10 WAYS TO GET MORE HALLOWEEN CANDY! - Morgz Halloween Challenge

10 WAYS TO GET MORE HALLOWEEN CANDY! - Morgz Halloween Challenge

10 Epic Ways to get More Halloween Sweets & Candy when Tricking and Treating. These clever ways will help you get way more candy than normal when doing trick or treat at Halloween! Morgz, @Morgz Mum and Bald Martin Halloween 2020 video!

Morgz: Fed up of not getting much candy when trick-or-treating?

Here's 10 epic ways you can get more candy this Halloween.

Okay guys, for this first one I'm gonna need Tamzin's help.

Tamzin: Morgz, if this works you better let me have some of that candy!

Morgz: Fine. Here we go Tammy let's see if this is going to work.

Morgz: Halloween trick or treat?
Martin: Oh, it's this game. No stealing my candy are you?

Morgz: Can I have some please?

Martin: Here you go, Mr. prisoner there you go.

Morgz: Is that it?

Martin: Yeah. There's loads of kids coming around tonight.

Morgz: Well, I appreciate it but I'm actually on face time right now with my girlfriend here you go
I'll ..I'll let you speak to her okay?

Tamzin: I really wanted to come to the Halloween trick or treating today but I've got really ill and I've had explosive diarrhea! It's gone everywhere. I would really appreciate it if you could give my boyfriend some extra candy please for me to eat later!

Martin: Oh, I've heard enough! Here, have your phone back. I've heard enough of that!

Morgz: Well could she have some?

Martin: Oh yeah I guess so I don't want to hear anymore about that explosive diarrhea took a few more and get out of here!

Morgz: Oh wow! Thank you so much sir I'm sure she will really appreciate it!

Martin: And tell her not to eat them all at once because a problem might happen again!

Morgz: Oh God! Oh my God! It worked guys, thank you Tamzin I hope you're joking by the way
about the explosive diarrhea!

Jenson: Okay guys, let's see how much candy I can get with this sticky hand I've got to make sure it doesn't stick to my costume though or I won't be able to get it off!
Wait a minute…

Hi there…..I’m a Banana. That's right I'm a banana!

Martin: Well Mr. Banana, you can take a few of these
Jenson: Oh thank you, I'll happily take some of these candies. Just a few yeah I'm just trying to get a few pieces of candy can I? Thank you.. bye!

Martin: What is on your hand?

Jenson: Uh, Oh it's not um I just..I just got really sticky fingers! I just forgot to wash my hands!

Martin: All right Mr. Banana uh thanks for coming don't forget to wash your hands don't want germs on the end when you're eating them sweets!

Jenson: yeah don't worry, I'm a banana.

Mum: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I've got an amazing announcement!
I've adopted a baby boy! Meet little baby Gilbert.
He's hungry and just like me, he wants some candy!
Actually I'm gonna have it all! Let's go!

How spooky is this?
I've got a feeling we're gonna get a lot of treats from here!

Oh trick-or-treat?

Martin: Wow look at you? You're dressed up as a clown!
And who's this?

Mum: This is my new baby, Gilbert and he really wants lots of sweets look he hasn't got anything in his bucket yet!

Martin:Well he does look very cute and he's got his tattoos and pumpkin ears however babies shouldn't have sweets they're not good for baby, sweets.

Mum: No that is not like that anymore. It's actually been proven it's a scientific fact that sweets are good for babies. they make them grow really big and strong and they make their hair grow
Perhaps you should have had some when you were young!

Martin Well in that case, he needs loads of candy! Here we go, let's fill this bucket up!

Mum: What's that, Gilbert? Gilbert says he wants more!

Martin: Oh there's plenty here you are!

Mum: You are a really kind gentleman. Gilbert is never gonna forget you for what you've done he's gonna eat all this candy and he's gonna have a fantastic….

Martin: Ohhhh! You've dropped your baby! Pick your baby…and you drop your baby

Mum: Thank you anyway!

Martin: You dropped your bab…..! Baby? This baby's a fake! Gilbert, this is your fault!

Morgz: Hello sir, my name is Morgz..uh I mean uh Mario the magician.

Martin: Mario the magician? Wow, I love magic!

Morgz: Well if you love magic then you'll love me! Would you like to see a trick? Hand over
Candy and I will make it disappear before your bald eyes!

Martin: Okay, there you go!

Morgz: Do not fear. I'm about to make this candy disappear!

Martin: Wow! That's fantastic! Here. Do it again for me please!

Morgz:Do not fear I’ll make this candy disappear!

Martin: That's brilliant I don't know how you do it! Again, again, again!

Morgz: Do not fear I'm about to make this candy disappear!

Martin: Fantastic! come on this one's a big one see if you can make
that disappear!

Morgz: Do not fear I'm about to make the candy disappear!

Martin: Again!
Morgz: Disappear!

Martin: Again!
Morgz: Disappear!

Martin: Again!
Morgz: Disappear!

Martin: I'm all that candy!

Morgz: Wow yeah it's all gone! I..I don't know where it's gone?

Martin: Wow Mario, you are truly incredible!

Morgz: I must be going now I've got all the magic stuff to be doing.

Martin: Thank you, that's fantastic… bye.

Morgz: See you later bye….hahahaha….what an idiot!

Jensen:Okay guys, Ninja Jensen's back!
I'm gonna use my ninja powers to take candy from this unexpecting old man! The candy is mine!
Quick, time to hide.. now we wait!

Martin: Hello? Halloween trick or treat? There's nobody here…. hello…hello…hello is anybody here? Hello is anybody here?
I’ll bet it's you pranksters. I'm gonna get you kids. Come here. Where are ya?

Jensen: We got the candy now let's go…stupid old man

Martin: I'll catch them one day trying to trick me. Oh I've been robbed! All my candy's gone
Where are you kids? where are you? First, I lost my hair, now I’ve lost my candy!
It's not fair, not fair!

Jensen: hahaha… the candy is mine!

Mum: Guys, with an idiot like Martin, this trick is definitely going to work.

Martin: Ohhh…you're dressed as an ugly person! You look old and wrinkly and..

Mum: Oi..oh, wow! That's my actual face!

Martin: Are you sure?

Mum: Anyway, I've got a game for you and you're gonna love it!

Martin: I love games. What do I have to do?

Mum: You have to throw the candy into the cups and depending on which cup
you get it in is how many points you get.

Martin: You want me to throw my candy into them cups?


Martin: Come on then! Let's go! Hehehe we go! Three! Three!

Mum: That's amazing! keep going!
Mum: You know what? Because you've done so well I'm gonna put all these
into number three for you!

Martin: Oh brilliant! Look at that? Wow,I've never played a game like this
before I'm really excited. Oh thank you, thank you!

Mum: Very… welcome!

Martin: Thank you, oh…fantastic.

Martin: Hello there.

Morgz: Hello there. Me and my best friend here. my buddy who I have loads of lovely memories with…uh..we would like some candy, halloween trick or treat?

Martin: Okay. What would you like?

Morgz: Give me some of those cola bottles…

How about a milky way?

Martin: There you go.

Morgz: Just give me a handful! Come on! Just a mixture! come on!

Martin: There you go and now for your friend what would you like?
Does he talk?

Morgz: No..erm.. he.. uh.. he.. actually has a rare speaking problem where when he sees bald people he can't get his words out!

Martin: Well bring your bucket over here and i'll give you a mixture. Bring your bucket over here..

Morgz: Oh.. um it's not just a speaking condition it affects his arms as well here let me just raise
it for him. There you go!

Martin: Here you go. I'll give you a bit extra for being so..so brave there you go.
oh thanks for coming and enjoy your sweets!

Morgz: I will. Oh well come on then…oh, oh!

Martin: Your friends lost his head!

Morgz: No! I promise he, he's okay.. he…yeah um I'm sure he'll be okay.
I'm sure..I'm sure.. he'll be fine. there we go, Oh all better, all better.

Jensen: Ladies and gentlemen, the clowns are here!

Mum: And as a team we're gonna work together to get all the candy!

Martin: They're scary costumes! I'm scared of clowns! This is really spooky!
There you go!

Jensen: What’s that behind you?

Martin: What’s behind me??

Jensen: Oh,nothing.. nothing. It was just a shadow!

Martin: I was really scared then!

Jensen: I would like my candy now,you only gave it to her.

Martin: I'm sure I'll give you some candy in there.

Jensen: Well do you see any?

Martin: I must be imagining things!

Jensen: Put your glasses on!

Martin: There you go!

Jensen: Thank you very much! Hahaha

Martin: I hate clowns!

Mum: Puggo, I need your help! You're coming with me and you're going to get me some extra candy!
Okay, fine. Come on then let's go! Halloween trick or treat?

Martin: Little policewoman, little police dog!

Mum: If you don't give me candy my dog is going to arrest you for being mean. Put some candy in his bucket,he's starving.

Martin: He's just a little fat pug he doesn't need no sweets. He's got a right belly on him.

Mum: This is south yorkshire's finest police dog he hunts down criminals and if you don't give us some sweets we're going to arrest you for being a criminal because you'll be a mean person
and that's an offense on halloween.

Martin: okay then, I don't want to be arrested. Here you go don't eat them all at once!

Mum: Will you fill the bucket up?

Martin: I don't want to get him too fat

Mum: What do you think? Is that enough or is he under arrest?

Martin: Don't arrest me please! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! please please! go on please!

Mum: Well it worked! Thanks Puggo!

Morgz: Okay guys, it is time for the final way to get more candy when trick-or-treating
do not try this at home guys,because this last way is by robbing it time to mask up and do this
let's go!

Give me all your candy! This is a robbery!

Martin: Hahaha..good costume!

Morgz: There's no good costume! This is an actual robbery! Hand over the candy right now or I'll blow your bald brains out!
Martin: Brilliant acting! That's brilliant, that's fantastic. Not only do you dress like a robber, you are like a robber..brilliant! Awesome! Fantastic!

Morgz: Hey! Hey.. this is not a joke! Give me the Candy!!!

Martin: Hahahaha!

Morgz: No listen, old man. Listen… this is an actual robbery, if you don't give me the candy right now, I'm gonna get real mad!

Martin: You know what? For that acting you deserve a candy there you are.Fantastic.. brilliant, really convincing. You know what? For one second I really really thought you was a robber!

Morgz: well guys, ah….looks like this one didn't work!

Martin: Oh he's you! Oh what are you doing?

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