“Do You TRUST Me” Challenge With Morgz!

“Do You TRUST Me” Challenge With Morgz!

Ultimate TRUST Challenge with Morgz to see whether Morgz Mum or Bald Martin is the better friend to Morgz. In partnership with Cartoon Network, don’t miss the debut of the new Apple & Onion music video starring Morgz! Watch Apple & Onion weekdays 5:30pm on Cartoon Network!

Mum: Hello team Mum and welcome back to another video as you know guys, you know sadly Morgz doesn't have any friends just me and Martin

Morgz: Wait. What? I've loads of friends!

Mum: Where? I've never seen any.

Morgz: Puggo and Bruno, do they count?

Mum: No Morgz, they're dogs.

Martin: So today me and Jill are going head-to-head in some trust face challenges.

Mum: To see who is Morgz's best friend!

Morgz: Out of the two I still think it's Puggo!

This video is also in partnership with Cartoon Network and Apple And Onion. I love Apple And Onion. It's one of my favorite shows. It's so hilarious and good news guys, there are brand new
episodes starting 5th of October weekdays at 5 30 pm on Cartoon Network.

In the show Apple And Onion are best friends they always have each other's back throughout the adventures they go on, so today we're going to find out who has my back the most,Mum or Martin and that's not all I'm gonna be rewarding the winner of each challenge with prizes!

Okay guys,,,, it's time for the first challenge and we're kicking it off with a bang!
As you can see I've got a ladder and behind me of course is the freezing cold pool

Mum and Martin are both gonna have to hold me over the pool without dropping me in because of course a good friend would never drop another friend into a freezing cold pool and the winner is the one that holds me over the pool without dropping me in. The question is guys, who's going first?

Martin: I'll go first with these massive arms there's no way I'm dropping you in!

Morgz: Okay guys, as you can see me and Martin are now up. Martin's up the ladder I'm
above the pool this is actually kind of spooky when you get up here I'm a little bit nervous
Three two one Go!

Oh my gosh! You've done it Martin! You're doing it! All right back up, back up. Guys, it went well and Martin completed the challenge, you held me!

Okay guys,as you can see me and Mum are now in position.
How are you feeling Mum?

Mum: Nervous Morgz, if I'm honest!

Morgz: Don't worry Mum, I trust you. You can do this!

Three, Two One!

Morgz: Okay! I'm going, I'm going

Mum:Oh my God it I'm sorry you were just too heavy!

Morgz: Well you know what Mum? This is what you get for pushing me in, loser!

Mum: Well it looks like I'm gonna have to get dried off now too!

Morgz: Now guys, because Mum dropped me in and Martin didn't that of course means Martin wins that challenge and it's time for him to get his first prize!

You get the feature in a music video with me because…

Martin: Thank you… hmm

Morgz: Martin what should we do is put the tv on!

Morgz:let's watch some tv

Martin: Good idea! Morgz: Ohhhh Apple and Onion! Nice! That's my favorite show on Cartoon Network! It's hilarious!

Martin: And the music's pretty catchy too!

Morgz: You're right you know what Martin? Let's crank this up louder!

Oh whoa what happened?

Martin: I think we're inside the tv!

Morgz: No we're hot dog and bun inside Apple And Onion on Cartoon Network!

Martin; That's so cool! How do we get out of here?

Morgz: I don't know I think we have to..wait… makes you want to break out and song and dance like Apple And Onion do!
What the heck I'm making a music video for Apple And Onion on Cartoon Network dream come true!

Whoa that was insane!

Martin: That was amazing! So much fun!

Morgz:I can't wait to watch the new episodes of Apple and Onion on Cartoon Network

Martin: Yeah guys, it was so much fun making a music video for Apple And Onion with Cartoon Network! That was one of the craziest things I've ever done!

Motgz: Did you enjoy your prize?

Martin: I did that was fantastic Morgz.

Morgz: Now guys, let's move on to the next challenge!

Okay guys, now that I'm all dried off and I've warmed up a little bit it's time for the next challenge and this one is an epic one.
This is what I like to call the blindfolded treasure hunt challenge.
I'm gonna be blindfolded and Mum and Martin will each have to lead me to something in the house and whoever gets me there in the quickest time wins!
You guys better be careful though because I'm trusting you to get me there safely without me falling over.
A good friend would not knock over their friend. Okay guys, as you can see I've got my blindfold on and the first person to guide me is Mum!

Mum: Morgz, I'm here!

oh as soon as i say it when you can set off you have to guide me to my gaming setup!

Mum: Forward, forward, forward, forward, forward, forward, forward, forward, forward, you're going quite, possibly right, we're going to go through the door, we're heading for the door!

Morgz: I've got a good grip of your hair so you can guide me!

Mum: Don't hit the door! Go to the left, go to the left of it, forward, okay, okay, forward
now, we're going to side, step to the right, right again!

Morgz: Oh sorry I don't know my left and right!


Morgz: I don't know if this is the safest technique!

Mum: No stop! Coming, stop jumping, stop jumping, for the chair
Morgz: I don't know where the chair is!

Well guys, I've just checked the timer and it took Mum 75 seconds to get me to my gaming setup. The question now is can Martin beat it? Let's find out!

Okay Martin the place I want you to take me is the hot tub! Yeah time starts now

Martin: away let's go straight forward forward forward forward oh this is too slow Morgz I've got a better idea

Morgz: What what are you doing Martin?

Martin: Jump up, jump jump

Morgz: What?

Martin: One, Two, Three, Four, Oh my gosh! How much do you weigh?

Morgz: I think about 200 pounds!

Martin: go oh my this is the best idea ever oh!

Morgz: Where are we? There yeah don't feel like we're even outside yet

Martin: We're nearly there Oh my gosh! I've got to step down

Morgz: Oh my God I think we're almost there I can feel the cold there, why are you

Martin:I'm going to do it

Morgz: But you messed up you dropped me! Best friends don't drop best friends!

Martin: I didn't realize you weighed that much!

Mum: That means I'm the winner of that round! Yes!!! What's the prize Morgz? What's the prize?

Morgz: Come with me and I'll hand it over to you okay?
This gift right here is probably one of the most meaningful gifts I've ever given to you!

Mum: Oh my God I know what it is!

Morgz: Know how?

Mum: It's chocolate.

Morgz: No it's not chocolate!

Mum: Oh.

Morgz: Seeing as this video is all about best friends and giving back, I want to give back to you with this awesome award for all the help you've given me throughout my YouTube journey. Here you go Mum, open it up.

Mum: Oh my gosh! I can't believe it. Look at that!

Morgz: Mum that has a diamond play button team award for all the help you've given me on my journey to 10 million subscribers

Mum: guys, I have never seen anything like that before I didn't even know that YouTube did these!

Morgz:There you go Mum enjoy your new award from YouTube!

Okay guys, I'm about to read out three different statements. Two of them will be true, one of them will be false and you guys have to guess which one is the lie.

Morgz: My favorite sport is football?

Mum: I think that's true!

Martin: Me too. Yeah definitely true!

Morgz: I once pooped myself in public!

Mum: Oh I hope that's not true! No definitely not!

Martin: I think that's true I think that's something you would do

Mum: Oh Martin that's gross!

Morgz: And the last one, I watched Apple And Onion on Cartoon Network for five hours straight!

Martin: Five hours? That is definitely a lie!

Mum: Well I think it's true because I know how much he loves the show!

Morgz: it's time to reveal guys, that the lie was I pooped myself in public!

Morgz: I'm six foot five inch tall

Mum: I think that's probably true I mean you're so tall and lanky you're like a Giraffe!

Martin: That is the lie.

Morgz: I smashed my controller playing Xbox.

Martin: True definitely!

Mum: I don't agree with that one i think that's the lie there is no way Morgz would smash something that he paid for.

Morgz: I sometimes click bait on my YouTube channel!

Both: oh that's true,true,true, definitely true, yeah definitely!

Morgz: It's time to reveal the lie was I am 6 feet 5! I'm actually six foot four!

Now guys, it goes down to the final three questions let's see who's gonna win this round!

I have over two billion views on my YouTube channel.

Both: True.. that is true!

Morgz: Onions are my favorite vegetables.

Martin: True.That's right his breath smells all the time.

Mum: it's true. that his breath smells but i don't think it's true the onions his favorite vegetable.
I think that's the lie!

Morgz: And finally I watch all Morgz's Mum videos!

Martin: No. That's a lie. That is definitely a lie.

Mum: What do you mean it's a lie? Of course it's true!

Morgz: This is it guys, I can reveal that the lie was that i watched all the Morgz’s Mums videos!

Martin is the winner! You get some of the brand new Morgz merch that’s just dropped!

Okay guys, this next challenge is a crazy one. As you can see right now, I'm outside on the football pitch.
On this table right here are three water bottles. You're each gonna get three shots
with the football to knock down the three bottles and any bottles that you don't knock down will be going on my head soI am really trusting you guys here and of course whoever hits the most
down will be the winner of the prize.

Martin: You guys saw the skills that I had in the football video so I'm definitely gonna knock these bottles down.

Morgz: Seeing as you've got the ball Mum you can go first!

Okay Mum are you ready?

Mum: Morgz I'm ready. I won't let you down

Martin: I'm not sure about that!

Mum: Stop it Martin! Stop trying to put me off!

Three Two One..Go!

Morgz: oh no Mum, you barely got the ball off the ground!

Mum: I didn't actually get it off the ground I don't think Morgz

Morgz: Come on Mum at the Moment there's three bottles going on my head
That much that was closer Mum but now you've only got one kick left and you
somehow need to kick over all of the bottles! Mum you didn’t manage to get all three of
them but you got two that means only one bottle is going on my head that's not actually too bad I'm kind of happy with that!

Martin: But now it's time for me to beat that! I want that prize! Come on!

Morgz: That means Mum you're the loser and you get to put a bottle of water on my head!
Mum: oh sorry Morgz
Morgz: Before I get drenched in water guys, I'm gonna give Martin his prize and as you can see
it's the same box as earlier do you know what that means?

Martin: it could be the same prize as Jill's ?

Martin: Oh my gosh! this is brilliant this is ace look at that guys, it's just like Jill’s!

Morgz: But look it's got Bald Martin on it!

Martin : Thank you Morgz I never thought I’d see my name on an award!

Morgz: It's okay Martin you earned it by being a good friend!

Okay guys, we're outside as you can see the bottle of water is right there and Mum is holding it this is gonna get messy!

Three, Two, One…oh it's so cold I'm going inside and getting dried off!

Okay guys, it is now time for the final challenge and this one is the craziest one yet.
As you can see right here in the living room, we have set up loads of cups and on all of the cups is of course Apples and onions.

Earlier we did a blindfolded treasure hunt, well this is going to be like that but more extreme because I'm going to be blindfolded and Mum and Martin are going to have to try and get me through the course without knocking over any cups over there is 25 cups in the
course as well, so this is gonna be very tricky.

Mum: So we've got to get you through there without knocking over a single cup?
Martin: No way!

Morgz: Well Mum, you're up first so good luck.

Mum: I think I'm gonna need it!

Morgz: Okay I've got my blindfold on guys, Mum are you ready?

Mum: As ready as I'll ever be Morgz for this

Mum: Your left leg, take it forward and left of it bring it towards right towards my voice
open your legs. That's okay we can keep going I want you to slowly come forward a little bit just turn to your left slightly back to your right not only anything else!

Morgz: Oh my God I'm going forward!

Mum: You meant to be a friend you meant to listen to me well Morgz you knocked over three apples and one onion so that's four items the question is can Martin give you better directions than me?
Or will you listen to Martin better than you listened to me?

Morgz: Here we go again guys, I'm in position I'm blindfolded the comfortable jumble a lot different and Martin of course is at the wheel

Martin: I guess let's just start all right, we're taking this nice and easy. Right leg two inches forward two feet ful..l oh oh oh oh oh oh.. stop, stop, stop, don't move! Calm down! keep instructions now walk straight okay so just walk no, no,no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, n,o no,no ,you've just knocked another one over!

Morgz: You said no stay still stay still!

Martin: Okay turn to your left oh oh….what’s he doing:

Mum: I think you need to switch him off Martin!

Morgz: Goodness Mum clearly wins, that was a disaster!

Mum: I thought it was bad for me but that was terrible. I'm the winner, Morgz what's my prize?

Morgz: Mum I'm happy to say for your prize you're gonna be going on holiday! Spain, France, Italy, America!

Mum:Hang on a sec Morgz the last time you took me on holiday it was a ten dollar hotel and it was disgusting!

Morgz: No, I promise this one isn't a ten dollar one okay?

Mum: I don't know if I believe you!

Morgz: I just want to say a massive thank you to Cartoon Network for making this video come to life.
It's been so much fun doing all these epic challenges!
Just to remind you guys, Apple And Onion Episodes are on weekdays at 5 30 p.m from the 5th of October.
There will be a link in the description where you can watch some clips from the show.
Go check it out, it's so funny and guys, if you've got Tik Tiok go use my song and I'll be watching them!
Peace out!

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