AMONG US In REAL LIFE Challenge - Win $10,000 - Morgz Challenge

AMONG US In REAL LIFE Challenge - Win $10,000 - Morgz Challenge

This was CRAZY! Among Us In Real Life Challenge with the Squad using the real Among us rules with an imposter vs crewmates. If you're a crewmate, you have to try and not get caught by the imposter. If the crewmates complete all the challenges without being caught, they win. In this Among Us IRL challenge, it's Morgz vs @Morgz Mum vs Bald Martin vs @Tamzin Taber vs Morgz Dad Darren vs Mini Morgz. Watch to the end to see who won this in real life game and if the imposter was found!

Morgz: Welcome to Among Us in real life.
At random we picked five crewmates and one imposter. The crewmates must complete all the tasks to win and the imposter needs to take out all the crewmates without getting caught. If the crewmates win they get two thousand dollars each if they lose they do a punishment who's gonna win?

Watch to the end

Is everybody ready to playAmong Us in real life?

Everyone: Yeah!

Morgz: Guys, I need my camera! Oh my goodness!

Mum: Jenson's gone up the stairs and Martin's……ah!

Martin: What are you doing here?

Darren: This is a darts task you gotta get a bullseye.

Mum: No…I'm going back I'm going back I don't like the way that he's looking at me!

Morgz: Guys, as you know I'm the imposter and I want to talk you guys, through my
Strategy but I gotta get to a safer place somewhere a bit more hidden!

Tamzin: I'm gonna do this task to start with so I'm gonna stack all the cups but also i need to be wary in case someone's here

Morgz: I'm just passing by I'm just passing by I'm just passing by!

Jenson: Sneaky girl!

Tamzin: Okay maybe I won't do that task I'll start on this one. I've got to sort the skittles and the M&M's out!

Mum: The task I'm doing is the ping pong ball

Morgz: Oh I'm just passing by!

Tamzin: oh my God I'm so scared someone's gonna come in!

Mum: Come on we gotta do this..yes!

Tamzin: So obviously the brown are M&M's now I'm going to collect all the brown at the moment

Darren: Yes! That's the test completed!

Morgz: Okay I'm in the toilet guys, I'm going to lock the door I should be safe in here
for a little while.

Darren: I've now got to think where to go next. I'm going to obviously be careful.

Tamzin: Guys, I'm actually doing quite well. This is going to take ages… what?

Martin: Where's everybody gone?

Darren: Obviously gotta go back inside there's nothing else out here so let's see
what happens next.

Morgz: So guys, my plan for being the imposter is I've just got to pick everybody off one by one. The cooldown time for my kills is a minute so that means after I kill someone I have to wait a minute so there's no point killing people when there's people around them. i've just have to wait until they're all by themselves. I've got to do a lot of spying.

Jenson: A meeting, a meeting I’m calling a meeting!

Tamzin: Emergency meeting.

Morgz: Okay hang on a sec. It looks like someone's called a meeting but everybody's still here so who called the meeting?

Jenson: I called the meeting.

Morgz: Already?

Jenson: Yes.

Morgz: Okay Jenson, why don't you tell us all why you called the meeting like two minutes into the game?

Jenson: When I walk through that door you look right suspicious but you were freaked out
when I walked through so you might have thought I was imposter but I'm pretty sure I heard Darren!

Morgz: What?

Mum: This just confuses me it's too early I say just skip!

Jenson: I voted Darren… he's too suspicious that I heard him say a fake task while he went through that door!

Darren: Right well that's a load of rubbish but what I'm going to do because I'm not
100% sure I'm going to skip even though I do think it's Jenson double bluffing us.

Tamzin: I'm gonna skip as well I don't know enough information yet.

Martin: I'll skip too but I'm gonna keep a close eye on them!

Morgz: I'm gonna skip as well guys, which means that the game continues nobody is ejected

Jenson: I know it's you.I'll be watching you.

Darren: Bring it on! I'm gonna go back to the task I was doing.

Tamzin: I'm gonna carry on my task.

Martin:For this task I have to keep that balloon off the floor. I have to head it ten times.

Jenson: She's not doing a task look at that..she's running away. Why would..why would a
crewmate run away?

Tamzin: He won't leave me alone?

Jenson: Why are you not doing your task?

Darren: I'm gonna watch out for Jenson because I think it's him!

Jenson: Why are you not doing your task?

Darren: This is hard.

Jenson:Finding it hard Darren? I know it’s you!

Martin: I can hear some strange noises over here let's go and find out what it is

Tamzin: Right okay. Is there any green M&M's? Let me just test oh that is!

Darren: Seriously, this is taking longer than I thought this time, this time, got it! Oh God

Jenson: What are you doing Darren?

Morgz: Oh my God oh my God i tried to touch him but he saw me!

Tamzin: Why what happened?

Morgz: Meeting…meeting oh my God! No… Darren just called a meeting. This is not good guys, okay it looks like Darren called the meeting but once again everybody is here so I'm actually interested to hear what he has to say because I have something to say about him!

Darren: What? Firstly, that is such a double bluff. I call this meeting for a very plain and
simple reason. I'm doing the spin challenge obviously and I look up. I know he's gone upstairs and as I just stepped back, his hand is coming down through the bannister!

All: Ohhhhhh!

Morgz: Okay, hold on a minute hold on a minute I think I have a right to defend myself
here because I'll tell you the real story of what actually happened because what he's saying is it's just not true.

Darren: You know then when you said it's not true, you crossed your arms which is a
Well-known fact of people lying!

Morgz: You know what guys, if I am the imposter then explain this Martin and me were in a room together there was no one near us and we're both still alive. I didn't kill you. If I was an imposter I could have killed you.

Martin: He's right actually. We were in the room together… you know what? I'm voting
Skip because he was in a room with me and he never touched me.

Mum: Guys, I just don't know everybody's making allegations but I just haven't seen anything suspicious at all so I'm just gonna skip.

Jenson: It’s either Darren or Morgz and right now, I vote for you!

Darren: Well I've listened to the, uh, evidence of Martin being in the same room as you, I still think it's a double bluff I still think it's you. I know what I saw. Your hand was coming out through the banister to touch me and I just escaped so I'm voting for you!

Morgz: Well, I haven't accused anyone of anything yet and I'm just gonna vote skip because no
one's dead yet so I don't think we need to panic

Tamzin: Well, I think it's a bit suspicious that you like put your hand down to Darren so of course I'm gonna vote for you.

Morgz: That means three votes for me and three votes for skip… nobody is ejected!

Darren: Again, I'm not happy but I'm definitely watching him now.

Martin: Look at this. I'm doing so well. I found another task. I know Morgz around here somewhere but I found another task!

Morgz: Martin go to sleep big boy, good night!

Tamzin: Jenson's not doing anything!

Darren: No reaching down!

Morgz:I need to go back and just blend in!

Mum: Here we go..

Tamzin: Now the reds…someone just screamed..

Mum: I need to report it..meeting..MEETING!

Darren: Whoa what's happening? There's a meeting the meeting's being

Mum: Meeting guys, I called the meeting because I found a body

Morgz: Oh my gosh! Wait! Hang on… who is it? Who is it?

Mum: Martin!

Morgz: oh as far as I'm concerned you were the only one that was in that side of the house!

Tamzin: No, no, no, I can say that for a fact me Darren and Jenson were in this side of the house and you three were and Martin and you guys, were yeah on that side!

Darren: Yeah! I absolutely agree with that!

Morgz: I was in the gym doing a task minding my own business the only person that was
beyond that was you and Martin and you're making it sound like it was you that killed him and then self-reported which the imposter can do!

Darren: Tamzin said it earlier, there's a simple point. It can't be Tamzin. It can't be me. It
can't be Jenson.

Morgz: I'll start guys, I vote Jill!

Jemson: I will vote for the imposter which is Jill!

Mum: Morgz! It was Morgz! I know now it was Morgz, he was the nearest one to the body!

Darren: I'm sorry I know I accused Morgz and I saw what I saw last round, but Jill changed her story there and I'm voting for Jill!

Morgz: That means two votes for me and three votes for Jill! Jill.. you are rejected!

Mum: Well here's the truth…

Everyone: Whoa!

Morgz: This one here.. this task isn't finished maybe I'll just maybe.. I'll complete this one.

Darren: The task you want to get done is to actually sabotage one of the tasks!

Tamzin: It's a frozen puzzle so I'm gonna do this hopefully no one comes in while I'm
doing it.

Morgz: Okay guys, I'm in a little bit of trouble right now. I found myself in a really difficult position.
Most of them suspect me. They're almost done with the tasks, so I feel like I need to try and slow them down.

Jenson: Damn! Morgz went towards Tammy's direction

Darren: Well.. I'm.. I'm just doing the task mate because, you know, I'm doing the task you, you, you, you do what you've got to do. I'm doing the task… that's an m!

I Just hope nobody checks to see what's in what because as you can see now I'm kind of cheating!

Morgz: Looking for some tasks, looking for some tasks gonna do some tasks!

Darren: That's it I need to go now see if there's any more tasks to finish.

Morgz: Oh this task is done. I wonder if this task outside is done? Okay, that task is done.
Morgz: Oh my gosh! Sabotage! I'm going to try and sabotage another task guys,because the coast is clear!

Darren: I think there were some tasks upstairs.

Morgz: Guys, my cooldown is almost over as soon as that cooldown ends I can kill one of them and I win the game!

Darren: What is happening here? I left Jenson with that.

Morgz:I'm doing it.

Darren: You know Jenson was doing it and it was supposed to have been done.

Morgz: I don't know I haven't seen Jenson. I've just been doing this. It doesn't look like it's done to me.

Darren: Yeah, I'm not buying this for one minute.

Morgz: If I was the imposter I could just kill you right now see. If you're so sure on the imposter what's stopping me?

Darren: Oh my word, I am totally confused here.

Morgz: Guys, I just let dad live instead of killing him. He's not going to think it's me now so that means if anybody finds Tamzin,hopefully they're not going to think it's me!

Jenson: My cups have been sabotaged! Morgz just came out of that room!

Darren: We're going to have to do the cups again. The only chance we've got is completing the task.

Jenson: If Tamzin is already dead and if one of us dies, he wins!

Darren: Well, I’ll tell you what? You'll split the difference you go and look for the body
and I'll do the tasks. I'll do the tasks. He's looking for the body now so maybe he's telling the truth.

Jenson: Wait a minute… meeting..Meeting! Guys, guys, guys, guess what I found?
I was going upstairs to do some tasks and I found Tamzins dead body!

Morgz: Whoa, whoa, not my beautiful girlfriend?

Darren: Not another one?

Morgz: Tell me what you saw.

Jenson: I saw her dead body in the long room with a jigsaw puzzle.

Morgz: Wait. So Tamzin was upstairs. She's been killed.If you got any suspicions.. who's been up there?

Jenson: Well, I did have a suspicion of you but I didn't actually see you go up there. I saw you downstairs in here and you didn't kill me because you would have won, so, uh…it has to be you!

Darren: I haven't even been upstairs once in the whole game!

Jenson: I thought I saw you reaching to touch me!

Darren: Well you know what? Jenson, here's the thing. Morgz came up to me twice and could have easily killed me right? You've been upstairs loads. You wouldn't do that rubik's cube when you
said you were going to which means you kind of were trying to sabotage that so I'm now thinking it's you!

Jenson: Well, I think it's you! I vote for you!

Darren: Well, I vote for you!

Morgz: I have a bit of a confession it doesn't actually matter who I vote for now because of one
simple fact you've both got one vote each I have the power to vote one of you two off!

I vote Jenson!

Darren: Yes! Yes! Finally, you get your comeuppance!…Oh no! What???

Morgz: It turns out, you are fighting amongst yourselves both of those crewmates because
the truth is I am the imposter!

Darren: Jenson…NO! He turned us on each other!

Morgz: Well guys, you know what the agreement was before the video? It is time for your punishment.

Darren: Come on then, what is it?

Morgz: You guys, have to carry on doing your tasks for the next 24 hours!
Go on then.. chop, chop, get a move on!

Tamzin: Oh this is so boring!
Jenson: Ah…I'm so bored of stacking these stupid cups!

Darren: At least I'm gonna be really good at darts after this!

Mum: Oh… this is so boring! Like and subscribe!


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