Among Us with My Girlfriend & 1 KILL = REMOVE 1 CLOTHING! I played Among Us with My Girlfriend Tamzin Taber! Make sure you watch to the end to see what happened!

Morgz: Hey guys, welcome back to another banger. Today, I am joined with my beautiful girlfriend Tamzin, who has kindly agreed to partake in this wonderful video for all of us to enjoy.

Tamzin: Kindly partake? You literally paid me to do this.

Morgz: For every kill I get in a game of Among Us what happens Tamzin?

Tamzin: I have to take off an item of clothing!

Morgz: As you can see you guys, she is thrilled about this.

Tamzin: Yeah… so happy!

Morgz: Oh as you can see just loaded into a game of Among Us with me as the imposter. We're gonna be playing two games in this video. Every kill is one item of clothing off! If I win the game that equals two items of clothing!
Here we go guys, I'm going for a kill.

Tamzin: No please don't go for a kill straight away!

Morgz: Okay, let me blow the reactor by myself a little bit of time and now I've got 30 seconds if I find someone to kill.

Tamzin: No don’t!

Morgz: Wait, Green just went up into electrical…

Tamzin: No, leave Green alone! And the games just don't kill him…

Morgz: Okay, I’ll leave him….Psyche…Whooo! There we go boys! A kill already!

Tamzin: The game has literally just started. You could have given it some time.

Morgz: Tamzin, what is going on over there? Hang on..why have you still got a t-shirt on? I thought that was all you were wearing?

Tamzin: Well it is cold so it keeps you warm. Just an extra layer! It is winter.

Morgz: So you just put one more layer?


Morgz: Okay, that's cool. One more kill then we can get it off.

Tamzin: Maybe they saw you and saw you kill and then you're voted out and then there's no more layers removed.

Morgz: Oh, he thinks I vented to Med bay!
Tamzin: Purple You're right. You're right.

Morgz: I'm gonna say I was with pink because at the end of that round before the meeting was called, I was with pink so maybe he'll cover my back. Oh…white thinks it’s purple!

Morgz: Cool purple. Oh you know what that means Tammy? Another layer is off! And in the meantime, I'm gonna get back to killing some people!
Blow the reactor real quick. We're good! Just go and maybe fake a task. Oh, see yellow over there.
What? Hang on a minute.. I thought you only had one more layer on…where’s this one come from?

Tamzin:Yeah,I always wear my pajama top underneath my clothes.

Morgz: Okay, fine. This is cool. I'm getting more kills anyway no problem.

Tamzin: Yeah it’s fine.

Morgz: Guys, this is getting a little bit worrying they are all starting to get a little bit suss of me in this lobby and this will be I'm gonna try and defend myself and hopefully that if I can survive this round I can kill the people that are suss of me.

Tamzin: Everybody stay huddled together, stay huddled together!

Morgz: Oh, this is so tough…I can't kill anybody!

Tamzin: It looks like you better get a kill soon!

Morgz: They’ve just called a meeting! You know what Tamzin that will give us enough time to the next layer!

What? Wait..that’s my merch. Why have you got my merch on?

Tamzin: Your merch? Yeah, I found it in the bin… where it belongs!

Morgz: Whatever. I’m not even counting how many layers you've got one.. I gotta stay in this game and I'm just gonna keep getting loads of kills.

Morgz: Black Suss. I'm gonna call him stupid. Black’s sussing me..why is he sussing me? He doesn't even say why? He just.. he just voted for me.
Come on. I'm going to try and encourage them to skip it. Well, it worked last time if they.. if they skip for a time. Once again guys, I managed to stay in it. Now black's gonna get it.

Tamzin: I feel like the white and blue are very suss of you. That's why they're sticking near you.

Morgz: I know white and blue are literally following the guys, I don't know why I'm supposed to do so.
I'm gonna have to blow the reactor, buy myself some time and try and kill somebody when they are not looking.
Oh do I kill him though because we were allies I feel like if I spared pink then he can back me up. But black on the other hand…..black on the other hand….needs to go!

Black i told you I was coming for you boy!

Tamzin, you know as you take off this next layer I will tell everybody where they can get this beautiful merch from Morgz.co link in the description and of course another layer, another layer!
Tamzin: Another layer, another layer!

Morgz: I got 30 seconds until the kill cooldown is full so if nobody finds the body for another 30 seconds maybe I can just get another kill. What do you think of that Tammy?

Tamzin: No, please don’t Morgz…just.

Morgz: 10 seconds left no one's found the body. Come on, I want one more kill.. I'm hungry!
Here we go. Got to be someone around here!
I need to get away, I need to get away, we got another layer to get rid of..let’s go!

Tamzin: Look, you can actually see it's the last one it’s so thin.

Morgz: Guys, this is not good. Both white and pink, the two left seem to be suss of me. If I can't get either of them on my side then this is the end for me!

Tamzin: YES! You’re out! Oh my God, no victory for Morgz!

Morgz: I don't get to win however I'm still got one more game to get rid of however many layers she's still got on. This is not over guys! This is only just getting started.

I gotta play safe guys, purple’s there…

Tamzin: Leave purple alone…leave them alone…no! Fine, I’ll get another layer off.

Morgz: You've got another one on!
Sorry guys, I’ve got to get back and get more kills. This is a nightmare!
Okay, it looks like everybody split up guys, I've got 10 seconds until my kill cooldown is up.

Tamzin:Oh! They’ve seen it… they’ve seen it.

Morgz: They’ve found the body guys. Okay, this looks good. I'm gonna skip I think most people are skipping it I don't think anybody susses, suss, susses it? subscribe to the channel guys, please!

Morgz: Yes, look at that? Everybody skipped! Whooooah! Let’s do this!

Tamzin: You need to be put in a cage.

Morgz: Here we go guys, this looks like the last layer… oh my God are you kidding me?

Oh oh okay 25 seconds. What are we saying? Gonna fake a task. Don’t mind me.

Tamzin: Another dead body reported!

Morgz: I'm gonna ask if there is any suss?

Tamzin: Yeah you. You’re suss.

Morgz: I’m not suss. I just been doing nothing all game, I'm just doing my tasks.

Tamzin: oh it looks like black and pink have it in for each other
Morgz: Yeah that's good for me because black and pink think it’s each other.

Okay look at admi looks like somebody’s in medbay. Maybe I'll go for them, what do you think?

Tamzin: How about you don’t go for them?

Morgz: How about I just blow the reactor instead?

Tamzin: Yep, that's it. Just don't do anything, just no more kills Morgz please?

Morgz: Ok, Ok…lights out guys..is there going to be someone around?

Tamzin: No! Leave black alone! Ahhh!

Morgz: Hahahaha! I’m on fire guys, blow the lights, find the black, bang! Let’s go! Another one bites the dust.

Morgz: Okay we are at another emergency meeting guys, I don't know if anybody is suss of me.I'm pretty sure I've stayed under the radar but we're gonna have to see what they say.

Tamzin: I mean hopefully they’re very suss of you!

Morgz: Someones voted already. I don't know why orange has voted? I'm gonna put I don't think it's green because we walked past each other and remember allies help in this game!

Tamzin: You walked past each other? Lucy thinks it’s you though! Oh!

Morgz: Lucy? I thought we were friends? Oh a 4 way tie but guess who the only person not to get voted for was? Your Boy!

Morgz: 26 seconds Tamzin, 26 seconds until that..

Tamzin: 26 seconds until you are found out and voted off!

Morgz: No, 26 seconds for that top to be taken off!
Lucy's been left alone, do I kill Lucy?

Tamzin: No, you don’t kill Lucy. Leave Lucy alone!
Morgz: I’m sorry Lucy. I thought we were friends, but she betrayed me!
Okay, I'm just gonna hang with orange. In the meantime…

Tamzin: it's my turn to take another layer off?

Morgz: Yeah..how did you know?

Tamzin: Well just stab in the dark, you know?

Morgz: We are getting closer. There aren't many people left but if I can get the win, I think we'll be able to remove all those layers.
Okay, we're in a meeting guys. I was with orange towards the end of that game as you know so I'm just going to clear orange right now say that we were together and then I should be safe. Right if orange doesn't think it's me there's only three people left.

Tamzin: How are you getting away with this?

Morgz: Because I'm a genius at Among Us.

Tamzin: You're not a genius at all. There’s nothing in there.
Morgz: Let’s go, Orange has cleared me!

Tamzin: Orange is so stupid. It’s just not fair Morgz.
Morgz: Looks like It's time to finish this guy's! 30 seconds to wait guys, and that is my everybody's subscribe to the channel right now. Like this video. Download the new mini game. Let's end this once and for all Tamzin!

Tamzin: No!

Morgz: 5,4,3,2,1,….KILL! I’ve done it, the kill and the victory!
Let's do this. three layers. Take it away. I'm just gonna sit back and relax.

Tamzin: Fine. Three layers then.
One. The bracelet
Morgz: Jewellery counts does it now?

Tamzin: Well, I mean, you never specified it didn't.

Morgz: But Tamzin there's still one layer left…you need to take it off!

Tamzin: What do you mean? There's no more layers.

Morgz: Yeah, I got one for the kill and two for the win and Tamzin. It looks like you're all out of T-shirts. So I guess. I guess we know, we know what comes next. You gotta..got to take that off.

Tamzin: No, no, no, no, no, no.

Morgz: Okay, okay…on the count of three, two, one

Tamzin: Oh no Morgz!

Morgz: Yo, guys, I was just looking over the footage. And at some point during the recording, my camera died. And I don't know when guys, I'm pretty sure it captured everything. If it didn't let me know in the comments and 100 thousand likes and I'll do a part two. Also go play the brand new mini game right now on Morgz ultimate challenge. The link is in the description below. Welcome to Morgz Ultimate Challenge!

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