Destroying Morgz PS4 & Buying Him 100 New PS5’s… ($50,000) - Morgz Challenge

Destroying Morgz PS4 & Buying Him 100 New PS5’s… ($50,000) - Morgz Challenge

Destroying Morgz's PS4 and then Buying Him 100 Brand New PS5's (worth over $50,000). I can't believe Morgz Mum, Bald Martin and My Girlfriend Tamzin Pranked me by destroying my PlayStation 4 then surprised me with 100 Brand New PlayStation 5's which are all sold out! Watch to the end to see my reaction and how they managed to do it!

Jill: We managed to get 100 PS5!

Bald Martin: Yo guys, it's me Morgz…only joking it's me Bald Martin!

Jill: And me big Jill. Today we've taken over the Morgz channel
and we're doing something unthinkable..we're being nice. I'm definitely not used to this.

Tamzin: As you guys know the PS5 has just come out and Morgz loves gaming and he loves the
PS4. Morgz always tells us how much he really wants a PS5 but unfortunately he didn't get one
before they all sold out.

Martin: Don't worry guys, because we know a guy who knows a guy who has a best friend whose cousin's second removed cousin works for Playstation!

Jill: Well I'm not sure that they needed to know all of that Martin.
But anyway we managed to get 100 PS5

Tamzin: But before we surprise Morgz with these PS5s we need to mess with him a little bit.

Jill: Who doesn't love seeing Morgz angry?

Now guys me, Tammy and Martin have come up with a plan how we're gonna mess with
Morgz and it's genius.

As you can see Morgz in his office playing on his PS4. I think he's doing some sort of gaming
24-hour challenge. The first thing we need to do is get that PS4 off Morgz and then I think you all know what's gonna happen next.

So Tamzin’s given me this hard drive with some software installed on it and once installed on Morgz's PS4 it should corrupt it and then we'll get the PS4 off him and take it to be repaired
but really it's gonna get destroyed!

Morgz: Okay guys, we are a few hours into this challenge right now we've played some FIFA,
we've played some GTA now, it's time for Rocket League.
Hello Mum, what are you doing?

Jill: Is your PS4 okay?

Morgz: Yeah it's fine, why would my PS4 not be okay?

Jill: I mean I heard about that virus thing that's going around Morgz.

Morgz: What? What are you talking about “virusy thing”? I'm trying to play Rocket League Mum.

Jill: Right okay, but I don't understand fully what, what it is but apparently there's a problem Morgz where hackers can get onto your account and delete all your software and everybody's been buying this software. It's like, it's like an antivirus to stop people getting in hackers. Tamzin loaded it onto here for you.

Morgz: Are you serious? Why haven't I heard about this?

Jill: Well, Tamzin’s told me all about it it's affected her brothers and their friends.

Morgz: Well then what we're waiting for? I'm trying to do a video game and I need to be able to game a game every day give me that.

Jill: Just plug it in and it's fine.

Morgz: Mum, seriously are you sure about this? It's making some sort of weird clicking sound

Jill: Well Tamzin said that's what you need to do Morgz.

Morgz: It's definitely not a joke is it? It's not a goof or some sort of gag or something?

Jill: No Morgz you just got to be careful there's hackers everywhere. Morgz? Is it meant to say that?

Morgz: Wait… what? what? is that.. what is that, what is that why does it say that?

Jill: Is that not good?

Morgz: What the hell are you talking about? The database is corrupted, what the hell have you done? What have you done? oh my goodness you've just broken my PS4! Halfway through a video about stopping the game, you've broken it!

Jill: Once or twice she said that it doesn't work and all you have to do is just take it to the repair shop. It's a five minute job you just tweek you something quickly just give it to me.

Morgz: Forget the video, yeah it better work.

Jill: One hour to get to the repair shop. Oh careful we nearly dropped it! I'll be an hour.

Jill: Guys, guys, guys, we've done it. The next part of the plan is to destroy the PS4 but
for that we need more than to be distracted.

Tamzin: Morgz has just released a new mini game on Morgz ultimate challenge we all know that he absolutely loves promoting that game what better than to make him play it?

Jill: Come on Martin, let's go and destroy the PS4 while Tamzin distracts Morgz in his office.

Morgz: Okay Tamzin, are you ready to play Morgz Ultimate Challenge?

Jill: Right guys, as you can see we're outside the house and I'm sat inside the Range Rover and you know what that means?

Bald Martin: It's time to run over the PS4!

Jill: Let's go!

Bald Martin: Jill, is that all you've got? Let's do it again!

Jill: Yes sir! It sounded like a packet of crisps!

Bald Martin: I don't think it's totally destroyed so let's work on it a bit more!

Morgz: Here we go guys, let's see if I can beat my own score,probably not because I'm amazing so how am I going to beat myself? Hey, hey, what are you doing?

Jill: Guys Martin's just run off with a PS4 and he says he's got a really good idea, a way to destroy it. Wait a minute, I can see Martin in the reflection of the camera.

Martin, what are you doing up there?

Martin: What do you think Jill? I'm gonna drop this PS4 from this window and smash it on the floor!

Jill: Brilliant idea Martin!

Martin: Three, two, one

Jill: Oh my gosh!
Morgz: Whoa, whoa what was that? I swear I just heard some sort of bang.

Tamzin: You must be going mad because I didn't hear anything!

Jill: Well, there's a few scuffs around the front and this bits come a little bit loose but other than that there's nothing. The PS4 is not going to survive a sledgehammer attack… Three, two, one..

Morgz: Whoa, whoa…I definitely heard something then.

Tamzin: No,no maybe I just farted you maybe had some meal you thought who knows?

Morgz: You just farted?

Tamzin: Yes!

Jill: Oh no I've broken my bedside cabinet! Who cares? Let's keep going!

Martin: Jill, i think you've done more damage to the cabinet than you have done to the PS4!

Jill: Yep, I think we're gonna have to keep going!

Morgz: Oh guys, do I want that skin or maybe that skin or that one? I could be a shark
or a pug or I could be a clown maybe a dinosaur. I could have an afro oh which one am I..

Martin: What possibly could we use next to destroy the PS4? I know….

Jill: Martin, safety first!

Martin: These are swimming goggles!

Morgz: Okay Tamzin, if you beat my score on food or not food I'm gonna give you 100 pounds!

Tamzin: 100? should be 1000.

Martin: Here we go!

Morgz: So weird!

Tamzin: No, what are you doing?

Morgz: I can just I can take this with me. I can take the game with you stay here.

Tamzin: No,stay here and play, stay here and play!

Jill: Well Martin, i would say that that is a massive success it is completely destroyed

Morgz: Hang on a minute, hang on a minute. I haven't seen you two all day. I've been
hearing weird noises all day and then I come outside and you two are stood here
looking really guilty and for some reason Tamzin doesn't want me to go outside so what
the hell is going on here?

Jill: I'm just coming back… going to the repair shop.

Morgz: You can't even get your words out somebody's clearly…. oh what happened to
repairing my PS4?

Jill: Yeah it's… we had to leave.. we had to leave you at the shop but the repairman
said we had to leave it because the hackers have no spare parts…

Jill: and yeah this yeah yeah so we're gonna go back for it in a bit.

Morgz: Why the hell is there a hard hat and goggles?

Tamzin: That's weird.

Morgz: Yeah that is weird isn't it Tamzin?

Jill: After we dropped the PS4 off we went to the building shop.. yeah yeah and we
bought some more building supplies for the videos. We got some swimming goggles from the building shop and the hard hat.

Tamzin: See Morgz, nothing to be worried about.

Martin: That's why we've got the camera we're going to take some photos..yeah look obviously, how's that look? Perfect.

Morgz: Martin you look like an idiot. It wouldn't be the weirdest thing you two have done.
i'm just gonna go back inside and carry on gaming okay?

Jill: Phew, I think we've got away with it..

Martin: Thank God for that.

Morgz: Actually I got a minute hang on hang on…for just one minute. What is that over there? That big pile of mess?

Tamzin: Nothing.

Morgz: No, no, hang on a minute..what is that what next what is that mess over there?
There's a big pile of mess on the wall!

Martin: What are you doing Morgz?

Morgz: Give me that..give me..give me it Martin. It looks kind of familiar to me. There's a
triangle there, over here there's, there's a circle on this piece and that's a square and then this here, there's a cross. Have you two destroyed my PS4?

Morgz: Out of my way, out my way right now, Ohhhh! No!!! What what did you do? what did you do?

Jill: Martin did it?

Morgz: Are you kidding me, are you kidding me? Why would you do that?

Jill; It was Tamzin’s idea!

Tamzin: It wasn't my idea!

Morgz: Why did you do that?

Martin: Calm down, calm dow!

Morgz: I'm not calming down!

Jill: He seems to have taken it pretty well!

Morgz: Ahhhh what? Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? Why would you do that
why would you do that man, what's wrong with you?

Martin: I just dropped it on the floor, you have just destroyed it!

Morgz: You’d better watch your mouth right now,you bald idiot.What have you done?

Jill: Morgz just calm down it was fine, we went to the repair shop and we got it repaired the hackers… it was all sorted out but then coming back, the car broke down and there was a
bright light above us and a spaceship came down and the aliens
took it and threw it out of the spaceship as it went away!

Morgz: Are you kidding me? It was aliens?

Jill: Aliens!

Morgz: What the hell is wrong with this family? Why would you do this? You're supposed to
be my girlfriend, you're supposed to love me! You're not supposed to destroy my game.
You're my mum, you.. you're my actual mum and you've destroyed my PS4 one of my belongings that I paid for, and you you… you're just a stupid idiot, get that off your head!
You're like a right idiot, why have you done this?

You know what I don't care whose idea it was you're all equally as guilty and you're
all equally as mean for doing such a horrible thing to me I was literally just trying to do
my video in peace you three of came in and ruined it, you've ruined my day
and I'm sick of all of yer.. I'm going inside, leave me alone.

Martin: Do you think we'll be able to fix it?

Tamzin: Morgz, Morgz come on what are you doing come out of there.

Morgz: Honestly, just leave me alone, seriously. Just leave me alone.
Sorry, just leave me alone.

Tamzin: Oh Morgz, stop it!
Guys this isn't good. I think he's being genuinely serious. He seems really upset.
He's packing his case guys he wants to go!

Jill: Ah..No, wow we've taken it too far I think we need to get the surprise ready now

Tamzin: Yeah I agree!

Jill: Guys, it's the time you've all been waiting for, it's time to surprise Morgz with a
PS5 or should i say lots of PS5? We're gonna set this up on Morgz's desk and then call him down and surprise him! Come on, here we go guys it's time to unbox the brand new PS5!

Well we better do it quickly before Morgz leaves home!
Here we go guys who is excited?

Ah that is beautiful! Wow look at that? It's all shiny and new!
Morgz's got a hundred of these, he's a lucky boy.

Jill: It's Morgz, he's getting ready to leave! Tammy, we've got to stop him!

Tamzin: Oh my God Jill, let's go now! Go, go, go!

Jill: Wait Morgz don’t walk away, don't go!

Morgz: Guys, I just want to go. I don't want to deal with any of this right now.

Jill: You forgot something!

Morgz: Seriously what is going on? What have I forgotten? I don't want to listen to you right now.

Jill: You've left something really important in your office before you leave please just go and have a look!

Morgz: Is this just another prank or something

Tamzin: No just stop being stubborn, come on!

Jill: Come on Morgz, you really want to see this come on!

Martin: Come on Morgz come and have another look mate.

All: Come on, come on

Morgz: Okay, okay fine.

What is it guys? What what am I forgetting? I don't see anything.
I don't see anything.

Jill: Hey sit down, obviously very stressed. Morgz,Can you not see anything on your desk

Martin: Have you seen something?

Morgz: What? What is that? That’s a PS5!

All: Yay!

Morgz: How did you get that? Is that mine?

Jill: It’s on your desk……it’s yours!

Morgz: That….that’s mine?

Tamzin: It’s yours Morgz!

Morgz: Wait, did you break my Ps4 to get me the new one?

All: Yes!

Morgz: It's a PS5! I can't believe it! I've been trying to get one of these for so
Long. Iwas sat when they were dropping on amazon, on game I was just waiting!
How did you even get one of these?

Martin: I know a guy, who knows a guy, who knows a guy's cousin, a cousin twice removed and he also…

Morgz: Ok Martin, I get it, I get it! Guys, what am I waiting for? Let me, let me turn this thing on! Oh my God!

Whoa, whoa! Guys look at that this? It’s so epic I've got a PS5!

Thank you guys so much for this honestly! I feel like i'm gonna cry. You don't understand how much I wanted one of these. I'm so happy honestly, thank you guys so much.

Jill: Morgz, that may not be the end of the surprise. You might want to walk into the kitchen
and now have a look in there!

Morgz: I don't know what to say are we there?

Jill: Right stop

All: Three, two, one

Morgz: What? Yo why are there so many PS5’s??

Jill: That's not them all Morgz there's loads more as well! Happy holy christmas!

Morgz: Guys, I feel bad with all these PS5 to myself so I am going to be giving away one of them to one of you guys.

All you have to do is download Morgz ultimate challenge and reach level 10 and then once you're done share your level on social media and you could win thank you for watching, I'm gonna go play!


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