Best Drawing, Wins the NEW IPHONE - Challenge

Best Drawing, Wins the NEW IPHONE - Challenge

The Best Drawing WINS the NEW Unreleased iPhone 13 Challenge Plus More Prizes including a Supercar, Xbox Series X, Giant TV, Luis Vuitton, Rolex Watch... Whoever Draws it The Best, Wins It Challenge featuring Morgz VS Morgz Mum VS Bald Martin with Mini Morgz judging the drawings to chose a winner for each prize! (iPhone 13 Edition)

Best Drawing, Wins the NEW IPHONE

Morgz: Today we're going to be drawing different expensive items and whoever draws them
the best wins them in real life!

As the challenge goes on the prizes are going to get more and more expensive but the challenge is going to get harder and harder. Each round we have less and less time to draw until the final round where we have 30 seconds.

Jill: That's tough Morgz 30 seconds, but I'm a true artist, look at this!

Morgz: Is that supposed to be me?

Martin: Okay, for the first round we have five minutes to draw and now I'm putting it on the line these louis vuitton sunglasses!

Morgz: Oh, yo I wouldn't mind winning those.

Martin: Time starts now!

Morgz: Okay guys, for my drawing I'm gonna try and include both the sunglasses
and the box!

Jill: Oh no, we already have a problem..

Morgz: What is it?

Jill: One of the eyeglass things is bigger than the other!

Morgz: Are you sure that's even supposed to be sunglasses or is that wheels of a car?

Jill: I've got my shape guys as you can see and you know what I think this looks identical.

Morgz: Identical to what? Because it don't look like them sunglasses!

Martin: Two minutes gone already!

Both: Two minutes!?

Morgz: Oh my goodness this is going quicker than I thought. Guys, I've done my outline
of the sunglasses as you can see now I need to color in the lenses but this is gonna take quite a while.

Jill: Guys, I'm a genius I've added my beautiful reflection in the glass!

Morgz: Ten seconds left guys.

Martin: Let's go to Jensen and see who the winner is!

Jensen: Hello everyone my name is Jensen and I am the special judge for today. I'm not being nice today, if you're drawing bad you're gonna know about it.

Morgz: Yo guys, I'm kind of nervous for this now. I thought bringing minnie Morgz who was
gonna let us off easy! Here you go Jensen….

Jensen: All right, let me look at these drawings..Oh God what is that? Is that an alien children look away!

Jill: Guys, I don't think he liked the picture of me in it!

Jensen: Well, I already know who drawing this is. It's a bald idiot that can't spell. That's not how you spell louis vuitton.

Martin: Darn it. Maybe I should go back to spelling class.

Jensen: And now for the last one.. oh, this one's actually quite good and the name is actually spelt right unlike Martin, so there's no alien in the picture I'm going with this one.

Morgz: Hey thank you Jensen, round one goes to me!

Jensen: Are you sure you want them Morgz? Because they clearly look better on me.

Morgz: Okay guys, it's time for the next round and we have this time only four minutes to draw.

Jill: The prize is a McLaren supercar.

Morgz: Okay guys, drawing cars is not easy so I'm gonna start with an outline and try and work it from there.

Martin: You could have picked something easier than a car!

Morgz: Okay I've got some sort of outline guys. I don't know if it's looking too great but I guess I could try and work it out.

Martin: Well you're gonna have to work out in three minutes because one minute is already gone!

Morgz: Oh my gosh! This challenge is too hard!

Jill: Guys what do you think? Do you think it looks like a car?

Morgz: Mum, that looks like some sort of alien spaceship!

Jill: And look, I've added Jensen and I've even colored his top red because that's his favorite color!

Martin: I'm coloring in my car as fast as I can, time's running out!

Morgz: Oh guys, I've got so much car to color in and not much time!

Martin: Me too Morgz, me too!

Jill: Well guess what? I'm done. And you only got 10 seconds left!

Morgz: As you can see, here are our McClarens. Make sure you comment below whose is
your favorite. But now it's time to go to the man with the power mini Morgz.

Jensen: Okay guys, so below me is the McClaren, so which one of you is gonna win
This? It's time to find out!

Jill: Here you go Jensen, pick a winner.

Jensen: Jill, I'm not expecting much from you after last round. What on earth is this? it's not even been drawn in the right color.

Martin: What? I thought the car was pink!

Jensen: A five-year-old could have done better. This one's actually pretty damn good. Whoever draws this I think's gonna win. Oh this one's terrible!

Jill: Jensen, you do realize who that is? It's me and you driving in the McLaren so if I win that'll be us just going for a little drive!

Jensen: Sorry guys I'm easily bribed!

Morgz: Okay we're now down to three minutes for this round and the value of the items just keeps increasing because I'm putting on the line my rolex.

Martin: Hoo hoo That will look good on my wrist!

Morgz: Time starts… what do you think you're doing? Time starts now!

Morgz: Okay I've got the yellow!

Martin: I've got the green!

Jill; I’ve got the grey!

Morgz: You don’t anymore! Okay for this one guys, I'm thinking of putting a lot of detail on the actual watch doing a really big version of the rolex. I want to get every single diamond. I want to get every single bit of the clock, I want to get it all in.

Martin; That's cool Morgz but I'm going to include the box as well as the rolex.

Jill: I don't actually know what I'm doing I'm just making it up as I go along.

Morgz: I'm just dotting away guys adding my diamonds.

Martin: Look at that guys? Now I've gotta finish my watch off as quick as possible!

Morgz: As you can see I've drawn the watch and of course the logo.

Jill: And here's mine guys!

Martin: And here's mine guys so let's go to Jensen and see who he likes the most.

Morgz: Here you go Jensen!

Jensen: Oh, give me those. Oh my God, this one's definitely you know why?
Because he spelt it wrong again!

They're both kind of good but which one do I like more? The color is good on this one it's got
good detail. I'm not so sure why there's an orange hand on this one I'm gonna go with this one.

Morgz: Yes! Thank you Jensen. I get to keep my rolex! There she is… wait, where is she?

Jensen: shh don't tell Morgz!

Martin: The item going on the line is a giant tv!

Jill: I love giant tvs!

Morgz: Time starts now guys! Let's do this!

Jill: I know what I'm gonna draw on my tv, my favorite youtuber minnie Morgz.
Morgz: Whoa, whoa, you're not doing this again are you? Just wanting him to vote for you.

Jill: No, he is my favorite youtuber.

Morgz: Okay, I've drawn my outline guys now it's time to get started on what's
going to be on my screen.

Jill: Look at that guys, it looks just like him. He's definitely going to vote for me!

Editor: Are you sure about that?

Morgz: Well mom, I'm not cheating and drawing Jensen. what I'm doing is being artistic and I've drawn a nice countryside!

Jill: Morgz, you don't even know what the countryside is you barely leave the house you loner!

Morgz: Mum, I know for a fact Jensen is gonna like mine more he's gonna appreciate the artistic value of it.

Jill: Mine's definitely gonna win!

Morgz: No chance, I've got this I tell ya last few seconds mom, time to add your final details not
like it matters anyway because I'm gonna win.

Jill: Don't be so stupid Morgz, I'm gonna win with my special Jensen picture.

Morgz: Three, two, one, times up! Pens down. Guys, here is mine: the winning tv!

Jill: Boring and here's mine the actual winning tv

Morgz: I am definitely gonna win!

Jill: Morgz yours is….

Martin: Silence please. While you two was arguing, I drew this masterpiece. The actual winning tv. Let's go over to Jensen. There you go Jensen. I think you're really gonna like mine.

Jensen: I'm not so sure about that. Okay so we've got trees..nature.. boring. I don't care about nature. I don't go outside, I Know I should just put video games on there or something.
Oh minnie Morgz, number one youtuber.
This is epic. I don't think anything's gonna top this. Oh my god, it's beautiful. Oh my God. This is the best thing ever. It's so good. I love it so much. How did you know that peppa pig is also my favorite show?

Martin: Finally I've won! I've won! Yes!

Morgz: Okay guys, this challenge is about to go to a whole new level because we've only
Got one minute.

Both: One minute?

Morgz: And it's not gonna be easy because the next item is an xbox
series X!

Morgz: Whoa! Oh my God guys! I've got the ps5 but I need this xbox.

Three, two, one! Let's go! where's the black?

Morgz: I've got my outline guys but coloring this in is gonna be a huge problem with the time that we have.

Jill: you're right Morgz that's why I did mine really small so that I can color it in as quick as

Morgz: 15 seconds left guys this is the last chance for any finishing touches.

Martin: Oh I've got one more side to color in.

Morgz: Me too Martin, it's taking so damn long

Jill: Five, four, three, two, one…finish your drawings. Stop drawing..STOP drawing!

Morgz: Guys, believe me when I say that was so tough. One minute to draw is not very
Long. Unless you draw like a two-year-old like mum then one minute is actually quite a
long time.

Here are our xbox series x's guys remember to let us know which is your favorite in the comments. I managed to get the console and then the xbox logo.

Jill: I just got everything in my Morgz because it's that good.

Martin: Same here, I've got the controller as well.

Morgz: Martin I really don't think you can call that thing a controller.
Let's go find out who's getting himself an xbox.
There you go Jensen, enjoy.

Jensen: I don't think I will enjoy. Some of these drawings have been terrible.

Jensen: What on earth is this? This is a disgrace to video games. Do you call that a controller? What's with this controller, it looks like it's got two eyes and a nose. I can tell who did these two ..the two boomers.

Jill: Hey! I heard that!

Martin: What's a boomer?

Jill: Us!

Jensen: Oh this one here is clearly the best. Congratulations Morgz you win the xbox!

Morgz: Okay guys, it is now time for the final round we only have 30 seconds which is ridiculous it's pretty much gonna be who can do the best quick sketch however since this is the final round the item going on the line is by far the craziest one yet as you guys know the iphone 12 came out a little while ago but online recently I've been seeing loads of images circulating of apparently a leaked iphone 13. I pulled a few strings and spoke to a few people and I think i have managed to get a prototype for the upcoming iphone 13. Are we ready to start the final rounds?

Jill: Oh yeah, hang on a sec..I need to pop to the toilet. I’ll only be a minute…

Morgz: Okay yeah fine. I guess she's just preparing before obviously the big
Showdown. Exactly.

Jill: Guys, I've got a confession. I'm not actually going to the toilet. I've got a plan. I need that phone. I'm not a very good drawer but I am a good tracer.
If I print a picture of the phone and I slip it under the paper, I can then trace it and get all the dimensions perfect. Look at that guys… this is my ticket to victory.
Now let's get back quick.

Morgz: It is time for the final showdown. Make sure you subscribe and like the
video. Can you do it in only five seconds? Try it right now!

Guys there is no time to be neat for this you gotta go as quick as you can
Ap, ap, ap, ap, ap, I can't be bothered to do squares guys, I'm doing circles!

Jill: I'm coloring in now I think I've done the best I ever can in 30 seconds

Morgz: Me too mum, I'm trying to color in the hand that's holding the phone but
I'm not going to be able to shade it very well right.

Martin: I know what I'm going to do, I'm going to put the name of the phone inside of it. What was it now? Oh I forgot 14? No,no 13.

Jill: It's 15. it's 15. Martin!

Morgz: That was intense. I'm pretty happy you know, with how mine's looking. Martin, what
do you think about yours?

Martin: Mine looks pretty good but Morgz you're pretty good too as well.

Morgz: Yeah, really good. Mum, how does yours look?

Jill: Oh yeah I've got I think it's amazing. I've got a hand holding it and it's kind of see through the phone.

Morgz: Huh? That's incredible. Look at that guys. How did she manage to get it so accurate? That was literally only 30 seconds.. 30 seconds and she did that? Oh my I can't sound very confident about our chances. Let's go see what Jensen thinks.

Okay Jensen get ready because this round should be easy for you to pick the best.

Jensen: Oh my God, this is a disgrace…a two-year-old could of done better.
This one isn't too bad but I don't know what they are they look more like
sausages than fingers.

Jill: Now it's time guys!

Jensen: Whoa! This one is epic. This is the best by far!

Jill: Yes! Yes! I’ve won the iPhone 13!

Jensen: Here is the unreleased iphone 13..all yours!

Jill: Oh my God, oh my God, oh my..prank! What is this? I don't understand.

Jensen: Did you really think the iphone 13 was out? Nope, you've been pranked!

Jill: Never trust minnie Morgz!

Morgz: Haha.. loser.

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