Find The Word, I'll Buy It For You - Morgz Challenge

Find The Word, I'll Buy It For You - Morgz Challenge

Find the Hidden Word in the Wordsearch, and I’ll Buy It Challenge. MORGZ vs MORGZ MUM vs BALD MARTIN vs MINI MORGZ to find the expensive items that are hidden in the word search puzzle and they’ll only have a limited time to do it before they lose! Including potential expensive items like Sony PS5 (PlayStation 5), Beats Headphones, iPhone 12 Pro Max, LEGO, Gucci, Nintendo Switch & more! .Watch to see who has to buy the most items and who wins the most prizes in this challenge!\

Morgz: I hid expensive items inside of word searchers and challenge my family to find them if they find the word they win the item in real life. Make sure you watch till the end because the
prizes get bigger but the searchers get harder!

As you can see guys here is the first word search. Let's get this challenge started! Hey! stop peeping!

You have one minute to find the word beats and you win these headphones!

Mum: Oh my God, I want some beats, let's do this!

Morgz: Three, two, one, time starts now!

Mum: I'm not gonna lie guys, this is actually hard. I need my glasses.

Morgz: Mum, half the time has gone already and I’m not hearing any progress.

Mum: This is crazy I can't even find a B down here!

Morgz: Everybody make sure throughout this video you guys play along and see if you can find the words before the timer runs out

Mum: How long have I got Morgz?

Morgz: 10 seconds!

10 9 8 7 6…

Morgz: Oh my goodness she did it guys look at that she circled it right down there at
the bottom was beats!
Looks like you didn’t need your glasses after all… there you go!

Mum: oh my God they're my favorite color pink as well!

Morgz: Mum,that's red.

Mum: Red? Oh well maybe I do need glasses but at least I got the beats!

Morgz: Martin find the word iphone in one minute and you just win yourself a new phone, baby!

Martin: A brand new phone!

Morgz: Time starts now!

Martin: Okay guys, I'm looking for an eye. If I find the eye surely give me an f next to it surely
there'd be an f next to it surely, there'd be a f next to it surely, there'd be an f next to it

Morgz: Wait Martin you realize it's not spelled i-f-o-n-e right? It's spelled…

Martin: Don't put me off! Don't put me off Morgz…

Morgz: Times up!

Morgz: Okay guys, next up it is Jensen's turn! He may be young but is he secretly an expert at word searches?

Jensen: No.

Morgz: Oh well uh good luck anyway.

Jensen: Thanks

Morgz: Jensen you have one minute to find the word lego and you win one of the biggest lego
sets of all time!

Jensen: Okay guys, first of what I'm going to do is look for the L because if there’s an L they're probably going to be a lego!

Morgz: Good strategy Jensen however 10 seconds to go already so you better find the L.

Jensen: I did it, I did!

Morgz: Once again guys it went right down to the final few seconds but my man Jensen
came through and got the dub!
Jensen, here comes your lego set!

Jensen: Just give it to me!

Morgz: Here you go!

Jensen: Ahhh! I said give it to me not throw it on me!

Morgz: Okay guys, as you can see I am now in the hot seat!

Mum: Morgz you have one minute to find the word camera and then you'll win this brand new canon gtx!

Morgz: Okay, I'm excited let's go!

Mum: Time starts now!

Morgz: Okay here we go guys I am on the look already oh my gosh this is definitely not as easy as I thought. I Found the word sore! I'm going to be feeling pretty sore if I don't find the word camera!

Mum: Come on, come on Morgz, you do this!

Morgz: Okay, Okay hey guys I found it right?

Mum: Here you go your new camera.

Morgz: Thank you so much! Wow there it is guys, check that out.

I guess there's only one thing left to do now!

Morgz: Okay guys, it's time for round two and this is a really exciting one.
Instead of an item hidden in the word search, now there's gonna be a shop, and if you find
the shop, then you get to buy anything you want from that shop!
And instead of one minute we only have 45 seconds!

Mum: 45 seconds?

Morgz: Your shop is Currys, the electronic store and your time starts now!

Mum: oh my God I'm stuck!

Morgz: You know what? All this talking about currys is making me kind of hungry. I could probably eat a chicken curry right now! 15 seconds left Mum, have you found it yet?

Mum: I can't actually find it…..ahhhh, I’ve found it!

Mum: Guys, as you can see I'm in curry's electronics store and I get to buy everything I want!

Morgz: No. You get to buy anything you want. One thing!

Mum: I thought it was everything? Laptop? That's boring, I've already got one.
A hoverboard? No, I think I'll break that.
Oh hand sanitizer?

Morgz: Mum, I don't think that's for sale!

Mum: Oh I knew that.
Oh my gosh forget everything else… I want this!

Morgz: Mum, have you seen the size of that thing? What do you want with a giant speaker?

Mum: Well obviously to blast the Morgz’s diss track out!

Morgz: Your shop is Gucci and your time starts..Now!!!

Martin: Gucci? Gucci?

Martin: I’ve got to look for double O…double O..double O!

Morgz: Guys surely not sure this can't be happening again?
Please tell me this is some sort of joke?

Seriously listen to me.

Martin: Shh, you’re distracting me again! No way!

Morgz: Martin 10 seconds left.

Martin: 10 seconds? Is that all? Ahhhhhhh!
You are kidding me! Gucci is not on this word search, no way is Gucci on here. There's no
double oh it's not even one O!

Morgz: Martin, it’s because Gucci doesn’t have an O! It has a U!

Morgz: OK guys, Jensen is back! He won the first round, can he do it again?

Jensen: Too easy last round, give me a challenge

Morgz: The shop you're looking for Jensen, and I'm sure you know it, it is Apple!
If you find it I'll buy you anything you want from there!

Jensen: Really? How long do I have though?

Morgz: 45!

Jensen: Oh.

Morgz: Times Up!

Jensen: Oh well, at least I got the Lego set!

Mum: Morgz,your shop is Smyths, the toy shop and your 45 seconds starts now!

Morgz: Oh my gosh guys, here we go let's do this,guys can you see it? Everybody let me
know if you can see it in the comment section down below. I don't see it yet but I really need to find it soon man. I'm running out of time! I found the word andy.. could I win someone called andy?

Mum: Morgz this is not a game.. you've got to find Smyths..stop wasting time!

ten……six… five..four…three…two…one

Morgz: Oh..hahaha..check that out?

Mum: Off to Smyths we go!

Morgz: Okay guys, as you can see we are here in the toy shop and it's time for me to buy anything that I want.

Mum: What are you gonna get then Morgz?

Morgz: I think I'm just gonna get like an xbox or a ps4 or something like that. It's fine you guys can just wait outside and meet me out there okay?
I'll meet you outside okay? See you soon!

Mum: That was weird. What’s he up to? I think I'm gonna follow him.
Ooh my gosh I can't believe it! He's not looking at a game, I knew it!
He wants another unicorn!
Oh bless him….if only he'd got some friends!

Morgz: Just buy me the unicorn let's get out of here before anybody sees!
And I want this pop cutting from the video!

Morgz: In the previous rounds there's just been one word that we've been searching for.
This round we're taking that and we're spinning it on his head.
Inside the word searches for this round there's not just one item, there's loads!
Some really good, some really bad and of course the time is now only 30 seconds!
Morgz: Here we go Mum, your 30 seconds starts now!

Mum: Oh this is impossible!

Morgz: Anything jumping out at you yet Mum? Five seconds gone!

Mum: Mealworms….okay okay look for something else..something else ah KFC! KFC! it's backwards!

Morgz: 10 seconds left you're gonna have to find something better and quick!

Mum: I'm trying oh KFC…oh…I’ve got it, I’ve got…I found Merch!

Mum: KFC was tempting though.. I'll be honest!

Morgz:unfortunately though Mum you could have had a ring, a pc, a hat or also a watch!

Mum: I just got stupid merch!

Morgz: How'd you like it Mum?

Mum: It's fine but it's a little bit too big. Why do I always have to have xxxl?

Morgz: Your 30 seconds starts now!

Martin: I'm going to find something yeah.I found anyone guess what? I found burgers, I found burgers! That’s my favourite food! Yeah..yeah..I found it….BEANS!

Morgz: Which one are you going to pick? You’ve got five seconds left?

Morgz: okay, the last round didn't go too well for you are you feeling more confident
before this round?

Jensen: No.

Morgz: Your 30 seconds starts now. Bro five seconds gone already have you found a word yet?

Jensen: Yes, I've found Treadmill? I don’t want a Treadmill!

Morgz: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2… you were 1 second away from getting a bra or a treadmill and you secured yourself a Nintendo switch!
I think you've done well there!

Jensen: All in a day's work! No games! What? No games!

Morgz: Yeah what's wrong with that?

Jensen: There's no games. What's good about a console when there's no games?

Morgz: Oh my goodness!

Jensen: I was only joking… I only threw the box! it's a Nintendo Switch who wouldn't
Keep this?

Mum: Morgz your 30 seconds starts now!

Morgz: Here we go guys! I am on the scan. Let's do this! It's not a great one, I found the word
nappies… I don't know what I'm supposed to do with nappies. I'm not a baby so, obviously, I'm going to keep looking!

Mum: You better get a move on Morgz, you've got 15 seconds left!

Morgz: Okay I found a gift card up there but I'm gonna keep looking. I think I can find better. I've got ten seconds left right?

Mum: Okay keep going! Ten nine eight seven..

Morgz: I can't find anything better. I'm just gonna go with the gift card, where is it?

Mum: Show us what you've got.

Morgz: I've just circled the one I found… nappies!

Mum: And to make things worse Morgz you missed out on speaker, iPad, keyboard, CAR!

Morgz: You’re telling me there was a car in there?

Mum: Well Morgz, you got nappies!
Morgz are you okay in there?

Morgz: Yeah

Mum: What are you doing?

Morgz: Leave me alone.

Mum: Is something wrong? You've been in there for ages, we're getting really worried. I'm coming in!

Morgz: I wet the bed sometimes…it happens to the best of us. Leave me alone!

Mum: He told me was drink they kept spilling!

Morgz: Okay guys, it is now time for the final round round four and this is the one that we
have all been waiting for this is the big one!

Mum: I thought I was the big one? That's what you call me!

Morgz: And on this word search there is only one item a very expensive item
probably the most valuable one yet it's only a brand new PS5!

This round is gonna be a free-for-all! The first person to find it gets it and
the others get nothing. It is time guys in three, two, one…

All: Oh my God!

Morgz: Yo I'm pretty sure there's only one five on this entire board if we find the five we find it.
I found an x..could just have an xbox instead maybe?

Martin: I’ve got it..I’ve got it! I can't believe it. I've got nothing in this entire video and now I've got a ps5!

Mum: It’s just not fair Martin…oh you don't even know what to do with the ps5. What is it? What's the ps5?

Martin: I can learn! Oh ho oh.. ps5 700 pound! It looks really good to me that does
Morgz! Go and buy it for me…700 pounds..oh, ho ho..700 pounds!

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