I Celebrated EVERY Holiday in 24 HOURS! - Morgz Challenge - Christmas Halloween & Valentines Day

I Celebrated EVERY Holiday in 24 HOURS! - Morgz Challenge - Christmas Halloween & Valentines Day

CELEBRATING EVERY HOLIDAY IN 24 HOURS CHALLENGE! (Christmas, Halloween, Valentines Day, Easter & More...)

Mum: I think I've just found my Mother's Day present!
Morgz, it's Christmas Eve are you excited for Christmas day tomorrow?

Morgz: To be honest mom I'm not really feeling the holiday spirit this year I haven't
even bought any presents yet!

Mum: Morgz, not in the holiday spirit? What can we do to change that?
I got it we're gonna celebrate every holiday in 24 hours including Christmas!

Morgz: Ok guys, it's Valentine's Day and that can only mean one thing…
I need a Valentine!
And who better than the girl that pushed me over, told me I'd never be her crush and slammed the door in my face! Tamzin!
I've got a nice glittery balloon, I got a box of fancy chocolates, I've got some really expensive flowers and finally a pretty little card…what could possibly go wrong?

Hey Tamzin!

Tamzin: Jeeez Morgz! What are you trying to do? Give me a heart attack?
What do you want?

Morgz: Tamzin, I just came to give you a gift.

Tamzin: Oh a gift? OK, I’m listening!

Morgz: It’s a Valentine's Day gift just for you!

Tamzin: But Morgz, it’s not Valentine's Day! Oh well, I'm not complaining!

Morgz: Here you go… okay here you go..all I care is we share!

Tamzin: No, I’m not sharing with you!

Morgz: The next Valentine's Day gift, here you go!

Tamzin: Oh, these are so pretty…wait a second Morgz…what’s this?

Morgz: And finally, the most meaningful gift of them all… I made you a
special card.

Tamzin: Oh that’s so cute.. to someone very special a little note to let you know, to Tamzin,
please be my Valentine from Morgz x-x-x…
Oh that's so sweet we'll… wait a second..why does it say happy birthday?

This isn't a Valentine's Day card this is a birthday card you tried to cross out and you failed! I don't want your balloon, and I don’t want your card and I don’t want your flowers, but I'm taking these!

Martin: Top of the morning to you laddies…hehehehe

Morgz: Mum,why is Martin in a dress and talking funny?

Mum: I don't know Morgz he just does sometimes!

Morgz: Oh.

Martin: This is not a dress. It's a leprechaun outfit! That's because next, we're celebrating
St. Patrick's Day!

Morgz: Oh no guys,, I hope he doesn't make us wear a dress next.

Martin: This time I’m going to be asking you guys, a number of questions about st. Patrick's Day and whoever answers most questions correctly wins my pot of gold hehehehe!

Mum: Wait Gold?

Morgz: I'm interested!

Mum: Me too!

Martin: Questions one… what color is associated with st. Patrick's Day?

Morgz: Well there's only two colors on your outfit Martin, so i’m going…..RED!

Martin: Morgz, you are wrong!

Mum: Green!

Martin: Jill, you got it right.

Morgz: Well, that’s not the best start!

Martin: Question two…where do you find the pot of gold on st. Patrick's Day?

Mum: Ohhhh I’ve got it! In the bank?

Martin: Jill, that is wrong.
Morgz: Martin..is it at the end of the rainbow?

Martin: Morgz, you are correct!

Morgz: Yeah!

Martin: Now guys, it's time for the last question and whoever gets it right wins my pot of gold!
What country celebrates st. Patrick's Day?

Mum: Ireland!

Martin: Jill, you have got the question correct…you have won my pot of gold!
There you go Jill!

Mum: Yeah..wow….wait a sec…this is plastic! This pot of gold is fake!
Martin: What did you expect? I’m not that rich!

Morgz: Ok guys,, the next holiday I'm going to be celebrating is April Fool's Day.
And this is probably my favorite holiday of the entire year because of course it means I get to pull a prank.
As you can see I have a fake lottery ticket that when scratch off says that you won one million dollars but in reality you haven't, you’ve won nothing!
Let's go give it to Mum and Martin and see how they react!

Mum: okay guys, who's ready to celebrate their next holiday?

Morgz: Mum.. I'm ready

Martin: But what holiday are we celebrating?

Mum: We're celebrating Easter!

Morgz: But mum, you don't look like you're ready to celebrate Easter.

Mum: Now we're ready! I'm the Easter Bunny! Now as you guys know to celebrate Easter we usually have an Easter egg hunt and that's exactly what we're gonna be doing today.
In each of these eggs there is a mystery prize and I'll also be hiding this giant egg and inside it is $1,000! Let's go and hide these eggs.

You’re 90 seconds starts NOW!

Martin: Okay guys, after 90 seconds I got six mystery eggs.

Morgz: I also got six eggs and of course the giant egg with $1,000 in it!

Mum: And now guys, are you ready to find out what all the items are in your mystery eggs?

Martin: Wait a sec…. it's just a sweet wrapper! And it’s empty! And another empty sweet wrapper….and another one. They’re all empty!

Morgz: Empty sweet wrappers… empty sweet wrappers..Martin, mine are all empty sweet wrappers as well! Mum, open wide….oh my gosh!

Martin: Well Morgz, I think we know why we got empty sweet wrappers!

Mum: Oh my God…did I just hear someone say Mother's day? Yay…Mother's day is my favorite time of the year and Morgz this year I want to go big on Mothers day. I want you to take me to the mall and buy me anything I want! Get your credit card!

Morgz: Fine!

Mum: Yeah, okay guys, we've arrived at the mall and it's time for me to pick my Mother's
Day present and where better to look than the designer clothes shop. Let's go!

Mum: Check it out guys, for my Mother's Day gift I could get some Gucci! Morgz
you have this same Hoodie… if I get the same one then we can match!

Morgz: Mum, I think that's a terrible idea..keep looking!

Mum: Guys, check this out I could get a brand new handbag!

Morgz: Mum, don't you already have like 12 handbags?

Mum: Yeah, I guess you're right let's keep looking oh my gosh! I think I've just found my Mother's Day present guys, these are the Balenciaga triple-s! They are so nice and bright I
would look amazing in these!
Morgz get your credit card out, I’m buying them!
And the best part is there's 650 pounds! Hehehe, I wish it was Mothers day every day!

Martin: Before you call it that, just wait a second! I may not be your dad, but I've just seen what you did for Jill and I do not want to miss out.
Look at this face Morgz.. hey we look alike and we both got a set of muscles and were both tall.. take me out Morgz!

Morgz: Ok, fine!

Martin: Okay guys, we've arrived at the mall and it's my turn now to choose a Father's Day present..hehehe!
I can’t believe it, I’m not even Morgz dad but I’m not going to let that stop him spending a lot of money on me! And what better shop to go into than the most expensive shop in the entire mall
the Apple Store!

Morgz: Whoa, whoa, Martin do you even know how to work a mobile phone?

Martin: Of course I do.. If I get stuck I'll just ask Billy!

Morgz: You mean Siri?

Martin: Yeah, yeah, yeah,yeah! Hey Morgz, check this out what have just bought. It's the iPhone 11 bro max!

Morgz: You mean Pro max?

Martin: Yes..that’s what I said…bro max!

Morgz: Pro Max.

Martin: Yeah, bro max

Morgz: I give up!

Morgz: Okay guys, the next holiday is a good one and hopefully will involve me spending loads of money.
The next holiday is Halloween and I have the perfect Halloween costume.
Now as well as dressing up on Halloween, you usually go out trick-or-treating strangers houses but there's one problem. It's December.
Halloween was two months ago, but I'm not gonna let that stop me. Let's go and get some candy!

Guys! Here we go!

Old Man: Hello?

Morgz: Trick or Treat?

Old Man:What on earth are you doing? It’s not Halloween, it's Christmas!

Morgz: It's Halloween trick-or-treat!

Old Man: Nooo…It’s Christmas tomorrow. It’s Christmas tomorrow, What are you dressed like this for? Scaring me!

Old Man: I've got my Christmas dressing gown on!
Morgz: Your christmas dressing gown is very nice but, it’s Halloween!

Old Man: Look, are you messing around with me?
Morgz: No, I’m not messing around with you at all.

Old Man: Are you trying to scare me?
Morgz: No, no, no…I just want one thing…some candy!

Old Man: I haven’t got any candy!
Morgz: I’m going to ask one more time sir….give..me..some..candy!

Old man: Listen, this is my property you are on now and I’m going to count to 5 and then I am going to call the police!

Morgz: Oh no..no..i was only joking around..oh no..I’m out of here!

Old Man: He’s not having my candy..Ho,ho,ho..Ha ha!

Morgz: Martin, it’sThanksgiving and look what Mums put together for us!

Martin: Morgz I can't wait until the food arrives!

Morgz: You are right! Mum's food is always the best!

Mum: Who’s excited to eat? Martin, Morgz look what I got? A fresh home cooked turkey,
cooked to perfection!

Martin: Oooh…I can't wait!

Morgz: Me too! Oooh, this is gonna be the best Thanksgiving meal ever!

Mum: Wait a minute….what’s this? It’s frozen solid! Martin!!! I told you to turn the oven on!

Martin: I'm sorry Jill I must have turned the microwave on instead!

Mum: Well done Martin, you’ve ruined thanksgiving!

Martin: Hmm..hmm..it tastes pretty good frozen!

Martin: Ho, Ho, Ho, everybody my name is bald Santa!
As you can see guys, that the next holiday we were celebrating is Christmas and bald Santa
has brought gifts for the whole family.
Morgz, Jill are you ready to receive your gifts?

Both: Yeah!!!
Mum: I love Christmas!

Martin: Morgz, we will start with you and here's your first present!

Morgz: thank you very much bald Santa…whoa…..air pods!
oh thank you both! These are amazing!

Mum: Wow! Now it's my turn I can't wait to see what I get from Bald Santa?

Martin: Here we go Jill -here's your first present!

Mum: Thank you bald Santa! How exciting….oh…wait a sec.. it's banana!

Martin: That will help you lose some weight Jill!

Mum: It's Christmas!!! We should be having chocolates not bananas!

Martin: Here we go Morgz, here is gift number two!

Morgz: Thank you so much bald Santa…. oh my gosh..it’s a Nintendo DS and oh my gosh, these presents just keep getting better and better!

Martin: Now Jill, here is your second present!

Mum: Thank you bald santa. Wow, maybe it’s perfume? What is this? Air freshener!

Martin: Yes Jill..that will help to stop all those disgusting smells when you
been to the toilet!

Mum: These aren't the types of presents I was expecting for Christmas!

Martin: Morgz, here is your final present.

Morgz: whoa this is a big one whoa what could be inside yeah oh my gosh is that Off White? It is..it’s a new Off White Hoodie!

Martin: And Jill, this is your final present!
Mum: Thank You Santa, let's hope this is a good one! A Peppa Pig Story Book? This is the worst Christmas ever!!

Morgz: Ok guys, we have celebrated every single holiday in this video except for one…


Morgz: We’ve got the balloons and we’ve got the confetti cannons and now all we have to do is to wait for the countdown to begin!

All: Yeah!!

Mum: Wait a minute Morgz? Where is your party popper?

Morgz: Here it is!

Both: No,no, no, no, no!

Morgz: Everybody, happy new year!
All: Happy new year!

Mum: Wait a minute guys? Who is cleaning all this up?

Martin: I’m out of here Morgz!
Morgz: Go, go, go, go!
Mum: Wait…that’s not fair!
Morgz: See ya, goodbye!

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