$10 HOTEL vs $100,000 HOTEL - Morgz Challenge

$10 HOTEL vs $100,000 HOTEL - Morgz Challenge

Ultimate $10 HOTEL vs $100,000 Hotel CHALLENGE! Morgz & @Tamzin Taber vs @Morgz Mum & Bald Martin (Cheap VS Expensive Hotel Overnight Challenge). Inspired by our other videos: "$100 HOLIDAY vs $10,000 HOLIDAY" and "$100 DATE vs $10,000 DATE". Let us know which CHEAP vs EXPENSIVE challenge you want to see us do next!

Morgz: Right now me and Tamzin are outside one of the fanciest hotels in the entire country.

Mum: And we're outside one of the worst hotels in the country

Tamzin: We spun a mystery wheel and we won so that means we get the $100,000 hotel.

Martin: And of course we get the cheap one.This is going to be one of the worst nights of our lives.

Morgz: This is literally the most money we have ever spent on a hotel so we cannot wait to check out and spend the night in it.
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Can you do it in three seconds go, go, go, go, go, and now guys let's go whoa!

Mum: Please leave a like guys, because we're gonna have to survive a night in that thing.

Martin: Let's go and check it out.

Morgz: Okay guys, we just sat in the reception area of the hotel we've just been reading the reviews and check this out this person said the hotel had excellent service and the rooms were beautiful another person said it's a superb hotel and makes your stay memorable this is definitely gonna be hard to forget with how expensive it is. i say we go up and check out the room right now!

Tamzin:Yes, let's go.

Mum: good guys we're around the back of the hotel before we go in let's have a look at the reviews, absolutely terrible, one star.

Martin: This is not a hotel, it's a dungeon! What has Morgz got us into now?

Morgz: okay guys right now we are in the lift we just checked in and this place so far looks insane!

Tamzin: The room we are in is the penthouse suite and there's only one of them in the entire hotel let's go to the top floor!

Morgz: Are you ready Tammi?

Tamzin: Yeah!

Morgz: Well then, i'll let you do the honors!

Mum: Okay guys we're here we're on the top floor this is where our room is.
Martin: Ooh! Maybe we've got a penthouse?

Mum: I won't get your hopes up for that Martin!

Morgz: There we go guys this is it guys we're not gonna torture you for any longer. it is now time for us to give you a tour round the most expensive hotel room i have ever stayed in.

Check this out guys. this right here is the main room and oh my gosh. So the first thing you see when you come into this hotel room is the insane home bar.

it's got a massive flat screen TV, three giant fridges and the wall is decorated with the American flag!

Tamzin: Morgz, that's the flag of the United Kingdom not America!

Morgz:Moving on guys over here there is a chair that literally hangs from the ceiling.Hey Tazmin how is it?

Tamzin: It's so relaxing Morgz

Morgz: Relaxing you say? Three, two, one..Tamzin how is that?

Tamzin: Yeah that will do me! Thank you!

Morgz: Thanks. Moving on guys to the main part of the room, this giant sofa but guys believe it or not this isn't any ordinary sofa I'm about to show you how it can get a whole lot cooler.

Tamzin: oh my god it moves!

Morgz: Guys check it out the sofa slowly spins on in circles guys it's like something out of a movie! Moving on guys the epicness continues, over here we have a flipping DJ boom check this out guys this is awesome! This is the ultimate party hotel room right now!

Tamzin: Moving on guys, we have the dining area look how big this table is?

Morgz: You know what Tamzin? i said we could fit 10 on the sofa. We could probably fit 20 on this massive table!

Tamzin: We don't even have 20 friends to invite!

Tamzin: Here we are guys we have this beautiful toilet

Morgz: Whoa yo what are you doing? i'm trying to have a poop in here! Can i not poop in peace?

Tamzin: I'm sorry I'll just I'll just leave you in peace

Morgz: Get out! Get out!

Morgz: Next up guys it is time for my favorite part of the whole room, the master bedroom! Check it out guys this bed is huge! it literally fits Tamarin's entire body!

Tamzin:This is the biggest bed I've ever seen! This can probably hold like six people!

Morgz: We've already been over this before Tamzin, i don't have any friends! So who cares?
It's got epic dangle lights, a mirror with a built-in tv a mirror on the ceiling so we can see ourselves and to top it off a fancy chair!

Tamzin:Next we have this walk-in wardrobe! imagine how many clothes I could fit in here? There's literally so much space that I can fit in here!

Morgz: Maybe you can just sleep there tonight?

Tamzin: Maybe I will! And then next we walk into this walk-in bathroom.
Look how big it is. It's got mirrors for makeup not one sink but two sinks so me and Morgz can wash our hands at the same time, and over here we have another toilet!

Morgz: Whoa.. no are you kidding me again? Are you serious?

Morgz: Okay moving on guys, next let me show you the shower or should I say showers? Because there is not one shower, there are two!
But guys, something tells me we're not gonna be using the showers very much because of the final thing that I'm about to show you that will literally blow your mind!

You walk up these three steps guys and then boom!
Look at that! It's a flipping hot tub!! That's right guys, the hotel room literally comes with an indoor hot tub!
I've never even seen one of these before.

Tamzin: I cannot wait to use this later, make sure you guys stick around to watch!

Mum: Okay guys we're in the hotel room now and there's no escaping it, this is our home for the rest of today it hasn't even got a double bed it's got two singles!

I thought this was meant to be a double?

Martin: I don't think they'll be any romance here tonight love. Oh God!

Mum: Well, let's try out the bed guys you never know it might be comfy.

That wasn't me, that was the springs!

Martin: As you can see, the beds don't have duvets only these little sheets.

Mum: Well Martin, we do have one blanket to share but it does look a bit dirty.
And over here by the rusty door is this thing, a tv oh I think it works guys but it looks like the things on there are as old as when the room was last decorated!

Martin: Oh, damn it! I wanted to watch the football! Below the tv is this microwave i'm not sure what it's doing in a bedroom though?

Mum: And guys, moving on this is the bathroom or should I say shower room because it doesn't even have a bath It's more like the size of a wardrobe and the door doesn't even shut!
Some things should be kept private but obviously not in this room!

Martin: And guys this is the shower it feels like a coffin it's tiny!

Mum: And that is it. That is the room. It is awful.

Martin: There's even more nasty stuff like holes in the wall, cracks in the ceiling, ripped carpets
Mum: And it doesn't just look bad it smells bad! Guys, this is it. The challenge starts now!

Morgz: Okay guys, me and Tamzin have been really enjoying the hotel so far but of course it's not all about the actual hotel room part of staying at a hotel, it’s using all the epic facilities!

Tamzin: So me and Morgz are gonna head down to the hotel gym to see what it's like!

Morgz: Oh my goodness guys this is one of the fanciest gyms I have ever seen!

Look at this guys, this looks so cool, you know what this calls for guys?

A workout montage!
For sure guys this may be a really cool gym however, I still hate working out!

Mum: Martin, can we just go now?

Martin: No we've only been here for a couple of hours! Don't be fussy Jill, the most important thing is we've got each other how bad can that be?

Mum: Hang on a sec..have you weed?

Martin: No!
Mum: But what's that smell? Hang on a minute… oh… that's what's smelled!
Martin: There's a wee stain right in the middle of the bed!

Mum: Oh God I don't know what else we can find?
Martin: What's this gonna be like? Oh my God My Head's been on that! Why is the pillow yellow?

The whole floor is falling apart! Look at that underneath there that might have some creatures in there! The reviews were right. This place is horrible, it's hell.

Morgz: Meantime we’re having the best time but i think it's about to get a whole lot better because we have a reservation in the hotel restaurant!

Tamzin: Food!

Morgz: Yep! What she said! Okay guys as you can see me and Tamzin are now in the restaurant and it is actually looking pretty sic.

Tamzin: The place is called burger and lobster so of course we ordered burger and lobster!

Morgz: Okay guys the food has just arrived and oh my gosh, it looks insane!

Okay guys as you can see me and Tamzin have finished our food it was so nice. What did you think of it Tamzin?

Tamzin: It was really good but i'm so stuffed now!

Morgz: But Tamzin.. what about dessert?

Tamzin: Oh…go on then!

Mum: What's up Martin what are you moaning at?

Martin: I'm getting hungry Jill, I’ve eaten nothing today! I'll ring for home service and I'll treat us!

Mum: Are you joking? There's no phone! There's no room service! For goodness sake Martin, the only thing that this place has is a microwave in the room!

Martin: That gives me an idea!

Mum: Oh no!

Martin: We don't need a restaurant, I've come prepared with the beans!

Mum: For goodness sake Martin… I hate beans!

Martin: Looks like I've got double portions! Hey what? It's not working! Why put a microwave in the room when it doesn't even work? Well looks like I'm having them cold!

Morgz: Okay guys as you can see we are now back from the restaurant and check this out.
The hotel left us a little surprise!

Welcome Morgz, we hope you have a fabulous stay with us ready to rock question mark?

Well, Tamzin, we're in the nicest hotel in the country, we've got a dj booth, we've got a private bar, we've got a view of the city, and we've got a bottle of the bubbly!

Guys I've literally never done this before I don't really know what I'm doing.
is it supposed to pop now take this little bit off, oh is this not part of the problem, no and then what and you basically just twist it in your palm and it's supposed to shoot um.

Tamzin: Yeah if you push it!

Oh ah God guys without further ado let's get this party started!

Hey Tamzin one thing's for sure I think we trashed the room

Look at the state of this place we definitely party too hard!

Tamzin: Yeah! those diet cokes have definitely gone to my head!

Mum: Martin, Morgz has just put a video on Snapchat of him and Tamzin dancing around the room drinking champagne and look at the room it looks amazing!

Martin: Who needs all that fancy stuff and you've got a tin of beans! Well Jill, that was lovely but um I think I've got an appointment with the toilet now!

Mum: Oh my God Martin! That is absolutely gross! God really.

Martin: Oh no joke. Slight problem!

Mum: What now?

Martin: The flush doesn't work!

Mum: What this can't be happening to me.

Martin: Guys look, it doesn't flush, it's just floating in there. What are we gonna do? Its just a log floating around in the bowl!

Morgz: Okay guys, it's getting a little bit late now me and Tamzin have been partying all night enjoying this insane hotel.

Tamzin: But there's still one more thing that we have been looking forward to that we haven't done yet.

Morgz: Ever since we first saw this we've been so excited to use it of course we're talking about the hot tub bath.

Tamzin: Erm, Morgz.. I think we forgot to run it.

Morgz: Wait a sec oh yeah there's no water in it well I guess we can go in it after we've run it?

Tamzin: I guess so.
Morgz: Yeah, okay guys, as you can see we're in the hot tub right now this is insane we filled the entire thing with bubbles so we're literally just laying in a pool of bubbles..very, very, nice yep, right in my face!

This is super nice and relaxing guys but I think i know something that will make it
even better are you ready Tammi?

Tamzin: Yes.
Morgz: Well then, here we go three two one oh did you feel it? Don't fall asleep!

Tamzin: I might just fall asleep!

Morgz: You know what guys? I may actually end up falling asleep as well. It's so relaxing in here however though guys I think there's a little bit of a problem. When we were filling the hot tub we put in like four bottles of bubbles and I think it's starting to actually overflow!

Look at this guys.. there's bubbles everywhere! They're literally leaking out of the flipping hot tub
they're all over the place!
Tams in are you okay in there ?you're literally surrounded?
What? Where the hell did she go? Tamzin are you okay? oh my gosh?

Tamzin: I'm fine!

Morgz: You are a different breed!

Mum: Guys we've been in the hotel all day and it's starting to get late now it's getting a little bit scary as well because we keep hearing noises coming from the other rooms.

Martin: We've seen reviews and people say strange things really do happen here

Mum: And bad things Martin. Anyway guys it's starting to get really hot in here and obviously this room has got no aircon.

Martin: Jill, don't worry I've got a plan let's go for a shower!

Mum: What? I'm not going in that bathroom. It still smells of beans.

Martin: Well it's either going in there or sweat to death!

Mum: I guess I'm just gonna have to have a shower then aren't I? Here we go guys wish me luck!

Martin: Wait for me Jill, I'm coming in!

Mum: Why are you even coming in? ah there's not enough room! Stop it oh it's like sardines!

Guys there's no room in the shower and it absolutely stinks in here because of you.

Martin: Come on Jill, crank up that shower let's get cleaned! Are you enjoying your holiday?

Mum: Holiday? This isn't a holiday, this is hell I'm sorry Martin but I'm getting out it's too cold for me, get out of the way.

Morgz: Okay guys we just got out of that amazing hot tub bath and that was insane we were in there for like an hour if I had loads of money I would probably just buy this hotel room!

Tamzin: You do, don't you?

Morgz: oh yeah, maybe I could just buy this hotel room! We just ordered some nice hot drinks to have before bed. Obviously there is room service 24/7 so we can get anything in the night that we want. Now guys, I think me and Tamzin are just going to snuggle up in bed and have a really nice night.
Seeing as this bed's so big, maybe I'll get another girl around!

Tamzin: NO!

Morgz: I was only joking! Calm down!

Seriously though guys, this has been one of the best nights ever and you know what? I'm just excited to go and sleep in this big warm comfy bed, guys!

Mum: It's ten o'clock now and this has been the worst day and night of my life!
iwell thanks guys for watching we're gonna get some sleep now and hopefully we will never see this place again!

Martin: Um don't let the bedbugs bite!

Mum: Now is not the time for jokes!

Martin: Sorry.

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