Try Not To Laugh Challenge with My Girlfriend & 1 LAUGH = REMOVE 1 CLOTHING! We reacted to Super Funny Videos, Memes, YTP videos, and Hilarious Old Videos of My Girlfriend Tamzin Taber and me! This was an Impossible Try Not to Laugh video, do you agree? Let us know what video you found the funniest in the comments and make sure you watch to the end!

Morgz: Today me and my girlfriend are doing a try not to laugh challenge!

Tamzin: With a twist.

Morgz: One laugh..

Tamzin: Equals remove one clothing..

Morgz: And whoever laughs the most gives the other 1000 pounds!
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Tamzin: Let's get into the memes… you start!

Morgz: Oh no! I know this video, bro I know this video.

Tamzin: Okay so that was literally the first video we both laughed straight away.

Morgz: Yo if we're laughing this much at the first video we've got like 50 more this video is
only going to get worse and worse we're both going to be naked by the end!

Tamzin: I’m not!

Morgz: But I hope you don't laugh then! Wow!

Tamzin: You're not sexy!

Morgz: I thought I was doing a really good job.

Tamzin: Yeah? You're not, so don't carry on.. just take it off.

Tamzin: Hi guys, so basically a lot of you been asking to hear my voice when I sing, so I recorded a video last night. It's on my camera. I'm gonna play it for you guys now. Don't know if you're gonna like it.

Morgz: I don't know you could sing anywhere oh my God! I forgot about the challenge I didn't know you laughed!

Tamzin: I smiled I loved you, she definitely laughed, guys. Can I get a var check on that because I think she laughed as well!

Tamzin: Get it off… get it off… get it off!

Morgz: I can't mess up my lovely hair!

Tamzin: You look like a mushroom!

Editor: Look at the top of his head!

Morgz: Okay what would happen if everyone in the world went silent for one hour?

Tamzin: It’d be very quiet?

Morgz: Maybe like the birds would be like louder and stuff but like I don't know, no one would be able to communicate I don't know..let's see I guess.

Meme: This guy would finally shut the [ __ ]

Morgz: What??

Tamzin: I agree, I agree! The face you make when you steal a thousand ideas… that's so true!

Morgz: You can't laugh at that..that's not funny and that's not even true, it's not true!

Tamzin: Okay…

Morgz: When have I ever stolen an idea?

Tamzin: Editor, I think we need to expose him. Expose him, expose him!

Morgz: Haha, very funny but guess what Tamzin, can we get a replay on that because you laughed! And Ii think it's time to get off another one of them layers!

You know what? I can, I can see why you didn't actually sing in that tiktok earlier because you actually, definitely can't sing.

Tamzin: Sing better than you! No, oh this is from like 2016.

Morgz: What are you doing? Whoa, whoa, are you taking my clothes off?

Tamzin: Yeah, because you're not doing it so hurry up!

Morgz: Oh, not for the first time!

Tamzin: I not got all day. Take it off.

Morgz: oh no guys this is a meme edit of one of me, and I have no clue now as you guys know
I met Tamzin a month ago when…

Jill: Morgz, that's a terrible idea!

Tamzin: Whoa Morgz's mum swore!

Morgz: Cancel Morgz mum! The flowers are so pretty.

Jill: Morgz, you do realize that's basil? Morgz,you know what they say? The bigger the better. I would go with this huge box up here.

Morgz: To be honest mom, I don't want to end up looking like you, think I'm going to go for them a little bit.. No, no I know I was close,that close… close.. I swear I didn’t laugh.

Oh..oh my God, oh I wonder if this is gonna be the final layer oh,,I don't think it is.

Tamzin: It definitely isn’t.
Knackering? all you're doing is actually pulling the box out. How was it nackaring?

Morgz: I was a fat little tubby boy back then…everything was knackering. There we go, it's very heavy.

Oh my God, come on yo..be honest with me have I grown up?

Oh it's so funny, that never happened in the pause challenge okay?
Well calm down, are you okay?

Tamzin: Yeah, there we go.

Morgz: I seen va. I'm not laughing. No you know what let me let me recreate it
you can only eat yellow food for 24 hours and you'll win 10 000. Are you happy now?

Morgz Pause!

Tamzin: That was a laugh.

Morgz: No! Okay fine, oh yo I got a feeling you're gonna like what's next.

Tamzin: Probably not.

Morgz: And she said merch!

Morgz: There we, go two more layers off guys!

Morgz: Come on Tammy, I feel like you gotta do it now. Come on you can do it!

Tamzin: Morgz, you're giving me a heart attack!

Morgz: Yo we both haven't got many layers left guys. We're getting kind of close to the
end. I wonder who is going to get down to the final layer quickest?

Tamzin: Not me! Not likely.

Morgz: Oh..wait, hang on. You know what you just did?

Tamzin: I didn't do anything.

Morgz: Yo, she laughed again!

Tamzin: I didn't laugh.

Morgz: Straight after saying you weren't gonna laugh again!
Bro how many layers have you gone on?

Tamzin: I…yeah. I'm going for a shower okay yeah I am…stop I said I was going to have a shower!

Morgz: Yo, I was close. I'm so glad the video ended there. I was this close man.

Now mom, I need you to be a fake girlfriend!

Tamzin is being a lot more talkative with the uber driver. Mum, I think it's time we stepped it up a

Jill: Good idea.

Tamzin: huh?

Jill: Well Tamzin, yeah just dabbing!

Morgz: Guys, I've probably laughed like five times in that video so I think it's time for me to take
another layer off.

Tamzin: Is it your last layer?

Morgz: It might be.

Tamzin: Okay guys it's now Morgz's turn to take off his final layer and we get to see his amazing body. He's definitely not just told me to say that…

Morgz: Oh yeah, yo whoa, whoa, you weren't supposed to say that last part.

I didn't want to have to do this take it off but I've got no choice…

Tamzin: Take it off…drum roll! What???

Morgz: Surprise! It's not actually my last layer I've got one more!

Tamzin: Yeah, my bra. Why are you wearing my bras?

Morgz: Well, I ran out of t-shirts you know, I don't have many clothes here so I just
thought I'd borrow one of yours.

Tamzin: Take it off. You're gonna make it smell. What, Oh I thought I won the challenge but you still have one more layer.

Morgz: As you can see I'm currently playing some xbox right now.
Do you even understand that it was a ps4 controller?

Tamzin: Oh yeah, sorry you didn't clock that
What did the easter eggs say to the boiling water?

Morgz: I don't know.

Tamzin: It might take me a while to get hard because I just got laid by some chick!

Morgz: Yo, that's not pg! Now people walking past me see me in a bra people, walking past me see me in a bra! Just realized, Oh God! Oh no!

Okay Tamzin we've both only got one layer left and I think I have a secret weapon to make you laugh and get me the victory.

It worked at the start guys I just got to make sure I don't laugh because this is funny for me as well.

Hello guys Morgz here and quickly before I show you..no no no no we are going to be uh,
putting these parachutes out into a series!

I can't even speak! this is like one of the first videos on my channel!
Tamzin: Oh my god the language from you!

Morgz: Oh my God, I used to be a potty mouth.
Well you know what something looks like my secret weapon work because you laughed and then it's time for the final layer! Whoa!

Tamzin: Oh… do I really have to do this Morgz?

Morgz: Yep, it.. it is kind of the rules Tamzin, I mean
I'm sat here in a bra so we may as well make it so we're both here sat here in a bra.

Tamzin: I don't want to do, it no I'm not doing it, sorry, I'm not doing it.

Morgz: Wait.. so you quit?

Tamzin: I quit!

Morgz: So I win the money? Yes!!! Get in guys, I win!
I can get this stupid brawl off…I'm trying. Yeah!

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