on this is not gonna happen oh my gosh..

Mum: She did need a big wee!

Morgz: This is so embarrassing.. I don't think I can show my face around there anymore. I'm gonna have to sell my house and move to another country that's the only option. You know what?
Actually I think my dog is tired.. Yeah look look how tired she is she's panting yeah see so that means that we gotta go home right?

Mum: What do you think Martin? I think maybe she should go home for a little rest in a basket Morgz: Okay fine oh look i think she's gonna make a friend.. oh, oh, no, not today! Even other dogs don't want to be friends with her!

Morgz: Okay, I Know we're both a little bit grumpy right now after being humiliated in public but it's okay because I have thought of an amazing dare. All I need is a pair of heels or two heels.

Hey Guys, you better go change into your gym stuff.

Martin: Gym stuff?why?

Morgz: Well because you're next and you're going on the treadmill!

Mum: I don't mind that's fine I'm not bothering the treadmill

Martin: Yeah I'm looking forward to this.

Mum: I could do with a little workout Morgz.I've got to keep the pounds off

Morgz: Guys,, Guys,, Guys,, Guys,, Guys,, Guys,, Guys, hang on a minute you didn't let me finish.
I want you to go on the treadmill with heels on!

Mum: What a pair each? They're not even the same

Three Two One…go go!

Mum: Guys, as you can see Morgz and Tamzin are over there eating ice creams I think it's time for us to get some revenge.. come with me Martin

Mart: Hey Guys,

Morgz: Oh no. What are you two doing now?

Mum: Are you enjoying your ice creams?

Tamzin: Well yeah otherwise we wouldn't be eating them

Mum: Well I think those ice creams will look better on your head instead of in your mouth.

Morgz: what do you mean?
Mum:I mean i want you to unicorn them

Tamzin: Oh no it will be sticky!

Morgz: I was enjoying this!

Tamzin are you ready?

Tamzin: Not really I just wanted to eat it!

Morgz: three two one oh

Tamzin: Am I pretty unicorn?

Morgz: It was pretty nice actually I'm not going to lie. Tamzin these dares are getting worse
and worse this challenge is actually getting kind of intense. We need to try and come up with one that's so bad that they cannot do it and they have to refuse!

Tamzin: Um..er…something smelly.

Morgz: I'm not following.

Tamzin: How about we get puggo and bruno to lick food off of JIll and Martin's face?
Because they stink like poop!

Morgz: You know what? I like it.. let's do this Guys, this is going to be gross!

Tamzin: Hi Guys,

Morgz: Hello are you Guys, ready for your next dare?

Martin: What is that in your hand? Mum: And why have you got honey and spoons?

Tamzin: Well, I've had a perfect idea. I think puggo and bruno need a nice treat and what better to eat off of other than your faces!

Mum: What? That's not a treat that's disgusting!

Martin: Have you smelt his breath?

Mum: Well Guys, you can always forfeit!

Mum: What do we do Martin?

Martin: Just do it…oh God, this is disgusting

Morgz: Puggo's gonna love licking the honey off of that bald shiny head

three two one go… oh bruno it's your turn here we go oh my God, here he goes
What's going on Bruno, what are you doing?

Morgz: mom, I think it's your face! I think, I think you're a bit ugly for bruno

Martin: I've got honey on my face don't worry JIll Ithink pogo wants some seconds oh my

Martin: That's so funny now is it?

Mum: Okay Guys, we've all come to the supermarket and Morgz and Tamzin have gone in front
and I think I've got the next dare.
Hey Tamzin and Morgz, it's time for your dare. You didn't think I'm just gonna let you go to the supermarket without doing one did you?

Morgz: I thought we were safe in here?

Mum: Oh no… you need to go up the escalator the wrong way round!

Tamzin?: Oh no that's embarrassing.
Morgz: There's people all over this place..this is busy we can't do that
Tamzin: But what if we get told off?
Morgz: We're gonna get kicked out?

Mum: Are you gonna do it or are you gonna forfeit?

Morgz: What do you think we're gonna have to do it?

Mum: Morgz oh no, oh my God, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!

Morgz: Yoo Hoo…Martin, Mum I see a Mcdonald's in the distance. I say we go get some food.

Martin; I'll travel there right now!

Morgz: oh hang on hang on hang on a minute Guys, what just before you go in
this is a setup i dare you both to order food from KFC in the mcdonald's drive-through!

Mum: Oh no Morgz, that's not fair that's just embarrassing!

Morgz: Like you embarrassed us on that flipping escalator!

McDonalds Drive Thru: hi. I'll be with you in the moment.

Martin: Thank you

Morgz: Oh it's almost time!

Mum: What if we get banned from Mcdonald's takeaways? How am i gonna survive without my big mac and my chicken nuggets?

McDonald Drive Thru: What can I get you?

Mum: Hi could we have some popcorn chicken please a large box.

McDonald Drive Thru: uh we don't do popcorn chicken, this is McDonald not KFC, love.

Mum: oh what about you just like a bargain bucket where you can just put lots of
things in it perhaps you do a zinger burger oh hot wings?

McDonald Drive Thru: No, that is KFC order.

Mum: Martin, you've brought us to the wrong place again. This isn't kfc then is it?

McDonald Drive Thru: No this is McDonald's, love!

Mum: Okay could we have four bottles of water then? Thank you.

Martin: Could I have a cheeseburger please? please I'm hungry!

Mum: oh my God, that was so embarrassing. I felt like a right idiot doing that

Martin: Uh.. you weren't on your own. I felt like an idiot too.

Morgz: Martin you are a bit of an idiot!

Mum: That's just not very nice Morgz. Anyway, give me my cheeseburger Martin.

Mum: You didn't order that for me? After all that embarrassment I don't even get a cheeseburger?

Martin: Well I was embarrassed so I'm having the cheeseburger, you should have ordered yourself one.

Tamzin: You know what I'll have it, save you two arguing.

Mum:Martin, I think it's about time we put an end to this.
I've got an idea for a dare that I know they will never do. Come with me.

Hey Morgz hey Tammy how's it going

Morgz: Did you enjoy your KFC? hahaha.

Mum: Whatever. After that humiliation we're about to take this to a whole new level

Morgz: What do you mean?

Mum: Well, you were saying it was hot today how'd you fancy stripping down to your
Underwear and having a little sprint up the street?

Morgz: Up the street? We have neighbors. We don't want to get kicked out of the whole city!

Mum: So is that a forfeit? Are you gonna pull out the challenge and we're the winners?

Morgz: I'll do it.
Tamzin: Same.

Martin: oh my God,oh my gosh.

Morgz: Here we go.

Mum: Oh my gosh Martin!
Mum: I'm getting inside the house before the neighbors say something! Bye!

Morgz: Oh my gosh, that was the most embarrassing thing ever I can't believe we did that
the neighbors must flippin hate me!

Tamzin: They definitely do!

Morgz: Just need you let's go inside. Hmm Tamzin, what does every couple hate? oh, Marriage! why don't we dare Mum and Martin to get married

Tamzin: That's such a good idea Morgz, but I think I've got a way that we can make it even worse! Come with me!

Morgz: Hey Guys….

I have an amazing idea how would you two like to get married!

Both: Okay!

Tamzin: But Martin, you're gonna be the bride and JIll you're going to be the groom!

Both: what?

Martin: I've got to wear the dress?

Morgz: Yep!

Mum: Well I guess Martin it won't be the first time you've worn a dress will it in a video?

Morgz: Ladies and gentlemen we are gathered here today to witness a truly breathtaking moment the wedding of bald Martin and big Jill.This is going to be one of the greatest moments in YouTube history. Let's start by welcoming the handsome groom!

Mum: I look ridiculous now.Morgz: Let's bring out the bride… are you excited?
Wow I'll be damned. I've never seen a more handsome man and a more beautiful woman. This is one of the greatest looking couples I've ever seen!

With the power invested in me I officially pronounce you two husband and bride!

Mum: And wife idiot.

Morgz: Wow look at that? A Haribo ring!

Mum: It won't even fit on your fat finger!

Morgz: And to finish the wedding you may now kiss the bride!

Mum: Oh just get on with it!

Mum: Okay Guys,, right now we're in a fancy restaurant with Morgz and Tamzin. They think that we've come out for a regular meal but you know what? The challenge isn't over. When they get
back we're going to give them the most embarrassing day yet.

Morgz: What's he doing? Martin, why have you got my camera?

Mum: Guys, we haven't forgotten about the challenge and guess what we've got a dare for you.
Morgz: Seriously? We're in one of the fanciest restaurants in the entire city and..
Mum: Well we've just ordered starters and you know what? I dare you to eat yours with just your fingers!

Morgz: oh my God, are you kidding me I thought walking Tamzin through the park as a dog was embarrassing. This is gonna probably be even more embarrassing!

Tamzin: I agree with you there Morgz.

Morgz: Let's hope no one sees this, although this place is pretty busy.
Oh my gosh this feels so wrong!

Tamzin: it's nice but

Mum: Martin they look like little monkeys

Martin: Certainly do!

Mum: You're eating now nature intended!

Morgz: I'm eating like a five-year-old that's what I'm eating like!

Tamzin: You eat like that anyway!

Morgz: Look at this Guys, it's disgusting it's literally all over my fingers and

Mum:just one more thing Guys, did you actually wash your hands after you went to the toilet?

Morgz: Um, whoops!

Morgz: Okay Guys,, Mum and Martin may think that would be really funny by making us eat
with our fingers.
Tamzin:They've gone to the toilet together and we've come up with a plan.
Morgz: They want to make us eat with our hands we're gonna make them eat with their faces!

Morgz: Hahaha! We're evil!
Wow Guys, your food has arrived, a nice big fish and chips and a nice big steak!

Morgz: Here you go Guys, oh thank you jk you can't have them! Go in with your faces!

Morgz:oh my gosh oh no oh Martin look at this Guys, this is a beautiful sight this is elegant! oh wow look at mom's getting a real..oh wow look at that I think just a little bit come on Martin are you enjoying your food?

Tamzin: well you know what serves you two right!

Mum: Guys, we've just got back from the meal and I can hear Morgz and Tamzin running a bath. You know what? Instead of them bathing in a regular bath why don't we just make them bath in something gross? How about your beans Martin?

Martin: No way you're not touching my beans no way.

Mum: Martin there's a prize at steak give me your beans!

Martin: Okay.

Mum: Hey Guys!

Morgz: What's going on? You almost give me a heart attack.

Mum: Your bath looks nice but i know i can make it nicer

Morgz: maybe some muscle soak?

Mum: Oh oh.. wrong answer maybe some beans and juice?

Morgz: No we're trying to have a nice bath we don't want beans in here!

Martin: Well Guys, are you gonna forfeit and let me and JIll win?

Morgz: What do you think, Tamzin?

Tamzin: Of course not. We can't let them win, we have to do this!

Martin: Okay fine well then let's get those beans in the bath!
Oh gosh oh look at that oh beans in it.. are you ready?

Morgz: Are you ready Tamzin?

Tamzin: No! No I’m not!

Morgz: Here we go I guess!

Martin: What are you doing Tamzin?

Tamzin: Making a baked bean ball!

Morgz: This is disgusting, I want to get out!

Mum: Get out? You’re joking. You have to stay there for at least an hour!

Morgz: No, no, you know what, that’s ridiculous…screw it. I’m sorry Tamzin, we quit! We officially quit the challenge…Mum and Martin, you’re the winners.

Morgz: Are you ready for me to reveal the prize?

I'll buy you each 300 gems on mobs ultimate challenge!

Thank you all for playing Morgz Ultimate challenge the iPhone giveaway is now over.

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