Does The Real Life INVISIBILITY Cloak Actually Work? - Morgz Mum

Does The Real Life INVISIBILITY Cloak Actually Work? - Morgz Mum

Morgz & Morgz Mum test some CRAZY Viral Science Experiments to see if they're real and actually work! In partnership with Cartoon Network, watch the brand new show The Fungies weeknights at 6:30pm only on Cartoon Network!

Mum: Hello team Mum and welcome back to another video!
Today we're going to be testing some viral science experiments to see if they actually work!

Morgz: Is water repellent spray real?

Mum: What happens if you blow an air horn underwater?

Morgz: And does the real life invisibility cloak actually work?

Mum: Today we're gonna get you the answers, let's kick this off with experiment number one!
Okay, guys we're gonna kick things off with a bang and we're gonna show you how to make a lava lamp at home using only water, oil, food coloring and a secret ingredient!
First things first, we're gonna pour in the oil!

Both: Wow!

Morgz: Ah oh it's going everywhere!

Mum: Morgz! Try and keep it in the jar it's going all over me!
Next step we need to pour in the water okay, here we go

Mum: What are you doing?

Morgz: What's it look like? I'm pouring the we go and done!

Mum: Next we're gonna add some food coloring into the water.

Morgz: Look at these guys, it's looking colorful already. That looks amazing I think that's gonna
be enough.

Mum: And now the final part to make this come to life, I need to add a special ingredient!

Morgz: Is it lava?

Mum: No Morgz, it's not lava. It's a special fizzy tablet.

Both: Three, two, one, Go!

Morgz: Whoa! Look at that guys, it's bubbling up like crazy in there!
Look at this guys it is crazy in there there is so many different colors and
so many bubbles I can't believe this!

It actually works.

Mum: This is just the first experiment guys and they're gonna get crazier and crazier
so make sure you keep watching to the end you don't want to miss any.

Mum: We've been inspired to do our own home science experiments after watching brand new episodes of the Fungies on Cartoon Network.
Who have kindly sponsored this video.

Morgz: The show follows the main character Seth who loves learning about science and
exploring across Fungie Town and sharing his discoveries with his fellow Fungies.
They also make sure to have loads of fun like we're gonna have in this video.

Mum: There are brand new episodes of the Fungies on weekdays at 6 30 pm only on Cartoon
Network make sure you watch them!

Morgz: But now let's get started with the next experiment.

Okay, guys the next experiment involves this air horn. We're gonna find out what happens when you blow an air horn under water but before we do that, I'm gonna prank Mum and Martin!

Morgz: Hey guys are you ready for the next experiment?

Mum: Just give me a few minutes while just calm myself down!
It almost gave me a heart attack Martin!

Mum: Guys as you can see we've got this massive tank and we're gonna fill this with water
and then see what happens when you put an air horn in it and blow it!

Morgz: Okay, guys now that we've finished filling up the tank it's time to see what happens when
you blow an air horn under water. Is it gonna create an explosion? Is it gonna break the glass?
Who knows guys? We're about to find out!

Mum: Bit scared Morgz!

Morgz: Here we go guys the horn is underwater. We're about to find out what happens when you blow it underwater!

Both: Three, Two, One…..and now the final test we're going to see if the air horn still works!

Morgz: It definitely still works! I'm taking this away from him
It's mine from now on!

Morgz: okay, guys the next experiment is one that I picked out

It's a bit of a weird one but of course if I've picked it it's gonna be a weird one.
Mum, have you ever wanted to sound like a chicken?

Mum: Do you know what Morgz? No I haven't!

Morgz: Oh well my next experiment is a way that you can make chicken sounds using only
a plastic cup, string, a paper clip and a wet paper towel.
It sounds weird but let me just talk you through it.

Mum: Okay, I'm looking forward to this one.

Morgz: Step number one we have to make a little hole in the cup.
Step number two, we thread through a piece of string so we've got a stringed cup.

Mum: We won't be able to use the cup again though Morgz because it's got a hole in it!

Morgz: Yeah, I know okay, next step you've got to attach a paper clip onto the string so
that now it can't get through and then finally you get your wet paper towel wrap it around the string and then pulling this should apparently make a chicken sound. Are you ready?

Mum: I'm ready. Surely this isn't gonna work?

Both: Three, two, one!

Mum: Oh there's a chicken in the house!

Morgz: That's brilliant guys, tell me that doesn't sound like a chicken's cluck?

Morgz: Now Mum, it's your turn. Are you gonna be able to do this for yourself?
Probably not because, uh.. you're a bit um..

Mum: I think you should just shut up Morgz.
I'm gonna use a longer piece of string Morgz so I can get more chicken noises
I'm just gonna thread this through the cup like Morgz showed us earlier and I
Need a paper clip and now I think it's time to let out the chickens!

Both: Three, two, one!

Morgz: Oh my gosh! I'm not gonna lie Mum yours might sound better than mine.

Mum: Actually Morgz, it does! In your face!

Morgz: And since it's so easy, you guys can actually try this one at home. It does actually work! This is pretty sick, it's kind of fun!

Mum: Sorry Morgz I just like this!

Morgz: Okay guys, the next experiment is a really exciting one.
we're going to be testing out if water repellent spray actually works.
I've just sprayed a bunch of items with the water repellent spray and we're
about to get the water put on the items and see if it works.
Starting with this wonderful picture of Mum!

Mum: Morgz, I didn't agree to this. I wanted a picture of you!

Morgz: Okay guys, I've collected some water. Here we go it's time to see if this
actually works.

Three, two, one!

Well guys I guess the paper was kind of a success now let's move on to the next item.

Mum: Oh, there's a piece of bread. I've not had my dinner yet..

Morgz: Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait!

Mum: Oh, it smells funny Morgz!

Morgz: Yes because that's the next item! That's covered in water repellent spray!

Mum: oh okay, I won't eat it then.

Three, two, one!

Morgz: Oh my gosh look at that?

Mum: Well Morgz, I'd say this one definitely worked!

Morgz: Wait, wait why are you eating it?

Mum: I forgot.

Morgz: Okay, guys there is one more item we have covered in the water repellent spray
and Martin who's behind the camera, he's currently wearing it.

Martin: What? Are you on about.. water repellent?

Morgz: That's right Martin, it's your t-shirt! The new halloween merch! We have covered it in the water repellent spray!

Martin: Are you sure it’s going to work? I don’t want to get wet…

Morgz: You better hope so Martin because it's not just the shirt that's gonna be getting wet if it
doesn't work it's gonna be you!

Martin: Oh no!

Morgz: Are you ready Martin?

Martin: No!

Morgz: Three, two, one!

Martin: Well it's running off..I don't feel wet.

Morgz: Hmm okay, interesting.

Mum: Now let's try it with even more water!

Martin: Whoa! What do you mean “more water”? Don't you think this is enough?

Morgz: No. I think we should get some more water!

Martin: I think it might have gone through this time!

Mum: Okay guys, this next experiment that I found is probably the craziest one yet.
Apparently you can make a stick man float!
Yeah I know it sounds ridiculous. Let's go and test this out guys and see if it
actually works.

Okay guys, I’ve finished drawing the stick man. This is what I like to call the Morgz
stick man because it's long and lanky and he's got that silly fluffy hair on top!

Morgz: Hey I can hear, you know.

Mum: Now all we have to do is add the water and apparently it will float
it's as easy as that.

Morgz: There's no way i believe this for a moment I have to see it to
believe it, this is not gonna work.

Mum: But Morgz if we put you in water you float so why shouldn't this?

Three, two, one!

Morgz: Let's go okay, she's adding some water…wait why did he don't do him he's lost
his arm!

Mum: Do you know what Morgz? I think we need a smaller fatter round stick man for it to work!

Morgz: Well I think the perfect person for that. Here we go this is what I like to call the Morgz’sMum stickman!

Mum: Hey Morgz that's nothing like me!

Morgz: Whatever! Let's just see if it floats! There we go guys. I've added the water. Come on Mum I know you want to float!
Come on! Oh my gosh there she goes! Look at that guys big Jill is floating on top of the water that is epic!

Morgz: Now this challenge is inspired by the Fungies and Seth from the Fungies because this is
probably the craziest challenge yet.

I'm sure seth would be super excited to see what happens just like I am right now
So what are we waiting for? Let's find out!

Okay guys, the next experiment is another cola and mentos experiment. You guys all know what happens when you mix diet Cola and mentos and today we've got a whole new twist for it to make it even more insane.

See we've got a watermelon and we're going to be doing the entire cola and mentos
experiment inside of it. What is going gonna happen? I don't know… that's what we're gonna
find out but it's probably gonna be messy so sounds exciting to me!

Mum: Not to me though cause I'm the one who has to clean it up!

Morgz: Of course guys, step number one is adding in the diet cola into the watermelon. This is really weird.I can't believe we are actually doing this!

Mum: I can't believe you're not drinking it!

Morgz: Oh my gosh guys it's fizzing all the way up to the top. Oh it's already coming over the top guys this is insane! This has been a lot more exciting than your average group project. We're gonna keep filling this up guys..we're gonna get it right to the top but this does look fizzy guys so we are in for a big explosion!

Morgz: Mum it's not for drinking!

Mum: I know Morgz.. It’s to go in there!

Morgz: I swear you just use these challenges as an excuse to eat!

Mum: Morgz that is so wrong and disrespectful I don't at all.

Morgz: Okay guys, check this out we have filled this entire watermelon with
coca-cola as you can see it is right to the top and now time for the fun part adding in
these bad boys. everybody make sure you subscribe to the channel and drop a like
are you ready?

Here we go…Three, two, one!

Morgz: Oh my goodness, it's going crazy. it's spilling over the sides! Oh my goodness guys, there is a flipping coke explosion! There's like a volcano in there!

Mum:that was insane guys i think the watermelon actually helped the reaction.

Morgz: Thank you I will leave you to clean it up so see you later!

Mum: Oh, Morgz can't you just do it this time?

Morgz: Nope.. bye!

Mum: Okay guys, Now it's time for the final experiment and this is the one that you've all been waiting for. I've been waiting for it, I'm really excited for this.
Now as you can see from the title, I found an invisibility cloak that actually works or apparently it does. I found this on the internet it cost a lot of money but it says it works so I'm gonna find out if I've wasted my money on a fake or if this invisibility cloak actually works.

Guys make sure you hit that like button and subscribe.

I need some good luck to make this work but now let's get this out of the box and let's
do this okay, guys we're gonna open the box now and look at the cloak!

Morgz: There is no way this is going to work guys, no way!

Wait. No way? This is it..wait a sec..what? Where is she? Where does she go? Whoa what the hell?

Mum: Morgz…watch this then.

Morgz: Oh my gosh guys, I don't even see her anymore this is ridiculous!

Mum: Thanks so much for watching this video!

Morgz: And thank you so much to the Fungies for sponsoring this video and inspiring
us to try out these incredible science experiments. It has been so much fun!

Make sure you guys check out the Fungies weekdays at 6 30 p.m
only on Cartoon Network guys it is epic!

You will love it see you later guys!


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