Eating The World’s Largest Slice Of Pizza - Morgz Challenge

Eating The World’s Largest Slice Of Pizza - Morgz Challenge

I ATE THE WORLD’S LARGEST PIZZA SLICE! BIGGER THAN MRBEAST PIZZA SLICE! - We made a 8 Foot Long PIZZA Slice, the Biggest Pizza Slice in the world! It was a World Record, and then we Ate the Pizza Slice! What GIANT FOOD Challenge should we do next?

Morgz: I saw a video from Mr Beast where he made the world's largest pizza and ate it.
The video left me feeling really hungry so I wanted to try out for myself but of course if I want to do this that means I need to make a slice of pizza bigger than Mr Beast's six feet long slice of pizza.

Now guys, as I'm sure you know, you can't exactly just walk down to your local pizza shop and ask for the world's largest pizza slice. I'm gonna need to actually make this myself and the only
food I can cook is pot noodles and toast so I don't think I'm qualified for this.

However, I have come up with a plan step number one of the plan is getting the ingredients and I have a feeling this is gonna be expensive.

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Okay guys, as you can see we're at the supermarket and we need to get all the ingredients to make a giant pizza starting with the flour. We need to make the base and we're gonna need a lot… oh my gosh, look at the size of that!

Morgz: Is it heavy Martin?

Martin: oh my goodness that was a workout!

Morgz: check this out guys, this is the sauce that we need and just like the flour we're gonna need a lot of it! Ah.. I think that should do the trick. You know what? They all went in the trolley so I think that was a success!

Okay guys, now it's time to move on to the toppings! And we'll start with the good stuff! The Meat!
Mum: Pepperoni!
Martin: Chicken!

Morgz: Ham slices and now for the boring part, the vegetables!

Mum: Onions!
Martin: Mushrooms!

Morgz: Peppers!
Mum: Tomatoes!
Martin: Sweet corn…they were cold!

Morgz: And now guys, it's time for the final topping and this one is the most controversial of them all..Pineapple!

Guys, comment down below what you think does pineapple belong on pizza!
But I'm getting it!

Yeah now obviously guys, the world's largest pizza slice isn't going to be able to fit in an oven. But I came up with an idea that I think is gonna work!
Earlier today, I ordered an eight foot sheet of metal cut the same shape as my pizza slice.
This ain't no joke guys, this ain't no clickbait!
As you can see, this is the tape measure. The slice is actually eight feet long.

Mum: Check that out so what are we waiting for? Let's start making our giant pizza slice!

Morgz: Okay now that you guys know the plan it's time for the fun part preparing the base and as I said from the start of the video guys, I am a terrible cook so I don't think I'm gonna be much use doing this.

Mum: Did somebody say they were looking for a chef? But look at no further than the Big Mama! This a pizza will be no problem for me!

Morgz: Oh no, mom, not this again!

Mum: Out of my kitchen! Only true chefs can be in this kitchen!

Stepper one, we put all of the flower into the big bowl

Morgz: Mum, I don't think you're supposed to drop the bags in!

Mum: That was an accidental!

Mamma mia! Look at this big chunk of dough! A big a mama can handle anything!
oh um it tasted lovely!

Morgz: I don't think that's very hygienic mom!

Mum: And now for the harder part we have to spread out the pizza base onto the shape! Oh
yes, mamma mia, this is easy!

Morgz: And guys, just like that we are done! Oh my goodness how epic does that look?
Now that we've finished making the base it is time to cover it in the tomato sauce
do you guys, know what time it is time for the timer!

We are covering this entire thing in the tomato sauce.

Hey what are you doing?

Mum: I wasn't doing anything that was just a smell test!
Morgz: Whatever. The next thing we've got to do is prepare all the toppings. Right now,
I'm just chopping up an onion I'm only like two onions in and my eyes are already really stinging!
Boom! Just like that guys, all of the ingredients are prepared.
That actually took us a lot longer than I expected.

Over here we've got all of the vegetables and of course the good stuff, the meat!

Mum what are you doing?

Mum: Just preparing the meat!

Morgz: Now that we've got the toppings prepared it's time to get them onto the pizza.
Oh my goodness guys, the pizza is finished and it looks amazing

Mum: You're forgetting one thing Morgz… Cheese!

Morgz: Guys, I have a bit of a confession and also a confession to everybody watching this video… I don't like cheese so when I make pizza I Make it without the cheese!

Both: Cheese? No cheese on a pizza? No way, No way!

Morgz: It's just one thing that's not on it!
Comment down below if you've ever had a pizza about cheese there's gotta be at least one person watching!

Okay guys, as you can see we have just set up the cooking station inside the garage and the smoke is pouring out already
what we're waiting for guys, let's get this pizza to the garage!

oh my gosh look at this, guys, we're doing it we're getting the pizza into the garage guys, we're almost there we're almost there, come on the garage is just up ahead we're doing it we're gonna do it!

Mum: oh oh right needs to come back!

Morgz: Oh my gosh Ladies and Gentlemen! After over 24 hours of work, I officially present to you the world's largest pizza!

Mum: What are we waiting for Martin? Let's just eat it!

Morgz: Wait, wait, wait, wait, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, you didn't think this
video was just gonna be making it did you?

Martin: Yeah!

Morgz: I'm gonna split this pizza in half down the middle. You two are gonna have one half and I'm gonna have the other half and if you do finish your half before me I'll give you ten thousand dollars!

Okay guys, it's time to begin the pizza battle to begin…Team Morgz versus team Jartin!

three , Two, One… Go!

Martin: Slow down!

Morgz: Oh my gosh, oh oh my goodness, oh my God.. you know what? That is actually
really good!

Mum: Come on, come on…we’re nearly done!

Morgz: Eh, what?..What…where has all the food gone?

Mum: Hang on a second Morgz….you’ve hardly eaten anything?

Morgz: Guys, it looks like those two are done…I've managed to catch up a little bit but I still need to finish this giant piece here and then this right here

Mum: We're way in front Martin I think we're gonna do this

Morgz: Guys, I'm not gonna lie, I've eaten a lot less than those two and my tummy is already starting to hurt a little bit… you guys, must be starting to feel the effects now?

Mum: Nope, we are fine…
Martin: No, we are alright.

Mum: I know we're all right…I'm going to go to the toilet…oh no oh no oh

Morgz: Oh my gosh guys, this is crazy! There is so much food on this plate, how am I gonna do this?

Martin: This is one of the hardest challenges we have ever done…and we have done loads of challenges!

Morgz: Mom how are you OK? Guys, we're about two hours into this challenge right now don't believe me it has literally gone dark outside that's how long we've been eating this flipping pizza

Mum: He’s not lying guys!
Morgz: Here is the pizza update guys, as you can see Mom and Martin are ahead of me. I don't know what I'm gonna do to catch them. They just will not stop eating. The pizza is taking ages so instead of eating the pizza why don't I drink the pizza?

Martin: Oh no…. he's gonna blend it!

Morgz: You know what guys? This is just gonna be like a pizza smoothie! I don't see why
they're saying it's gonna be gross. I think this looks really nice here we go guys, it's time to try my brand new invention… the pizza shake!

Oh my God!!! Oh…..Urgh…..

Morgz: Honestly that was all the worst things I've ever tasted in my life.

Martin:We need to speed up. We need a new tactic!

Mum: But maybe we just need to stop talking Martin… oh oh what about doing the pizza stacker?

Morgz: Pizza stacker?

Martin: What on earth are you gonna do with that?

Mum: Martin…let me show you!

Morgz: oh my God.. oh my goodness.. She's going crazy guys! She's eating six pizza slices at once!

Mum: Now it’s your go!

Martin: Wow! come on then!

Morgz: Oh my God! How the hell am I gonna be able to keep up with this? I'm gonna have to make my own pizza stack or something

Morgz: Guys, look at the state of your faces. Don't you think you’re going a little bit too far?

Mum: There’s money at stake!

Morgz: Oh my God guys, we've been eating now for about three hours. I don't know if I can go on much longer guys, my stomach is absolutely killing me.
You know what, I'm gonna have to follow my mom's footsteps and go with the toilet for a little bit because I feel like I need to.
Mum: You go to the toilet, it's fine. We're probably just gonna have a little rest now.

Martin: Yeah.

Morgz: All right, I mean when you need to go you need to go and I definitely need to go!

Mum: Martin I don't know about you but I am stuffed. I can't eat anymore.
Why don't we just hide the rest of our half of the pizza and then when Morgz gets back we can tell him we've eaten it all?

Martin: Oh haha genius.. yeah, brilliant idea!
Okay come on Jill you can do it!

Mum: I'm trying.

Martin: Come on, quick, oh come on, quick, that's it… oh yeah

Mum: Now we just need to hide it quickly before Morgz comes back into my kitchen all ready to eat later

Martin: Now Jill, let's get back before Morgz gets off the toilet

Mum: He’ll be ages Martin… don't worry!
Morgz.. you've been gone for hours what you've been doing?

Martin: What have you've been up to?

Morgz: it's not been that long has it?

Martin: Ages!

Mum: Absolutely hours!

Morgz: Hours.. wow while I've been gone guys, you've managed to clear your whole plate..congrats!

Mum: Not just the plate Morgz this is it this is the last bit…YES! We won! We got the money!

Morgz: I can't believe it guys, it was just there.. well, a deal's a deal.
Here you go, the ten thousand dollars!

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