1 KILL = 1 DARE on AMONG US w/GIRLFRIEND! (Spin Wheel Challenge) - Morgz Challenge

1 KILL = 1 DARE on AMONG US w/GIRLFRIEND! (Spin Wheel Challenge) - Morgz Challenge

Among Us with My Girlfriend & 1 KILL = 1 DARE! I played Among Us with My Girlfriend Tamzin Taber and we each had to do a dare from the Mystery Spin The Wheel each time the other person got a kill on Among Us! MORGZ vs TAMZIN! Make sure you watch to see who had to do the most challenges in the video and who got the most among us kills!

Morgz: One kill in a Among Us equals one dare for the other person.
Are you ready Tammy?

Tamzin: Yes, you're rubbish, so I'm gonna get more kills anyway.

Morgz: Oh first time guys I'm the imposter that's gonna be some sort of sign.
Okay me and daisy are gonna get the dub right now my strategy I'm gonna try and
scout the area look for anybody that's vulnerable. Remember I don't want to get caught with
only one kill or something so I'm going to go to the bench right now and see if anybody
is by themselves.

Tamzin: You're not going to kill first time?oh…

Morgz: Watch this!

Morgz: Boom! Just like that! There we go! What was that Tamzin? I'm not gonna get any
kills? Well, we're only 30 seconds into the game right now and it's time for the first dare!

Tamzin: So annoying!

Morgz: Okay Tamzin, as you know it's getting kind of close to Christmas. I'm getting in the Christmas spirit so how about for the first dare we wrap a Christmas present?

Tamzin:Okay what's the christmas present gonna be then?

Morgz: You of course! We're gonna wrap you in 100 layers of wrapping paper!

Tamzin: Oh Morgz, I don't want to do that!

Morgz: Here we go guys, we have officially started now I can just go round and round…side on the side, here we go again round and round you're gonna be like a little burrito!

Morgz:Hey Tammy guess what we are now halfway there

Tamzin: Not another one please! Are you near the end of the roll?

Morgz: No we got one more to go!

Tamzin: No we haven't please! Cut me out Morgz, but I can't even move look,
I'm stuck!

Morgz: There's just one last little finishing touch Tamzin…

Tamzin: No Morgz, come on, I've had enough… what is it?
Morgz: We need to put the bow on top of the present of course!

Tamzin: Oh you're taking the mick now! Come on no more good not my forehead please no no no oh

Morgz:Wow! What a lovely little Christmas present!

Tamzin: Well, will you cut me out of it now because I really need the toilet and I feel like I'm about to wet myself or even worse!

Morgz: Did you say poop yourself?

Tamzin: Yeah!

Morgz: Only a month until Christmas!

Morgz: Guys, I've seen Tamzin been playing the imposter before and she is awful. I don't think she's gonna get a single kill. I don't think I'm gonna have to do a single dare!

Tamzin: We'll see about that won't we Morgz? it looks like I'm safe so Morgz it's time for you to do your first dare.

Tazmin: okay Morgz it is time for your first dare.

Morgz: I'm not gonna lie baby, I am really really nervous for this. Please maybe, just like
go easy on me, because I'm your lovely boyfriend?

Tamzin: Of course Morgz, this is such an easy dare… I dare you to kiss..

Morgz: Yeah? To kiss you? Dare me to kiss?

Tamzin: Yeah of course that's the dare!

Morgz: I can't believe it! I was expecting to like, eat meal worms or jump off a roof or something. All I have to do is kiss you? That's not even a dare, that's good!

Tamzin: I never said you have to kiss me, did I?

Morgz: Wait! So..so what do I have to kiss?

Tamzin: My handsome little dog Wilfred!

Morgz: Wait.. what? No no, I don't want to kiss your..I don't want to kiss your.. your hairy little mutt!
Tamzin: Well you're gonna have to kiss him all!

Morgz: Let's just make this quick Wilfred, I don't want your smelly tongue all over me

Tamzin: Even he doesn't like the taste of your lips!

Morgz: No… his breath is so smelly. Are you sure he's not been eating poo? It smells like he's been eating sewage as well…

Tamzin: Well Morgz, he is a dog so who knows what he's been eating!

Morgz: I'm gonna get you back for that dare you best believe it I'm gonna go wash my
mouth though first because this reeks!

Morgz: Okay guys, I'm back in Among Us right now. As you know I just killed somebody in the med bay and Tamzin had to do her first dare, now I'm going on the hunt for somebody to try and get Tamzin another dare. I wonder if as soon as my kill stance up I'll stumble on somebody?
I'm gonna scout around.

Tamzin: I hope you don't. I honestly don't, because I don't want another dare!

Morgz: Okay Tamzin, it's getting kind of hot in here don't you think?

Tamzin: Uh yeah I guess so.

Morgz: How about for you're dare we uh we go and cooll you down a bit?

Tamzin: It doesn't sound too bad…

Morgz: I was thinking maybe going down to the nearest lake and you jumping into it?

Tamzin: No Morgz! I've literally just washed my hair. I'm not doing that!

Morgz: You seem kind of tense and I feel like it would definitely cool you down a bit and relieve some stress!

Morgz: Okay guys, as you can see me and Tamzin are now at the lake I've had to get a big coat on because it's so cold outside today. This jump is gonna be freezing time's in how do you feel about jumping in the lake?

Tamzin: Morgz please? no… there's literally someone's in the lake. You're not making me jump in this are you?

Morgz: Yeah, and you better watch out for them Swans because they might eat you!
Three, two, one… jump!

Tamzin: Oh my God! Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, no don't splash me!

Morgz: Are you okay? We said jumping that was a that was a walk in!

Tamzin: Fine, I'll do it again!

Morgz: Guys, she's gonna jump…three, two, one….Go! I think you're clean enough..at least you
won't be dehydrated now you've had a lot of water!

Tamzin: Let's go home quickly! I need to dry off, please?
Okay guys, we're back on Among Us and I'm trying to get Morgz some more dares.

Morgz: No way that first one was just a fluke. I'm being serious now, you're not gonna
get a single kill from now.

Tamzin: Shhh. Right guys, it's time to sabotage the reactor and that should give me like 30
seconds to hopefully get another kill.

Morgz: No.. there's no way you're gonna find anybody around here. They're all gonna be the other side of the map stupid.

Tamzin: Okay well we’ll see that.

Morgz: No way.. No way.

Tamzin: Yes way..anyone wrong way.. oh wait! Oh, oh, oh, oh that means you gotta do another dare now Morgz!

Morgz: I can't believe it? What was Paul doing there? You're an idiot Paul… why were you in the
right side of the map when the reactor was the left side?

Tamzin: Stop crying about it… just do the dare!

Tamzin: Okay Morgz, do you know what time it is? Time for a dare!

Morgz: Yay… as you can see I am very excited

Tamzin: Yeah you look really happy!

Morgz: Come on then.. what is it? What are you gonna make me do now?

Tamzin: Well I was thinking of you prank calling Jill and telling her that you wet my bed and you needed ways to clean the wee off of my bed!

Morgz: Are you kidding me? That is terrible!

Tamzin: Well..you can do poo. It's your choice!

Morgz: Fine. Give me my phone. I really hope she doesn't answer guys.

Mum: What do you want your big stiff idiot?

Morgz: What? I need a little mum-to-sonn chat.

Mum: Oh no, no, no.. it's not the birds and the bees chat is it?

Morgz: No….it’s not the birds and the bees chat. It's something else.

Mum: What?

Morgz: Well, last night I had a really really spicy curry. Basically when I got into bed my stomach was playing up a little bit and I ended up doing a little accident in Tamzin's bed. A big poo in the bed.

Mum: Oh my God.. No! In the bed? What did Tammy say?

Morgz: Well she doesn't know so I'm looking at it right now. How do I clean it off?

Mum: Oh my God Morgz…just do what we usually do at home. Just scoop it up!

Tamzin: Hang on a minute… you've done this before?

Morgz: Gotta go Mum! No I.. I think she's.. No no she must be.. she's going I think.. she's getting a bit old.. she's getting a bit senile..

Tamzin: Well I hope she's just getting confused and she's not telling the truth Morgz. it's

Morgz: Okay guys, I'm back on Among Us I've killed two people so far as you know and
I'm pretty sure the crewmates are going to start getting suss.

Tamzin: I hope they do.

Morgz: Oh! Emergency meeting!

Tamzin: They saw you! Hopefully, they saw you

Morgz: Hopefully, they didn't! Okay, good news. It looks like everybody is skipping.. I'm gonna vote skip. Anyway we're gonna have to wait and find out because you've got a dare to do!

Tamzin: Oh no…It's not embarrassing is it?

Morgz: I think it will be..

Tamzin: Oh Morgz, what is it?

Morgz: You have to twerk in the street!

Tamzin: Are you joking? I can't even twerk let alone doing it in a public street. Are you mad?

Morgz: Jeez! Wow! Look at that? You've gotten changed as well, wow! You’re really putting the effort in. Stop right there. I think this looks like a good spot, don't you think?

Tamzin: Why am I stopping in the middle of the road? you can't expect me to do it in the
middle of the road?

Morgz: Of course then the most people will see a beautiful performance!

Tamzin: But them girls will be coming as well.

Morgz: Yep exactly time to throw it back!
Tamzin, You've done the standing twerk but before the dare can be completed you need to do the upside down twerk. And look at that letterbox.. it will be perfect!

Tamzin: No, no, no, no, we're not doing it on a letterbox. And that's so embarrassing that's even
more embarrassing than doing it in the road. Please?

Morgz: Come on now, there's only a few people around this might be the best time to do it.

Tamzin: You owe me for this..

Morgz: oh my gosh oh my gosh there's a family on the other side of
the road oh my gosh, you're really.. you're really working it. oh my God
look at that Tammy?
I thought you didn't know how to twerk? This is some high level twerking!
Oh my God, Oh my God!

Tamzin: He's pointing. I could see him pointing! Oh my gosh I'm done..

Morgz: What? she's running off again!

Tamzin: Okay guys, we are currently back on Among Us and can we get
two more kills?

Morgz: Two, Two more?

Tamzin: Well yeah, or maybe three more kills you know?

Morgz: Oh yes! Someone found Paul! Mom and Paul…they're gonna vote you out right now!

Tamzin: They might not of seen me kill Paul and I think I'm gonna try and make them skip so hopefully everyone just skips and like we can go back to this round.

Morgz: You're just trying to leave everyone so you get more kills!

Tamzin: Oh//three people skip though!

Morgz: Guys looks like Tamzin's plan worked hopefully now she doesn't find anybody
else because I don't want to do any more dares. I'm very nervous!

Tamzin: Well, it's back to gameplay anyway.
I'm gonna have to self-report to make it look like it wasn't me!

Morgz: Wait. You got a report in first?

Tamzin: Yeah! Oh my God. I've literally just gone and killed black thinking he was on his own and then dark blue comes around the corner and he literally sees me so I've just had to self-report!
Guys, I believe I had self-report just to make it look like it wasn't me but first before we
find out what happens, Morgz you got a dare to do!

Morgz: oh my gosh. This is ridiculous. Please… let's just end the video here!

Tamzin: No…come on let's go do the dare!

Morgz: Okay guys it's time for a dare I am really nervous. I'm hoping it's not a bad
one Tamzin.

Tamzin: Well Morgz, I had an idea I'm going to give you some whipped cream.

Morgz: I’ve got to admit, that doesn't sound like a dare… that sounds nice.

Tamzin: Yeah? Well, it's gonna go all in your face so I don't know about that.
Morgz: Wait. What?

Tamzin: Yep that's right. I'm going to spurt a whole load of whipped cream in
your face and it's going to smell like cheese after a while.

Morgz: Oh what about my hair? It's gonna get ruined!

Tamzin: It's already ruined with the perm… so.

Morgz: Oh my goodness guys look at this it's like a flipping mountain of cream!

Tamzin: And it's all gonna go in your face in a minute!

Morgz: This is ridiculous. It's gonna go everywhere.

Tamzin: Morgz.. let's go outside

Morgz: Okay guys, we're outside… the cream has kind of like sank a little bit so
it's got a little bit flatter so at least there's that…

Tamzin: Three, Two, One…

Morgz: Okay..Oh…Okay.. why are you rubbing it into me?

Tamzin: Oh, give it over that's not my dare…

Morgz: This is so gross! Guys, we're gonna have to get cleaned up and then continue the video.
Oh this is so gross I'm out here!

Morgz: Here we go guys, we're back on Among Us it's time to find out if I'm gonna get voted
off or not I think they might have seen me!

Tamzin: Please vote him off!

Morgz: Whaaat? Oh, oh! Daisy! Oh my God,

Tamzin: Even your own teammate turned against you!

Morgz: What Daisy? What are you doing to me? No more dares for me! Ah I got voted off
guys and I didn't get the win!

Tamzin: Okay guys, we're back on Among Us and I need to try to convince everyone it was
dark blue just to stay on the game.

Tamzin: Okay right I'm gonna say it was dark blue

Morgz: You're literally blaming him!

Tamzin: I'm literally saying he killed, yeah,

Morgz: You were the one that killed! Even Pinks agreeing with you!

Tamzin: Outside electric, look everyone agreeing with me and dark blue hasn't said a word.

Morgz: Dark Blue, why aren't you speaking?
Oh my God, you turned the entire game on dark blue.
He didn't even do the kill.

Tamzin: Oh I got the victory I've got the dub and by the looks of it I'm better than
You at Among Us.

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