I Built a SECRET Gaming Room in my House! *PS5*

I Built a SECRET Gaming Room in my House! *PS5*

Today I Made An EPIC HIDDEN SECRET GAMING ROOM In My House with a PS5, Xbox Series X, Giant TV, Nintendo Switch & More Epic Gaming Gear! & Then I Challenged MINI MORGZ To See If He Could FIND My SECRET HIDDEN GAMING SETUP! Where Should I Make My Next SECRET GAMING DEN? Comment Below!

I Built a SECRET Gaming Room in my House! PS5

Morgz: Guys, I am trash at gaming I need a way to somehow improve.
I've got it. I've had this gaming setup for ages and clearly it's not working so, I think it's time I
create my very own gaming room! But not just any gaming room, a secret gaming room so that I can have no distractions while gaming.

We're gonna have lights, bean bags, a snack bar, xbox, ps5… we're gonna have everything.

I want to make this the best gaming room you will see on youtube! Jensen aka mini morgz, is
coming around later to play some games with me and then once he gets here we're gonna
see how secret it is and see if he can find us inside the room!

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But now let me take you guys upstairs and show you the room we're gonna be turning into a
gaming den!

Guys, this room I am coming out of right now is my bedroom where I sleep obviously! don't know why I just said that, but then behind me here is the spare bedroom and in the spare
bedroom is where we're gonna be making the secret gaming room!

Now guys, this may look like a pretty standard bedroom, nothing too crazy but what if I was to tell you that somewhere in this room is a secret room?

You guys have five seconds to comment down below where you think it could be!
If you watch a lot of my videos you may know and for the people that don't know Mum, do you want to do the honors?

Jill: Morgz, I would be proud to do the honors!

Morgz: Oh she's going for the picture! Look at that guys…a hidden door behind the bed!
Let me show you inside of this room that we're going to be turning into the gaming room.

Oh boy, check this out guys here it is, the secret room as you can see we have literally been using this room as a storage closet for things that we don't use but guys it just so happens to be the perfect size for an epic cozy gaming room!

Now guys, before we turn this into the most epic gaming room, we need to clear out all the junk that is in here and as you can see there's a lot of junk and to be honest guys, I don't really want to do it so I've got an idea.

Morgz: Hey mom have I told you you're looking really beautiful today?

Jill: Thank you Morgz, that's very nice of you to say.

Morgz: Martin, you're looking very handsome, that head's looking nice and shiny.
Seeing as you love me so much, I am sure you wouldn't mind clearing out all the mess from the secret room for me would you?

Jill: I knew you wanted something! No way Morgz, those tricks aren't going to work on us!

Martin: No way!

Morgz: Okay, fine I didn't want to have to do this but you've given me no choice. I'll give you 100 pounds each!

Jill: Oh, I am in whoa we're eating well tonight! Oh there's so much stuff!

Martin: You're telling me!

Morgz: You know what guys? I am glad I paid mom and Martin to clean the room because
Now I get to do some gaming while I wait.

You know what guys? At least I didn't die first!

Okay guys, as you can see the secret room is now cleared! Now it's time for the fun part guys, customizing the room and what better to start with than some led colored lights!
As you can see guys, around the sides of the room is these beams and my idea is to get some
led strip lights and actually stick them under the beams so then the colored light shines down from the beam and lights up the entire room, it's gonna look epic!

And guys just like that we're done with the light. How sick does this look? It looks awesome

You know what makes it look even more awesome?

Jill: No

Morgz: Turning the lights off! And I can even set the lights so they change color automatically
check this out!

Jill: Martin we should get some of these for our house.

Martin: Yeah.

Morgz: Next up we need to add the seating. I've got loads of bean bags and loads of cool chairs so this should be easy.
Once we're done with that we can move on to getting some of the good stuff in here,
the gaming consoles and technology. Guys, we may have gone a little bit overboard on the beanbags, but you know what? I think it looks pretty cool, it's definitely gonna be comfy that's for sure.

Check this out guys, oh my days, this looks epic we've got about 50 bean bags, loads and loads of cushions and for the best thing of all, a flippin cow! Oh, oh my gosh guys, this is epic there is literally so much room you could probably fit like five people in here!

The next thing we're gonna be adding guys is what I like to call the gaming station.

We're gonna have loads of consoles and of course a giant tv to play them on!

Jill: Hey Morgz does this look big enough for you?

Morgz: Oh my goodness, are you serious? Look at the size of that thing, how big is it?

Jill: I like to call big! I think it's a 50 inch Morgz!

Morgz: And, oh yes! Look at that guys!

Geez guys, I am liking the look of that tv but you know what?
I think that tv is missing two things, two very important things.

Jill: A nintendo wii and we fit?

Morgz: No! I am talking about xbox and ps5 of course!

Jill: Of course!

Morgz: Here they are guys, my two babies, the ps5 and the xbox!
What I don't have is the xbox series x guys, I am saving up for it hopefully if you guys watch this video to the end I'll be able to afford one.

Well let's go plug in these consoles and get this gaming setup gaming I guess.

Oh baby, look at that the ps5 is here…oh yes and so is the xbox. We've set up both consoles. We've got both controllers and I even made this little stand with loads of accessories like another light, a headset, controllers and even some more consoles like the nintendo switch.

This just keeps getting better and better the more stuff we add.

Morgz: So guys, we have got the lights, we've got the seating, we've got the consoles, we've
even got the tv. I think that's everything the gaming room needs.

Jill: I think you're missing something.

Morgz: Oh no..what is it?

Jill: My favorite thing of course, food and drink! You can't be gaming in there for hours and hours without any snacks or refreshments. You need a snack bar and Morgz guess what I've got for you? Your very own mini fridge!

Morgz: Oh my gosh, look at the size of that? It's actually perfect for the gaming room!

Jill: And guess what Morgz? I may have filled it with your favorite drinks!

Morgz: Guys this is slowly becoming the dream man cave! Look at this we've got our own mini bar in the gaming room! You want sweets? No problem baby! You want drinks they're
over there in the fridge and we got more down here!

What's that? You want biscuits? We got them too. We've even got crisps! We've got the
whole lot, boys. The gaming room is almost completed guys, there's just a few
extra decorations I want to add to make it even cooler and then once they're added,
I'll show you guys the final product and we can of course actually do some gaming on it.

Jensen should be here in about 15 minutes though guys so we gotta get a move on
Jensen is literally arriving in a few minutes but I think I have time to give you a quick tour
and of course some sexy cinematics.
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Guys, I am actually so happy with how this turned out let me give you a quick tour
around and show you all the stuff this gaming room has to offer.

First things first guys, the seating area, super comfy, loads of space, of course we've got the lights going all the way around the room.

Over here we've got the snack bar with the working mini fridge. We've got the gaming station over here with the ps5 loaded up, also an xbox down there. Loads of extra gaming stuff over here on the shelf just to spice the room up and make it feel more gamingly. Gamingly? is that word?

I guess it is!
I've seen people's videos making their own secret gaming rooms but I don't know, I feel like this kind of tops them let me know in the comments guys if you think this is the best one you've seen.

All that's left to do now is see if mini Morgz can find my secret gaming room!

We're gonna put the picture and the bed back and see if he can find it guys!

I don't know what do you think? Is he gonna find it? I guess we're gonna find out!

Martin: Good luck Morgz, here we go!

Morgz: Hey Jensen are you here?

Jensen: I am here where are you? I want to do some gaming.

Morgz: Here's a twist bro, somewhere in the house I've built a secret gaming room
you are gonna have to find it!

Jensen: Well you, do know that I am the master of hide and seek.I am definitely gonna find it.

Morgz: Okay master of hide and seek, come find me then! Okay guys, Jensen is currently looking for me downstairs so I've gotta try and keep quiet but while he's looking guys I am gonna see if I can get a victory royale! I am probably not gonna be able to because I am kind of
Trash but we'll try.

Jensen: This is the utility room, this would be a good place for a secret room. Nope, he's not there either.

Come out come out wherever you are. Maybe it's not a big gaming room. Maybe it's a tiny gaming room… it's under here, I've found you! What? No, to be fair I think he's too lanky to
fit in there anyway.

Morgz: Guys, comment down below if you think Jensen is going to be able to find me.
Personally, I don't know. I think it's going to be tough.

Jensen: Guys, I don't see any other options so look like we're going upstairs

You can’t hide forever Morgz, come on, show your face! Let's find him!

Morgz: I just heard Jensen coming up the stairs! I've got to be extra quiet now.

Jensen: Are you in here? I think I can smell you! I don't think there's any gaming setups in here guys.

Morgz: While I've got a minute, I may as well get a drink from the snack bar.
Maybe this will help me get the dob.

Jensen: Whoa Morgz's bedroom is the best place to hide a gaming setup. I know he's in here somewhere and I guess right here under the bed… three, two, one…

Editor: are you sure about that?

Morgz: Guys, I can literally hear Jensen going in all the rooms upstairs. When he eventually gets to this room it's all gonna come down to if he thinks to search behind the picture.

Jensen: Guys, the final room if he's not in here then he's vanished. where are you? I know you're in here somewhere.

Morgz: Jensen is now in the long bedroom. Is he going to check behind the picture or am I going to be safe? We're about to find out!

Jensen: Kind of obvious isn't it? He's not under his bed. I don't know where he is I think I just gotta keep looking… Morgz, Morgz,

Morgz: Yo guys, it worked! He just left the room and he didn't suspect a thing!

Jensen: Do you hear that guys? Come on let's go find him! Where are you? Underneath this beanbag?

Morgz: Come on Jensen take out the picture!

Jensen: Okay.

Morgz: There we go! I knew you wouldn't find me! bro, welcome to my secret gaming room!

Jensen: I just found you!

Morgz: I mean, I guess you did…I kind of shouted..

Jensen: Come on then Morgz, I want to see, get out the way… three, two, one, boom
Oh my God! Oh my God! Look at the ps5, the beanbags, the pillows…ready to lose yet?

Morgz: There you go bro, me and Jensen are gonna game now guys he is probably
gonna win when we play each other.

Jensen: I always win.

Morgz: If you're new make sure you subscribe to the channel and like the video.

Jensen: A hundred thousand likes and Morgz will make a gaming setup on his roof!

Morgz: oh damn! peace out, guys!

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