18 Soda Flavours You Won't Believe Actually Exist!

We Bought Some of the Weirdest & Worst SODA Flavors Available in the World in this Soda Testing Challenge! Including over 18 Super Rare Soda Pop Flavours like Bacon Soda, Cinnamon Soda, Ranch Dressing Soda, Sonic Hedgehog, Pokemon Soda & Grass Flavoured Soda! We had 3 rounds of challenges with Morgz vs Morgz Mum vs Bald Martin to see who could guess the flavours when trying them and see who tastes the worst ones. Let us know if you have tried any of these crazy soda fizzy pop flavors before and if you enjoyed this funny challenge!

Morgz: I searched the internet to find the weirdest sodas in the entire world from baking soda to even dirt soda.

Oh how bad really are they? Let's find out!

Okay guys, it's time for round one. One of the weird sodas is gonna be put
in the box and we gotta taste it and try and guess what it is.

Jill: Let's kick this off with a bad one guys, grass soda!

Morgz: Here we go guys, oh oh wait a minute, bro wait a minute,
what is that? That is definitely not one of the nice ones.
Guys, I'm not a sheep but that right there tastes like grass. I'm saying that was grass soda.

Jill: Hahaha…Morgz just drank grass!

Morgz: Well guys, hang on a minute you do realize now it's one of your turns?

Jill: Come on Martin!

Morgz: Well Martin, it looks like it's you. Okay guys, this next drink is a weird one.
Check this out guys, sonic the hedgehog energy drink! I didn't even know this existed who knows what it tastes like, though it could be gross.
So let's see if Martin can guess it? Oh my gosh, it's blue. Okay Martin, are you excited?
What do you think's in there?

Martin: If there's a grass soda there could be anything in here!

Morgz: Oh here we go! Are you okay?

Martin: That tastes is really nice!

Morgz: Oh my gosh Mum, he's drinking the whole thing oh my gosh!

Jill: Morgz, are you sure there wasn't anything else in that?

Morgz: I don't think so, I think it was just a drink.

Martin: Morgz I guess that's some kind of energy drink!

Morgz: Well guys, he guessed it correctly!

Martin: It's Jill's turn next. Why don't we give her a bad one?

Morgz:Don't you worry Martin, I'm already one step ahead of you. Check this out Martin,
bacon flavored soda! Oh look at that! Get ready for this Mum!

Jill: Here we go team Mum. Let's do it!

Morgz: Keep going!

Jill; Ugh, it tastes like smoky bacon crisps! Oh no. The aftertaste is awful! That is bacon and that is awful that does not belong in a drink!

Martin: Seeing as we gave Morgz grass like a sheep now let's give him carrot like a little bunny rabbit!

Morgz: Guys, I'm hoping this time round my drink is a little bit nicer than grass, maybe a nice pepsi, some kind of sprite, let's find out guys, who wishes me luck?

What the heck is that? Oh my gosh bro, I don't even know what that is? It tastes like orange juice. Well what the heck is that taste? Oh my God, what could that be?
It's not an orange juice…gone wrong! Is that flipping carrot? You are kidding me? You ain't gotta be kidding,that is carrot?

Jill: Martin seemed to like his energy drink so I think we should give him one that he definitely won't like.

Morgz: Is that flipping butter flavored soda?

Jill: Get ready Martin!

Morgz: Here we go Martin, we're ready!

Martin: Oh no, what is it this time? Let's go team bald!

Morgz: Martin are you okay?

Martin: That's definitely not an energy drink! Ugh, oh what is that? I've gotta try it
Again. That is the worst thing I've ever tasted.
That tastes really creamy. It's butter.. it is, it's butter.
There's no way that is gonna go on my toast!

Morgz: Okay guys, it is now mum's turn and ever since we started youtube there has been one
Challenge that she has hated more than any other. I'm talking about the cinnamon challenge.
We did it in the first video she was ever in and it almost made her refuse to come on my channel ever again. She hated the challenge this much and guys, it just so happens that we have a cinnamon flavored soda! She is gonna absolutely hate me!

Jill: Here we go guys,

Morgz: oh, oh, no, oh no, oh no, Martin!

Martin: Jill…

Jill: Aghhhh…it’s cinnamon! You know I can’t have cinnamon since what you did to me in the mum video we did together! I can actually feel it burning my tongue! Oh my gosh, I can't believe you two have done this to me!

Martin: Hey Jill, I promise you I wouldn't do that to you. It was just Morgz, not me!

Morgz: Hey, hang on a minute..you were just as involved as I was, baldy!

Jill: Hopefully round two won't be as bad.

Morgz: Mum, I think it's just gonna get even worse from here!
Okay guys, it is now time for round two and as you can see we've introduced the spin wheel!
On the spin wheel as you can see are loads of different sodas. Some good ones like pepsi pineapple, but also really bad ones like dirt!
We of course are gonna have to spin the wheel and whatever drink it lands on we have to down it!

Martin: Down it?

JIll: Here, do you mean the whole thing?

Morgz: Yeah!

Jill: No way!

Morgz: I'll go first guys, let's hope start with a good one come on, come on, what's it gonna be?
Oh no, I knew this round was a bad idea! Here it is guys, buffalo wing soda!
I have got to drink this whole thing.

Jill: At least it's a pretty color Morgz!

Morgz: I don't care about the color!

Martin: Oh no, oh Morgz, Oh no…
Morgz: Yo, my eyes are watering bro. That is disgusting, absolutely vile.
There is no way I'm drinking that whole thing! That is flipping gross!

Martin: Okay guys, it's my turn now. Wish me luck.
Here we go, I'm not looking, I'm not looking. Oh what on earth is pumpkin pie?
This is not minecraft! Here we go oh cheers guys, here we go, oh actually, it tasted really nice.

Jill: What? I thought that was gonna be a gross one!

Morgz: Guys, look at this he's almost finished the whole thing! What?

Martin: That was really nice!

Jill: This is it team mum, I'm nervous.. here we go!

Morgz: Ranch dressing! Oh my gosh!

Jill: No way… that does not belong in a drink! Oh this one looks gross, there's actually a bowl of it on the front.

Morgz: Are you ready Mum?

Jill: No not at all.

Morgz: Oh my gosh..oh no! What does it taste like?

Jill: Oh, I mean I don't mind ranch dressing on a salad…not in a bottle.

Morgz: You can finish it, come on, come on, come on, come on, you can do it
come on..

Jill: I don't think I can do this one!

Morgz: Come on, come on, come on… so close yeah! Oh no, oh no, Where's she going? Where's she going? Where's she going? Where's she going?

Jill: Just go away a minute Morgz take the camera away okay! I'm fine, I just need a minute.

Morgz: Okay mum has made it back from the toilet now, I think she might have thrown up a little
Bit. But moving on now it's my turn. All right here we go, oh what's it gonna come guys? I've got grass, I got carrot and now sweet corn. Why don't keep getting all the vegetables?
Look at this guys, it literally looks like wee!
It probably tastes like it as well. Oh my gosh bro, oh my God. I swear now, I swear now, it reeks like sweet corn… three, two, one…

Jill: Go on Morgz… come on!

Morgz: I don't know why that's so bad but it actually tastes just like it!

Martin: Come on Morgz, come on, come on, come on, you can do it!

Morgz: Okay Martin, are you ready for your next spin?

Martin: Ready now.

Morgz: Here we go!

Martin: Chocomel..chocolate and caramel? Yes! I'm a winner! I love this one, look at this guys, I
don't know what it is but it sounds nice. Here we go, cheers!

Jill: Is it nice?

Morgz: Martin, you know what they say? Sharing is caring. You want to leave some
for me bro?

Martin: Oh my gosh, oh.. that was nice.

Morgz: Martin, I thought you were going to leave some for me?

Jill: Well guys, Martin may have just got a good one but there's lots of bad ones there
so I'm nervous.

Morgz: Someone's gotta land on dirt eventually.

Jill: Oh oh no what is this?

Morgz: Warhead soda!

Jill: What's warhead soda?

Morgz: Well, they are the sourest candy in the world. So that means that the soda is the sourest soda in the world!

Jill: Oh no, this is not my lucky day is it? Look at this guy's, extreme sour black cherry soda.
Here we go guys, wish me luck! Oh my God!

Jill: Oh my God guys, I'm so sorry!
Morgz: Look at that? There's black cherry soda everywhere!

Jill: Oh no, that was disgusting.

Morgz: Is she gonna be able to finish it guys? Come on Mum so close, come on! Oh no, I think she's going back to the toilet again guys.
Well guys, we're gonna have to wait until she is back from the toilet and then we'll get started with the final round and this is the craziest one yet.

Okay you guys, as you can see we have three different boxes. Box A, box b and box c.
We're gonna put soda in each at random there’ll be some good and some bad ones
of course.
All three of us are gonna come back here and then we're gonna choose a b or c and then drink that soda.
Tamzin is gonna load in the sodas so we're gonna have no idea what we're picking okay guys, Tamzin has put us a drink in all three of these boxes, now it's time for us to pick which box we want. You know what? I've got a good feeling about this box right here so I'm gonna stick.

Martin: Hmm… I'm thinking about that one over there.

Jill: Well, I was thinking about that one over there.
Morgz: Oh..oh they're swapping!

Morgz: Guys, here we go. Is everybody happy with their choice? Here we go guys, three
Two, one…

Morgz: Hmm…that is nice!

Jill: Oh my God, that’s horrible.

Martin: I can't talk! Indescribable!

Morgz: Was it that bad?

Martin: It's horrible!

Morgz: This round is amazing!

Martin: Peanut butter and jelly soda? This was absolutely gross guys,

Jill: Err..what is it? cucumber soda? What on earth is that?

Morgz: And guys, would you look at that? My soda was a flipping pokemon soda! Sparkling orange guys, with the charmander on the front! I think I'm gonna have to drink this more often!

Morgz: Okay guys, here it is again. Time for the final three drinks of the final round. Three more drinks have just been loaded up. We already know for a fact that one of these is the dreaded
dirt soda, so this is the biggest decision yet and I am not feeling this box I'm feeling this box over here baby!

Jill: No, I want to keep this box, I'm staying!

Morgz: Well too bad, I'm taking it! Is everybody happy with their box?

Jill: No Morgz, I wanted that one.

Martin: I'm happy with this one, I'm so confident I'm going first, three, two, one…

Morgz: Here we go… what's it gonna be? What's it gonna be? is it good?

Martin: No, definitely not my favorite drink. It’s a Pina Colada!

Morgz: We've got 50 percent chances of it being dirt Mum, good luck!
Three, two, one, come on, come on, it looks like dirt,look at this guys,

Jill: I don’t know what it is but it’s sweet and does taste nice! Pepsi Pineapple!

Martin: Ho, ho, ho..does that taste nice?

Jill: That is amazing! It's so much better than dirt!

Both: Are you ready Morgz?

Morgz: Do I look ready?

Morgz: It's time guys, to drink the dirt soda.

Jill: Are you ready Morgz?

Morgz: No.

Martin: on the count of three…

Both: Three two one go…oh he's going again… oh

Morgz: Guys, thanks for watching, drop a like. We're done!


  1. Why do you clickbait? Most of those I bought and they tasted fine and everyone in my school knows about these flavors. You're a dickhead.

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