First To ESCAPE Haunted House Wins $10,000 - Morgz Halloween Challenge

First To ESCAPE Haunted House Wins $10,000 - Morgz Halloween Challenge


Morgz: Today me and the squad are gonna be competing in our scariest challenge yet.
We're gonna be racing through four scary haunted halloween mazes and whoever escapes
the maze in the fastest time wins $10,000!

Is Everybody ready?

All: Yeah!

Morgz: Well then let's get started one last thing I just dropped the new limited edition glowing MGZ merch!

Mum: It's only available until Halloween and then it's gone forever!

Jensen: Make sure you go to!

Martin: The link is in the description!

Morgz: Okay guys, the maze I am gonna be going into is the clown maze. As you guys know I hate clowns so I am really really nervous for this!

Mum: Okay guys, the maze I'm going into is called the flesh pot also known as the human slaughterhouse! I am terrified of anything gory! I don’t know how I am going to get on, but I will do my best!

Martin: Right now guys, the maze I am going into is the laboratory maze! Apparently, a scientist is going to be doing experiments on humans here, so I'm very very scared!
But I need to win that money so let's go!

Jensen: Ok guys, It looks like I am going into the Zombie maze.I may only be 12 year old but I'm not scared. Let's do this!

Morgz: Okay guys, I have entered the clown maze and it looks like we're kicking off with a mirror maze! This is so creepy!

I hate mirror mazes! This is so creepy! I am going to go this way, no way am I going near that girl!

Mum: Right. We can do this we can do….oh my God!
Oh my God…I’m terrified…leave me alone!

Martin: Right guys, let's’s dark in here..I can hear all these noises!

Halloween Scientist: Put your hands in the air! Hands in the air! Do it now! Proceed!

Halloween Scientist: COME ON..MOVE IT!….MOVE IT!….MOVE IT!

Jensen: I don’t know where I am going, I can’t see anything! Okay, Okay, Okay…

Morgz: I don’t think I am going to be able to make it through this maze. Oh…not again! Run, Run, Run!

It’s a dead end! It’s a dead end!..I’m just going to stay here!

Mum: Oh my God! Ok guys, I think we are safe now! I think that must be the end!….Maybe not!

Martin: What are them? What’s happening?

Jensen: I can’t help you. Goodbye!

Morgz: Oh, Oh….guys, I want to go home!

Mum: We’ve just got to stay calm, we can get through this! I’m confident. Where do I go?

Martin: Oh! Ah…somebody's dead! Somebody's dead! There's people dying in here! What am I doing here?

Jensen: Nooo. Sorry. I can’t help you man! You should eat vegetables!

Morgz: We gotta be quick. I gotta get this money!
oh my god..screw the money! I’m staying here! Whoa, whoa, whoa, be careful, camera man! You better not drop the camera!

Mum: Oh God. I need to get out of here. It’s crazy! Oh God! There’s one behind me!

Jensen: I don’t have any spare change on me so I can’t really help you right now, but I’ll come back!
You’re disgusting! No….no!

Morgz: Oh no, oh no….we gotta go..we gotta go!

Mum: In here? Oh my God..Oh my God! This is so scary! I don’t think it’s going to end!
I just need… take a breath..and get out of here!

Martin: Oh….ahhh…get away from me! Get away from me! Get away!

Jensen: I don’t have any change on me!

Morgz: I think it’s almost over! Wait…what’s that sound? Oh no… Oh no… Oh no… Oh no…
What the hell do we do here? Oh my God!Oh my God!..That's the only way out! Oh, ah..there's another way, there's another way! I haven't got enough stamina for this!

Mum: Oh my God….there's more! Oh my God! Morgz been here!

Martin: What’s this? What’s this? Oh…ooer, I don’t like this…I don’t like this at all!
Oooh It’s squashing me! Oooh I wanna get out! Where am I? I can’t see a thing! Where am I going?

Halloween Soldier: Stand against that wall now! Right, show me your hands! Right, good. We need to make sure that neither of you are free of bites or scratches from the infected, my partner will lead you to the decontamination unit. Get to it now!

Jensen: Ok

Halloween Soldier: Move it!

Morgz: Jesus! I thought I’d already got past you! Oh,’s that way. That’s where he just went! Oh no!

Mum: No, it’s all me…I’m old me!

Morgz: We’ve came so far…we can’t give up now! We’ve gotta keep going.
So this is seriously the most terrifying halloween experience of my life!

Mum: Oh my God..they're everywhere!

Halloween Priest: Burn Piggy, Burn!

Martin: Oh No…

Morgz: That was a chainsaw!

Guys, I managed to make it out of just barely alive. That was….Ahhhhh!

Oh my gosh! That was the scariest thing I have ever done my entire life!

Mum: Oh..Morgz!

Martin: Jill…Oh…well you do not believe what I’ve been through!

Morgz: Ladies and gentlemen it's time to find out who escaped the maze in the quickest time!
In fourth place is Martin with 14 minutes and 22 seconds.
In third place was Jill with 13 minutes and 38 seconds.
And in joint first place is both me and Jensen with 12 minutes and 50 seconds!
What challenge should we do next to decide who wins the $10,000?
Comment below!

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