$100 ROAD TRIP vs $10,000 ROAD TRIP - Morgz Challenge

$100 ROAD TRIP vs $10,000 ROAD TRIP - Morgz Challenge

Morgz & Girlfriend Tamzin Taber Go On $100 ROAD TRIP HOLIDAY vs Morgz Mum & Bald Martin Go On $10,000 ROAD TRIP HOLIDAY! Morgz & Tamzin Spent 24 HOURS Inside ICE CREAM VAN vs Morgz Mum & Bald Martin Spent 24 HOURS Inside Luxury Motor Home With BED, SHOWER & MORE... (Cheap VS Expensive Road Trip 24 Hours Overnight Challenge)

$100 ROAD TRIP vs $10,000 ROAD TRIP - Challenge

Morgz: Today one of us is going on a 100 dollar road trip to the beach!

Martin: And the other is going on a 10,000 dollar road trip to the beach!

Morgz: Let's spin the wheel to find out who's gonna be getting the cheap or expensive road trip! Come on, I want the expensive one.

Martin: I do come on yeah I got the expensive one yeah!

Morgz: I got the cheap one.

Martin: Oh 10 000 guys, to spend on any vehicle I want!
I could get a supercar or a motorbike or even a spaceship…hang on, do spaceships even exist?

Guys, don't worry I've found the one!

Jill: So funny I can't believe that yeah..

Martin: Jill, Jill, Jill….

Jill: I’ll call you back in a minute..what?

Martin: Get ready and come with me this is going to be the best day of your life!

Morgz: Coach to the beach? No thank you… back of a van that's a bit creepy isn't
It? School bus? We can't go all the way to the beach in the flipping school bus. I can't drive
neither can Tamzin, what am I gonna do with only 100 dollars?

Oh my gosh that is perfect I've got a bit of a surprise for you Tamzin. Pack your bags because we're going on a road trip to the beach!

Martin: Okay Jill the surprise is here!

Jill: Oh my gosh, I am so excited!

Martin: Are you ready?

Course I'm ready..I hope it's a lifetime supply of Mcdonald's!

Martin: it's not that…three, two, one!

Martin: I've rented it out for a few days! I've not bought you a motorhome, I've rented you a motorhome for a few days!

And that's not all Jill, today I've hired a private driver and they're going to take us to the beach!

Jill: The beach! yeah the beach! oh my God, that's amazing!

Martin: Let me give you a tour of the inside and then we can go let's go come on then!

Morgz: Here we go, our ride is here one more step and we are here three,two, one!

Tamzin: Oh..Morgz, what is this?

Morgz: What do you mean? it's an ice cream van.

Tamzin: Of course. I thought we were going to the beach though?

Morgz: Tamzin, we are going to the beach…we're just going in the back of this ice cream van

Tamzin: What? it's going to be freezing!

Morgz: What Tamzin? I've spoke to the driver and he says he's gonna take us okay?
It's gonna be great!

Tamzin: So we’re getting in a stranger's van are we?

Morgz: I guess so.. it sounds a little bit bad when you say it like that!

Martin: Jill, welcome to the Martin mega van!

Jill: Wow Martin, it's amazing.

Martin: As soon as you're walking you can see this lovely seating area.

Jill: Imagine the amount of food that we can fit on this table Martin.

Martin: Jill, I could fit at least 100 tins of beans and burgers on this table!

Jill: Beans and burgers? I hope we having better than that.

Martin: Over here, we have the kitchen area with a working oven a working sink and
my favorite, a working fridge! Stacked with loads of goodies and now it's time to look what's behind this door… you are going to love this, our very own toilet inside the motorhome! With a working toilet, a working sink and the best part, a working shower! Inside the motorhome! How cool is that? And inside one of the seats we've even got a pop-up tv!

And now time for my favorite part of the entire motorhome, this vehicle comes with its very own bedroom and Jill look, it's not a single bed it's a double bed! Plenty room in here! Let's get our driver in and let's go to the coast!

Morgz: yeah okay guys,, me and Tamzin are now inside the ice cream van I'm not gonna
Lie, it is pretty chilly in here but let me give you guys a tour.

First things first, we have a slush machine for.. in case you get thirsty during the trip.

Tamzin: Yeah Morgz, slush machine to make me even colder. That's a great idea…

Morgz: And to go with the slush we have loads of ice creams as well.

Tamzin: Morgz we're supposed to be going to the beach not freezing in an ice cream van!

Morgz: And Tamzin, don't worry because we have loads of room to sit back and relax and enjoy our road trip to the beach!

Driver: Is everybody ready to set off to the beach?

All: Yeah

Jill: This is gonna be the best journey ever!

Morgz: Here we go Tamzin!

Tamzin: This better not be bumpy Morgz!

Morgz: I think it is going to be Tamzin, I'm not going to lie! Whoa..oh my gosh! oh my God! the camera's gone sliding! Everybody like the video! Subscribe to the channel we might not
make it off this ice cream van! I'm sorry!

Martin: Okay guys, this trip is going amazing so far. Are you having a good time Jill?

Jill: Yeah Martin, this is the most I've relaxed in ages.

Martin: Well Jill, it's gonna get a lot better because it's time for another surprise!

Jill: Another surprise? Oh Martin you're spoiling me!

Martin: The driver that I hired is not just a driver, she is also a chef and she's gonna cook us a nice meal for us to eat. and don't worry Jill because I told her that you like big portions!

Driver: Bon appetit your meal is served!

Jill: Wow that looks amazing!

Martin: Are you ready Jill?

Jill: Of course I am! Oh um let me get some of these now!

Martin: You do realize we're supposed to share this meal?

Jill: YeahI know that's why I'm leaving you the vegetables

Martin: Thanks Jill these are lovely

Morgz: Okay guys, we're about half an hour into the journey right now!

Tamzin: Is that it? Half an hour?

Morgz: Aren't you enjoying yourself? I'm having a pretty good time!

Tamzin: Oh Morgz, I'm really hungry!

Morgz: Well if you're hungry Tamzin why don't you just eat some of the ice creams in this van?

Tamzin:No that's too cold!

Morgz: oh wait hang on a minute! If you want proper food look what's over there?
Is that a Mcdonald's?

Tamzin: Oh my God it actually is a Mcdonald's! oh my God can
we go?

Morgz: Mcdonald's in the ice cream van? I say let's do it!
Oh my gosh there it is guys, the Mcdonald's! Are you ready for the drive-through driver?

Tamzin: We weren't going to drive through in ice cream van?

Morgz: Well that's where we're going!

Hi… can we order two boxes of 20 chicken nuggets and two large fries please? Thank you!

Morgz: Guys, it did it… we got it guys, we have got the Mcdonald's! We secured the bag! See Tamzin, I told you the road trip was gonna be fun! We've got our chips, we've got our nuggets, everything is goodnow!

Tamzin: Come on Morgz, let's eat.

Morgz: Let's do this! Wait hang on a minute Tamzin…we're moving oh, oh, oh my gosh! Oh, oh no…my chips! Oh my God! I think theres speed bumps on this road!
oh no, no, no, I dropped my chips no, no, no.

Tamzin: I saved something, look at this Morgz! look at this! Oh my God! I didn't think this trip would be that bad but it's everywhere now!

Morgz: What Tamzin? You can maybe just like pick some up off the floor and eat it!


Jill: Guys,we're about halfway to the coast now and so far this road trip has been great

Martin: Me too Jill. Usually on these challenges we always get the cheap stuff.

Jill: However guys, there may be a little bit of a problem. I ate those steaks a little bit fast and
I'm starting to get a little bit of a tummy ache. However we do have a fancy toilet in
Here so let's see what it's made of and give it a spin!

Martin: Oh no Jill, are you sure you don't want to stop somewhere instead?

Jill: No! Where's the fun in that Martin? I'll see you in a minute…well maybe five minutes… oh,
sod that! I'll see you in half an hour!

Oh this feels nice. That's so much better.. so much better…

Martin: This is bloody grim!

Jill: Guys, there's a little bit of a problem. The flush doesn't work. Oh well I guess I'll just have to leave it and hope nobody goes in here

Tamzin:Oh Morgz how long is left?

Morgz: We've been driving Tamzin for about 45 minutes so that means there's about an hour and a half of the trip left/

Tamzin: oh Morgz, I really need the toilet.

Morgz: You need the toilet?

Tamzin: Yes, I'm starting to need the toilet more.

Morgz: then well you sure you can't just hold it?

Tamzin: No. I really can't hold it.

Morgz: Don't worry Tamzin I think I've sorted it out. There you go!

Tamzin: No Morgz don't be stupid!

Morgz: Ah okay fine, driver are we okay to stop please?

Tamzin: Oh my God, I didn't mean literally.

Morgz: It looks like you're peeing here Tamzin!
You got what you wanted.

Tamzin: Morgz where are we? looks like we're in the middle of nowhere.

Morgz: I know. I don't know where we are either but this is where you're peeing!

Tamzin: Oh fine, but make sure no one's around.

Morgz: Tamzin hello? Tamzin, Tamzin where did you go?

Tamzin oh my God Tamzin..is that you in there? What are you doing?
You're actually doing it?

Tamzin: Yes Morgz I'm actually doing it, what else would I be doing?

Morgz: I didn't think you were actually gonna do it Tamzin

Tamzin: Well, I had to go okay and anyway do you have any toilet paper?

Morgz: Why would I take toilet paper with me on a road trip?

Tamzin: I don't know because we're in an ice cream van you might spill some ice cream you know what? Oh this will have to do!

Morgz: Tamzin you can't use a leaf.

Tamzin: This is the worst trip ever. Let's get back in the van and get it over with now.

Martin: Okay guys, it looks like Jill's having a good time but I've got loads of surprises for her
and I think it's time for another one. What would a road trip be without a little bit of the
bubbly? Hey Jill check this out!

Jill: Well Martin, that is the biggest bottle of the bubbly that I have ever seen… three, two,
one… go! let's do it!

Morgz: Okay guys, we are now more than halfway done with the trip and me and Tamzin have
been having a really really good time haven't we?

Tamzin: yeah, we have haven't we!

Morgz: We've been really bonding and and you know we had a nice bond experience
over that pee in the bush!

Tamzin: Yeah, we did didn't we.

Morgz: Yeah, this has been a really romantic road trip.

Tamzin: You wish. Oh no Morgz look.. whoa look

Morgz: I don't see anything.

Tamzin: There's loads of kids coming towards us

Morgz: Oh no do you think there's a school nearby or something?

Tamzin: Obviously there's that amount of kids.

Morgz: Oh no this is not an ice cream van go away why are you knocking again can
you not tell what I'm saying we're not serving get lost where's your mom!

Martin: Okay guys, we're getting really close to the beach and I am really excited especially
because I've got a little surprise to give to her at the beach but guys, as you know there's a built-in shower inside this motorhome and I've been really wanting to give it a try.

Jill: Martin, remember the shower is in the same room as the toilet.
I don't think we should go in there.

Martin: I'll be fine. Don't worry.

Jill: oh no guys, he really doesn't know that the flush didn't work!

Martin: Shower time, shower time's my favorite time!
What have you left in there? It looks like a chocolate river inside that

Jill: Martin, I'm sorry the flush didn't work! Good luck you can do this go on Martin!
I think he's just overreacting.

Martin: It Reeeeeeks!

Tamzin: It’s freezing Morgz.

Morgz: This is so boring.

Tamzin: Wait why are we stopping?

Morgz: I don't know why we're stopping. Oh no we're stuck in traffic. Oh, Tamzin check how long's left for me please?

Tamzin: About 30 minutes but seeing as we're stuck in traffic now then who knows?

Morgz: I don't know if I can last that long. I feel carsick!

Tamzin: Oh no Morgz don't say that!

Morgz: This isn't good guys, I feel light headed in the back of this van.

Tamzin: What are you doing? What are you looking for?

Morgz: What do you think I'm looking for? A bag?

Tamzin: Why are you looking for a bag?

Morgz: Because I feel like I'm gonna throw up!

Tamzin: Oh no don't do that why I'm in here! Morgz you know I don't like that!
oh,no, no, no, no, Morgz! oh no it's so disgusting!

Morgz: I think i got it all. Oh oh there you go Tamzin.

Tamzin: no whoa I'm not holding that!

Martin: Oh guys, it smells like a sewer in here. Oh I had my shower and I lived to tell
the tale.

Jill: Guys, thankfully Martin survived so now we can carry on and head on to the beach

Martin: Not just yet Jill.

Jill: Martin, what are you wearing?

Martin: Surprise! For the final part of the drive I've got us some onesies!

Jill: Oh wow! You've got me one Martin? oh my God it's a reindeer this is amazing I'm gonna put this on and then we can have a nap on our way to the coast while we're
driving, wow!

This bed is huge Ithink it's actually bigger than our bed at home!

Martin: And it's comfy.

Jill: Yeah, it's amazing!

Driver: Are you two ready to hit the road again?

Jill: yeah, let's go! Oh yeah we're on the move again! Good night Martin!

Martin: Good night Jill, I'll see you at the beach!

Jill: See you there too.

Martin: She sounds like a pig she's snoring that loud! God she just woke me up
how am I supposed to sleep when she's snoring like this?

Morgz: Okay Tamzin I think we're about 15 minutes away right now the journey's almost done. Have you had a good time?

Tamzin: Are you seriously asking me that question Morgz?

Morgz: Yes.

Tamzin: Well what do you think? Obviously not! Why have we stopped?

Morgz: Driver, why have we stopped? We're freezing back here
we want to get to the beach.

Morgz: We've broken down? Wait, wait the van is not working! Tamzin, it's okay..it's okay, we can we can just have a nice walk.

Tamzin: It's freezing outside as well.

Morgz: If it's a 15 minute drive that means it's what..a 45 minute walk that's not too bad.

Tamzin: 45 Minutes!! No, Morgz I can't walk for 45 minutes it's freezing!
Morgz where are we?

Morgz: I don't know Tamzin. I've literally got no idea all i know is it's absolutely freezing
and it's raining. We've got 45 minutes to get to the beach so let's just do it and then hopefully
at the beach it'll be nice and sunny and we can relax.

We're on the way to the beach. It is gonna be really fun with my beautiful girlfriend!

Tamzin: Morgz stop it! You're so annoying, stop singing now!

Driver: Everybody wake up, we're here at the beach!

Jill: Wow, we are here at the seaside and guess what? It's not raining for once!

Martin:yeah come with me Jill and i'll take you to my final surprise.

Jill: Wow Martin just look at that view it's beautiful isn't it?

Martin: Certainly is we're almost there come on.

Jill: what's it gonna be?

Martin: come on follow me ta-da….

Jill: What is it Martin, what are you doing?

Martin: What's it look like Jill? We’re having a date on the beach.

Jill: Wow that sounds romantic!

Martin: We can sit here relax and watch the beautiful sunset.

Jill: Usually guys, Martin takes me to Mcdonald's or he just gets me being some
Beans and Burgers so this is really nice.

Martin: but Jill this is not the only reason I brought you here.I've got a very very important question to ask you.

Guys, look at this time to pop the question?

Jill: Oh my God guys, he's gonna do it he's really gonna ask!

Martin: Will you eat my Haribo ring?

Jill: I thought you were gonna ask me to marry you?
All this for nothing just for a blooming Haribo ring?
I could have bought these myself!

Martin: oh uh I thought you just like animals that's all.

Jill: Well you know what I am out of here and you can have the Haribo ring you are

Martin: Well guys, looks like I'm getting a taxi home!

Morgz: Okay Tamzin after 45 minutes of walking we have finally arrived at the beach. Woohoo!

Tamzin: it's not working Morgz I've been walking for 45 minutes and I'm absolutely soaked through and I thought you said it would be sunny at the beach but it's even colder!

Morgz: Don't worry, once you see that beautiful coast it'll change your mind it'll brighten up
this day for sure…three, two, one…

Tamzin: Where the hell is that Morgz? Did you even follow the gps correctly? This isn't the beach.

Morgz: What are you on about? This is beautiful..this is the beach!

Tamzin: This is not the beach, this is a pond. Morgz, have we even left Sheffield?
I can see ducks everywhere.

Morgz: Oh Tamzin, these aren't ducks they're seagulls.

Tamizin: They are not seagulls you need to go back to school

Morgz: I thought it was romantic?

Tamzin: This is not romantic Morgz this is far from it.

Morgz: Tamzin I'm really sorry, I promise. I tried my best. Maybe just give me a hug? Let's just hug it out Tamzin.

Tamzin: A hug? I don't want a hug. I have a better idea

Morgz: No, no, no…


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