I Built the ULTIMATE GAMES ARCADE in my House! *$10,000*

I Built the ULTIMATE GAMES ARCADE in my House! *$10,000*

Today I Made An EPIC ARCADE ROOM In My House with Loads of Games Arcade Machines like a Claw Machine Prize Grabber, Racing Simulator, Popcorn Machine, Candy Floss Machine, Dance Machine, High Striker & More & We Tried To Win The 100% WIN RATE JACKPOT! I Built the Hidden Arcade Room with Bald Martin and we Surprised Morgz Mum with it and Had a Challenge to See Who Could Score the Highest! Leave a Comment if You'd Love to have your own HOME ARCADE ROOM!

I Built the ULTIMATE GAMES ARCADE in my House!

Morgz: Ever since I was young I have loved arcades and it's been a dream of mine to build my own arcade at home.

And today that dream's coming true baby. Earlier today I told my mom that the video we're filming today is a food challenge where I'm challenging her to go to every drive-through
in my city and bring me one thing from the menu.

Jill: One item from every drive through in the city? This isn't a challenge, this is just like a normal day for me!

Morgz: But really, this is just a distraction to get her out of the house while we transform her living room into an arcade and then at the end of the video we're going to see her reaction and I'm going to be giving her the chance to win 1000 pounds real cash by beating me at the arcade games!

As a thank you for letting me you know, use her living room!

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But now let's go check on mom and see if she's ready to begin the fake challenge!

Good luck mom your time starts now!

Jill: Wow see you later

Morgz: Well guys, now that she's gone if my guess is correct I think we have about two hours until she returns so that means two hours to build an entire arcade! We do not have time to
stand around, we need to get started!

Are you ready Martin?

Martin: I'm ready Morgz! Let's do this, come on!

Morgz: Okay guys, this room here is mom's living room, the room that we're gonna be turning into the arcade. Before we can even think about setting up any of the arcade stuff we need to clear this room and there is a lot of stuff here to clear so Martin, I actually forgot to have breakfast today so I'm gonna go make some breakfast and you're okay to clear the room by
yourself right?

Martin: Whoa, whoa Morgz, you're not getting out of this, this time…

Both: Three, two, one.. let's go

Morgz: Well guys, just like that due to some amazing teamwork we have cleared out the
Sofa! High five, teamwork!

Martin: Where do you get teamwork from? What you mean?

Martin: How about you.. you could clear the rest!

Jill: Okay guys, it's taken a little while to get here but i've arrived at my favorite place
Mcdonald's! Let's go! Hi can I have a big mac please? This is food number one to take out to Morgz and it looks really nice, it smells good as well..maybe just a little bite!

Morgz: Okay guys, as you can see we have now finished clearing out the entire living room it's literally so empty in here there's an echo, echo, echo, so guys, now it's time to get down to the fun stuff. Last night I ordered loads of arcade machines. I found a site renting them out and literally spent thousands so yeah, please watch this video to the end or I'm definitely not going to make the money back from this video!

Guys, look, look who's here? Oh my goodness guys, the arcade machines have arrived they're
bringing them into the house for us right now guys, this is literally so exciting check it out guys,
all the arcade machines are here! Now it's time to load them all

Jill: Hi there, can I have a large strawberry and cream frappuccino please?

Morgz: Oh my gosh guys, this is insane. The arcade machines are now all in place
and this is already starting to look insane let me show you guys, what machines are in my
arcade firstly guys, as you can see we have got a dance machine Mum's got some moves so
I'm kind of nervous to go head-to-head with her on this at the end of the video.
I think she may beat me at this one the next arcade machine is this one it's called the vault next
up I'm pretty sure you guys, know what this one is test your strength it's the big hammer smash
later in the video we're going to find out if my 30-day push-up challenge is actually making me any stronger!

Morgz: You do realize you're not even in a race right?

Oh yeah next up guys, we have a retro arcade machine, mom will have played most
of the games on here when she was a lot younger so I think she's gonna really like this machine.
Next up guys, it wouldn't be an arcade without a flipping claw machine and got some pretty expensive prizes in there too and guys, last but not least the snack bar with a candy floss machine and a popcorn machine!

Oh my God… um this is so good!
Jill: Guys! we've just arrived at the fifth drive-through that means we're officially halfway through the challenge!

Hi there, yeah can I have a chicken mighty bucket for one please

KFC: Yeah what drink would you like with that?

Jill: Um uh diet coke please!

KFC: Yes would you like to go large today?

Jill: Oh yeah I'll go large.

Morgz: This challenge is so much fun, sure, we've got the machines which is the most
important thing, but I still want to make this room feel more like an arcade, so I went ahead and bought led colored lights rugs pictures, I even bought arcade decorations. The whole lot and now it's time to set those up and i think we should kick it off with the led colored lights because they are going to take this room to the next level!
Yo I wasn't lying guys, I told you the lights make the room look epic and oh my gosh it literally looks so much better with just some extra lighting added.

Now guys, it is starting to get late, Mum is just texting me saying that she has been to 8 out of 10 drive-throughs guys, which means we do not have long left to put the finishing
touches on our home arcade.

There's not a lot left to do, the arcade is looking epic but the walls are still looking a bit plain
and there's definitely some more decorations that need adding guys, so let's do this now guys, the decoration that I am about to add is what is gonna take this arcade from a 9 out of 10 to a 10 out of 10.

Oh ladies and gentlemen, do I even need to say anymore?
It's a flipping creeper everybody drop a like on the video right now or a creeper will come to your minecraft house and blow it up, and you will lose all your diamonds!

Jill: I can have a double whopper please? Yes please, and just like that we've been through all ten drive-throughs in the city. Now let's send Morgz a video to say we're coming home!

Morgz: Okay guys, after hours of work I am proud to say what behind me used to be a living room is now a home arcade! Mum just sent me a video saying this:

Jill: Hey Morgz I've been through all 10 drive-throughs and I'm coming home.

Morgz: Guys, we don't have much time but seeing as we just finished I think it'd be rude not to give you guys a tour of the home arcade.. three, two, one let's do this….

Morgz: So, so guys, here it is oh my gosh! it looks insane first things first guys,
over here as you know, we have the snack bar with the cool lights under the table
this is probably gonna be mom's favorite part of the room to be honest over here we have the claw machine one of my favorite things in the entire room.

I bet Mum's gonna be hoping she can win the iphone over there,we've got two more arcade machines over here with the lights behind and some cool gaming pictures above.

I just can't get over how colorful this room looks. it is so cool moving across we have the
big screen with the lights behind and then the test your strength machine!

If Mums angry about the surprise then I better keep her away from this or she'll try and hit me with it!

And then two more arcade machines the boat and the dance floor machine with some more decorations and lights above but what we're about to find out is, is she gonna like the surprise
or is she gonna get angry?

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She's gonna be home any minute so let's go and wait for her!

Jill: I went in 10 drive-throughs it took me two hours and I didn't eat any of it where's my

Morgz: Well Mum, I actually have a little bit of a confession to make.

Jill: What?

Morgz: The video I'm filming at the moment isn't actually a drive-through challenge. I
just needed a way to get you out of the house while I set up the real video.

Jill: What? I don't understand. What do you mean?

Morgz: While you've been gone, me and Martin have been doing a little bit of redecoration work to a room in your house

Jill: My God, what have you done? I had better like it Morgz, I’ve dropped all my film now!

Morgz: Okay Mum, we are now entering the room that I have transformed

Jill: Is this my living room Morgz? You better not have ruined it this is one of my favorite rooms.

Morgz: Mum it was your living room but it's not anymore, are you ready for the surprise?

Jill: Oh God, I'm not sure… yeah, show me!

Morgz: Three. two, one…

Jill: Oh my God, what have you done?

Morgz: Do you like it?

Jill: It's amazing! oh my God, it's an arcade! a Candy floss machine!
Oh my God, there's a claw machine! I don't think I can see an iphone in there!

Morgz: You know what mom? It would be a shame not to test out these machines, right?

Jill: Right.

Morgz: I say we go head-to-head on three machines and if you win I'll give you 1000 pounds!

Jill: Wow let's do it!

Morgz: We're each gonna have five goess on the claw machine and whoever gets the most prizes wins the challenge.

Jill: Okay, here we go! The first challenge goes to me

Morgz: Now I'm on challenge number two, as you can see it is time to test our strength whoever gets the strongest hit wins. I better not lose this one guys, or it's going to be pretty humiliating.

Jill: Ladies first Morgz, let me show you how to do it. Here we go, here we go!

Morgz: Guys, I've got to somehow be a score of 90. This is gonna be tough! I need the full 100. Here we go guys,I did it! I beat mom!

Morgz: Okay Mum, for the final challenge we are going to have a dance-off on the dancing machine!

Jill: Oh my gosh Morgz they don't call me the dancing queen for nothing! Wait while you see this!

Morgz: Oh my gosh mom, that was tiring! I got 131 000!

Jill: And I got 513,000! I’m the winner..whoo hoo! I get 1000 pounds!

Morgz: A Huge thank you to db entertainment for helping us set up all the arcade
machines. Check them out guys, link in the description.

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